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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 163,117

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Thanks Obama! Mahalo LinLA

I especially love this one by Jeff.. Nature freak that I am.. Mahalo Solly Mack!

I remember Robb.. and of course, The Magistrate! I miss 'em..

I just laugh at it now. I took it more seriously in 2010 and left for 2 years... now, I've had the experience and know it's just so much crap from the same ol same ol.

I know it doesn't affect how the President does his job and gets things done.. all the boring hate means less than zero in the real world.

Obama's favorability ratings are still on the rise.. much to the consternation of those who rant, rave, and rage.

As for Skinner and the Admins.. I give them a pass.. they're really good Dems and support President Obama.. they just want their board to be an open discussion free for all within reason.

Wait until the General.. we'll see who wins.. but, whomever it is, everyone will be behind them or they will be taking a time out.

President Obama is greeted by pre-school students after his remarks in celebration of Jewish

American Heritage Month.", she..

Doug Mills ‎@dougmillsnyt
@POTUS is greeted by pre-school students after his remarks in celebration of Jewish American Heritage Month.
6:03 AM - 22 May 2015 · Washington, DC, United States
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"..There’s a direct line between supporting the right of the Jewish people to have a homeland and to feel safe and free of discrimination and persecution, and the right of African Americans to vote and have equal protection under the law. These things are indivisible in my mind. But what is also true, by extension, is that I have to show that same kind of regard to other peoples. And I think it is true to Israel’s traditions and its values—its founding principles—that it has to care about those Palestinian kids."

Excellent.. mahalo, she~

"The solution lies not in shutting the door to trade itself, but in transforming the system to make

it work for everybody." John Kerry.. from ucr's link, she..

"So let me be clear: If we pick the wrong culprit, we will cut off our nose to spite our face. And so as orders shift from us to the rest of the world’s producers, the result would be boarded-up windows and “going out of business” signs in places from one end of America to another. We could see dockworkers with pink slips in their hands instead of container ships steaming into and out of ports. We could even see aerospace companies shutting down some of those assembly lines because there’s been a reduction in the incentive for people to buy planes from our country. The truth is, the only people we know or I know who would benefit from a decision by the United States not to participate in the TPP would be international competitors. And believe me, they would be delighted."

I trust SOS Kerry and President Obama on the TPP.

It's so Déjà vu to be among the few who do.. but, I've seen this act before with ACA/AKA/Obamacare. It was just as ugly then as it is now.

Mahalo, she

I told she that Jeff was a great photographer, too.. and she told me.. there was thread here..

I said "brilliant place to say goodbye to Jeff".

Mahalo Solly Mack.. To Jeff and Nance.. I love you.

She's insulting minorities as voting against their self interests. Like they're not informed voters

Sounds like she wanted to take an ignorant dig at Hillary and insulted the huge populace of Black supporters who are behind her.

"Another fine example of Americans voting... against their best interests."

And, then tries to wiggle out of it.

Tweeter in Chief, she!


"Warren: Obama is intellectually dishonest. Man, that's a fancy way of calling a man a liar."

Liberal Librarian ‎@Lib_Librarian
Warren: Obama is intellectually dishonest.

Man, that's a fancy way of calling a man a liar.

12:46 PM - 19 May 2015


But, but, but, he called her "Elizabeth".. fuck that noise.

Quote from MalcomX on the "media"..

✔ ‎@iJesseWilliams
"Media is the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty & the guilty innocent. That's power." #MalcolmX
9:24 AM - 19 May 2015 3,079 3,079 Retweets
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