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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 195,398

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Tom Perez!


Oh that's right.. I didn't really

see any of those movies.

Thanks BRDS! drumpfuck is the smallest man on Earth

That's too damn bad.. I think #TomPerez would be excellent.


America Got Played by a Lazy Con Man

Here's the wide of the image out in the press with the link to NYDN


I know it seems unreal..

Right.. they're programmed to blame Soros for everything

They're conservatives, "Reagan Battalion", who came out of nowhere seemingly to try "to keep their movement sane".

Good Luck with that..



More of what the brainwashed deplorables voted for.. Enemies of America


Stephen Miller flashes a "white power" sign from the White House!


Yeah.. this is what they want.

Thank you.. I agree about the trump voters.

But, stein bald faced lied to her fans about Hillary.

They chose putin's stooge over common sense and the truth.

I do understand your point very well about the messaging.. Lakoff has some words of wisdom about that.

Linguist George Lakoff Explains How the Democrats Helped Elect Trump

Democrats played into Trump's hands, Lakoff says — and they won't win until they learn how to frame the debate.


A: When I started teaching framing the first thing I would tell the class is “Don’t think of an elephant,” and of course, they think of an elephant. I wrote a book on it because the point is, if you negate a frame, you have to activate the frame, because you have to know what you’re negating. If you use logic against something, you’re strengthening it. And that lesson was not understood. So if people think in terms of logic — it’s a mistake that’s made every day on MSNBC — you go on there and you’ll get people saying, “Well, you know, Trump said this, and some Republicans said that and Jeff Sessions said this and here are the facts that show they’re wrong.” You just keep repeating the things that you’re negating. And that just strengthens them.

More~ http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/dont-think-rampaging-elephant-linguist-george-lakoff-explains-how-democrats-helped

And, I wish Dems would be countering the lies all over the airwaves, etc. I don't even have a tv because of all the bullshit that permeates.

Dunno.. but just came from a thread where I

saw that in action. No idea why or how just that we should.

Fake fox news has brainwashed them for decades.. and we're suppose to deprogram them?

I think trump will be the one to turn them off if anything does.

Although there's obviously no hope for this type of shit..

"If he became a dictator-We want him in Forever-I'll Never Vote Against Him-I Love His Power"


I Got Your Back and I know you have mine
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