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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Hi Fla! I know.. you see something like that and you just go.. "Whoa... WTF?!"

Like I've seen.. they wouldn't last a second being Hillary supporters..

She's had everyone against her.. the m$m, BS, gop, DT.. and she won. She doesn't complain, either..You just have to be strong like Hillary and not your own worst enemy like sanders.


Awww.. Paz.. me gusta mucho, Kath!

Here's a pic of Muhammad Ali with Martin Luther King..

Be A King
✔ ‎@BerniceKing
Thank you, #MuhammadAli. You were a champion in so many ways. You 'fought' well. Rest well.
7:20 PM - 3 Jun 2016
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There is a double standard for Hillary.. she's had the negative forces of the m$m, BS, gog/DT

raging against her for over a year just in this primary alone.

Excellent point from Anita Finlay..

..what if the press had done its job vetting Bernie Sanders’ lofty campaign promises from the beginning? What if more had done as the New York Daily News did, but months earlier, looking beyond shouts of “millionaires and billionaires” to report he had no concrete plan of enacting policy past powerful platitudes? Would as many have voted for him? The beltway press cynically built him up in order to create a horse race.

As long as we swallow whole the condemnations of a corporate owned media, we will likewise never see Hillary for who she really is. Fortunately, social media now allows Clinton unscripted moments that she can share directly with the American people, without a filter.


She's just too strong for them.

Mahalo, FB~

Excellent Boot.. thank you! Anyone get the feeling trump is like a damn robot.. wind him up

and he says "crooked Hillary'?

Hillary in Lavendar! Ohhh.. your photo-journal essay made me tear up, SunSeeker.. it's so

good! Thank you!

Lol@Hillary: "I know I shouldn't shout..." (harkening back when Bernie suggested she was shouting when talking about gun contol!)"

Brilliant pics.. Mahalo!You got to shake her hand!Sweet!

It was really good to see this, sarae.. I didn't know that

a brother-in-law had tried to say differently.. but I'm so glad Cesar's son, Paul.. spoke out so eloquently on their support for ..

Si se Puede~Estoy Contigo!

Ah Michelle! Too bad for DT & BS.. the Obamas are very popular!

Thank you for this Walk away.. and thanks to Michelle @ City College of NYC..

Michelle Obama used her final commencement address as first lady to welcome immigrants to the U.S. — and took a parting shot at anti-immigration Donald Trump.

“We don’t build up walls to keep people out, because we know that our greatness has always depended on contributions from people who were born elsewhere but sought out this country and made it their home," Obama told graduates of the City College of New York, a school which has long prided itself on educating immigrants


Awwww... best pic, rivers! In El Centro! Si se Puede~

Adorable historic shot of Monica Alba's daughter mailing the ballot for Hillary! #GOTV4Hillary #CaliforniaVotes!


First off .. love the contrast of the pics, Sancho..

Now.. for the meat..

dailykos: Hillary Clinton guts Donald Trump, cuts remains into cubes, tosses what's left in trash

Rolling Stone: 10 Times Clinton Roasted Trump in Her Latest Speech

Rolling Stone knows why they endorsed Hillary early on.. they're not messing around..

Cosmopolitan: The 13 Best Lines From Hillary Clinton's Blistering Speech About Donald Trump


1. "Donald Trump's ideas aren't just different — they are dangerously incoherent. They're not even really ideas — just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies."

2. "This is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes — because it's not hard to imagine Donald Trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin."

3. "We cannot put the security of our children and grandchildren in Donald Trump's hands. We cannot let him roll the dice with America."

4. "He says he doesn't have to listen to our generals or our admirals, our ambassadors and other high officials, because he has — quote — 'a very good brain.''"

5. "He says he has foreign policy experience because he ran the Miss Universe pageant in Russia."

6. "It's no small thing when he calls Mexican immigrants 'rapists and murderers.' We're lucky to have two friendly neighbors on our land borders. Why would he want to make one of them an enemy?"

7. " There's no risk of people losing their lives if you blow up a golf-course deal. But it doesn't work like that in world affairs. Just like being interviewed on the same episode of 60 Minutes as Putin was, is not the same thing as actually dealing with Putin. So the stakes in global statecraft are infinitely higher and more complex than in the world of luxury hotels. We all know the tools Donald Trump brings to the table — bragging, mocking, composing nasty tweets — I'm willing to bet he's writing a few right now."

8. "And I have to say, I don't understand Donald's bizarre fascination with dictators and strongmen who have no love for America. He praised China for the Tiananmen Square massacre; he said it showed strength. He said, 'You've got to give Kim Jong Un credit' for taking over North Korea — something he did by murdering everyone he saw as a threat, including his own uncle, which Donald described gleefully, like he was recapping an action movie. And he said if he were grading Vladimir Putin as a leader, he'd give him an A. Now, I'll leave it to the psychiatrists to explain his affection for tyrants. I just wonder how anyone could be so wrong about who America's real friends are. Because it matters. If you don't know exactly who you're dealing with, men like Putin will eat your lunch."

9. "A Trump presidency would embolden ISIS. We cannot take that risk. This isn't reality television — this is actual reality."

11. "What happens to the moral example we set — for the world and for our own children — if our president engages in bigotry? And by the way, Mr. Trump — every time you insult American Muslims or Mexican immigrants, remember that plenty of Muslims and immigrants serve and fight in our armed forces. Donald Trump could learn something from them."

13. "This election is a choice between two very different visions of America. One that's angry, afraid, and based on the idea that America is fundamentally weak and in decline. The other is hopeful, generous, and confident in the knowledge that America is great — just like we always have been."

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