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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I hadn't thought about that yet. Good for Tim Kaine..

And I remember thinking, “Wow, I’m going to have the chance now to not be the top of the ticket. I’m going to be a strong man supporting the first strong woman to be president of the United States.” And as important as it is to normalize that a woman can be president, it’s also important to normalize that strong men can support a woman as president.

Think about the campaign Donald Trump has run, and the person he is, and how he models masculinity to young men. And then think about Tim Kaine, and how he is modeling masculinity to young men.

He's such a sweetheart!

Mahalo, Don~

Yes, great minds! And, what about Meryl?

Definitive proof Meryl Streep needs to play Hillary Clinton on the big screen


Josh~ I hadn't seen this article when I suggested her.. but I posted the Selfie Tweet of the two of them last year.

Happy Birthday to Hillary!

Mahalo, mister!

Oooops. Here's the Vid

Mark Ruffalo Tweets phone numbers to call if Intimidated..

Mark Ruffalo Verified account 
If you are intimidated or have any problems voting call.
English: 866-Our-Vote
Spanish: 866-Ve-Y-Vota
Asian Languages: 866-API-Vote


They plan it at their own Peril.


Absolutely, oasis! One of the most important

things we'll ever do!

More excellent advocates..

Kyle Griffin
✔ ‎@kylegriffin1
Inbox: Gold Star father Khizr Khan to campaign for Clinton in Virginia on October 26.
4:18 AM - 25 Oct 2016
164 164 Retweets 248 248 likes


Birthday present for Hillary on October 26th!'


Wow, I like the way Milbank righteously tears into them..

Halperin and Scarborough were wrong; a Post-ABC News poll found that 65 percent disapproved of Trump’s refusal. But that’s beside the point: What Trump said was reckless and dangerous — and saying so has nothing to do with soy lattes.

“Morning Joe” has come in for a large share of criticism for cheering on the rise of Trump. And contributor Halperin’s praise for Trump’s tactical genius has been particularly soulless

Mahalo for this, FSogal What a treat.. we all knew joe s & mark h were mediawhores extraordinaire so it's particularly satisfying.

I saw an article earlier by Greg Sargent where he call's drumpf's utterings "pig slop".

As Trump stares a loss in the face, even his favorite lies are failing him

But if Trump’s strategy is all about dragging Clinton down into the pig slop with him — and about generally spraying a fine mist of pig slop over the whole process, to make (some) voters turn away in disgust — it looks as if this all may end with Trump floundering around in the pig slop all alone. (And are there any signs that this is boosting GOP voter enthusiasm?)



That's the perfect song to come up with for how we feel about the eternal scourge known as the gop. Good ol RocknRoll.. Uriah Heep! Beautiful song.. loved it.

Thank you, turbinetree! Thank you for the lyrics, too!

I commented here, too, that this wasn't the only payback Christie dumped on New Jersey.


Thank you, Rose.. well said!

2 weeks

This is my favorite target of the President's..

Nerdy Wonka ‎@NerdyWonka
Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States is out of f**ks as evidenced by this righteous BURN against Darrell Issa.
2:53 AM - 24 Oct 2016

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