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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Lookin that good to you, stop? That would be so Awesome..

after all BS has done to tear her down and build himself up in California!

I hear he tried to crash a stage and they told him.. "This is our Event."

BS didn't like it when #BLM went on the stage where he was in Phoenix and Seattle .. but it's okay for him to do it!?

Sam Sanders
✔ ‎@samsanders
@BernieSanders just tried 2 take the stage at a Spanish-language festival at Plaza Mexico. He was denied. Staffer said, "This is OUR event"
12:14 PM - 5 Jun 2016 Lynwood, CA, United States
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Harry Enten/538 Tweet.. Sanders campaign doing this right now with PR Dems

Sorry, you'll have to go to the link.. worth it!


((Harry Enten)))
✔ ‎@ForecasterEnten
Sanders campaign doing this right now with PR Dems
4:56 PM - 5 Jun 2016
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(((Alex Katz))) ‏@Alex__Katz 4h4 hours ago
@ForecasterEnten This is Sanders campaign 101: If you lose, start a fight or pitch a fit over a procedural issue to distract everyone.


Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico!:

Yes we can, yes we did, and we're not nearly done! Mahalo, madamesilverspurs!

Love that pic of Hillary.. Thank you!

E gods! I was loving that image and then I happened to look out the window! LOL

Funny stuff, caquillo! 'Cause it's true!


Wow, sarae.. Gracias for this!

Is this recent?

What was that even all about, lunamagica! What happened? I just got back

online? Gracias!

Puerto Rico!:

There's this..

Benchmark Politics ‎@benchmarkpol
Clinton wins 87% to Sanders 12% - Clinton gets all 7 delegates - Sanders non-viable in the Virgin Islands.
5:08 PM - 4 Jun 2016

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As well as this..

Clinton moves closer to nomination, sweeps in Virgin Islands

The party said Clinton won 84.2 percent of the vote, while Bernie Sanders earned 12.2 percent. Under Democratic National Committee rules, a candidate must win at least 15 percent of the vote to be eligible to receive delegates.

People were excited and overjoyed when Bill Clinton came to visit," said Cecil R. Benjamin, who chairs the party there. He noted that in addition to the seven pledged delegates, all four of the Virgin Islands' superdelegates are now backing Clinton. Superedelegates are party officials who can back any candidate.

"We are the only state or U.S. territory where she got 100 percent of the delegates," he said, citing in part the large voter turnout. "It was great, and we are ready for the national convention


Oh, I like Harry Enten.. And, we already know Hillary is great @ #Math

The number is going to end up being #45~

"He's had 75 yrs to evolve & make a better world for ALL.

He has clearly failed. His big moment on the world stage, his act of self gratification at the expense of all people of the world, has proven his lack of capacity to lead."


Mahalo for that, mister~

Clinton wins 87% to Sanders 12% - Clinton gets all 7 delegates - Sanders non-viable in the Virgin


"BS is non-viable in Virgin Islands"

I can't wait until he's non-viable in the whole country except maybe Vermont.

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