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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Just in time.. I just got back and ready to get this Party started..

Hillary Clinton wins Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses



Awesome! I thought you should make it into an OP..and here you are!

Wonderful photos from your extemporaneous trip to see Hillary!

Math is Key, baby!!

Mahalo, wildeyed!

You know I have so thought that myslef, Lunamagica.. Gracias for makig an OP about it...

The list goes on and on!

Jamie Fox

With Singer Charlie Wilson from the Music Farm in Charleston, SC

Julianne Moore

Tony Goldwyn


Gracias for that, BlueCali.. I was delighted to this.. they are not going

to co-op Cesar Chavez.. not on his son's and wife's watch!

Like Helen Chavez said.."‘Are you registered to vote? You gotta vote for Hillary, we gotta stop Trump... "

Hi Fla! I know.. you see something like that and you just go.. "Whoa... WTF?!"

Like I've seen.. they wouldn't last a second being Hillary supporters..

She's had everyone against her.. the m$m, BS, gop, DT.. and she won. She doesn't complain, either..You just have to be strong like Hillary and not your own worst enemy like sanders.


Awww.. Paz.. me gusta mucho, Kath!

Here's a pic of Muhammad Ali with Martin Luther King..

Be A King
✔ ‎@BerniceKing
Thank you, #MuhammadAli. You were a champion in so many ways. You 'fought' well. Rest well.
7:20 PM - 3 Jun 2016
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There is a double standard for Hillary.. she's had the negative forces of the m$m, BS, gog/DT

raging against her for over a year just in this primary alone.

Excellent point from Anita Finlay..

..what if the press had done its job vetting Bernie Sanders’ lofty campaign promises from the beginning? What if more had done as the New York Daily News did, but months earlier, looking beyond shouts of “millionaires and billionaires” to report he had no concrete plan of enacting policy past powerful platitudes? Would as many have voted for him? The beltway press cynically built him up in order to create a horse race.

As long as we swallow whole the condemnations of a corporate owned media, we will likewise never see Hillary for who she really is. Fortunately, social media now allows Clinton unscripted moments that she can share directly with the American people, without a filter.


She's just too strong for them.

Mahalo, FB~

Excellent Boot.. thank you! Anyone get the feeling trump is like a damn robot.. wind him up

and he says "crooked Hillary'?

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