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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yes, it's very Nice.. I'll pass it on!

Mahalo, rivers~

Strong as tempered steel. Life time of service and still going strong.. We are

so fortunate to have them!

Senator Barack Obama, a couple of weeks before the 2008 presidential election, arrived in Orlando, Fla., with Senator Hillary Clinton. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

Obama Will Campaign With Hillary Clinton in North Carolina

President Obama will appear next week with Hillary Clinton, the 2016 campaigning debut for the figure expected to be Mrs. Clinton’s most potent surrogate in the fall.

The two are scheduled to be in Charlotte, N.C., on Tuesday for what the Clinton campaign described as a discussion of “building on the progress we’ve made.”

Mr. Obama had been scheduled to campaign with the presumptive Democratic nominee in Wisconsin two weeks ago, but the event was canceled after the nightclub massacre in Orlando, Fla.

In a video this month endorsing Mrs. Clinton, his former Democratic presidential rival and secretary of state, Mr. Obama said he did not think a candidate had ever been so qualified for the office.

“I know how hard this job can be,” he said. “That’s why I know Hillary will be so good at it.”

The location of the rally is notable. Clinton aides view North Carolina as a potential opportunity to expand on Mr. Obama’s 2012 electoral map. He lost the state four years ago, after winning it in 2008.


Nobody can take trump to the dump like those two! Here's President Obama's epic take down of DT..

Nerdy Wonka ‎@NerdyWonka
President Obama delivers an EPIC takedown of Trump.
He's not a populist. He's a xenophobic nativist
3:50 PM - 29 Jun 2016
128 128 Retweets 159 159 likes


Hillary Clinton Verified account 
Hillary Clinton Retweeted Donald J. Trump

Delete your account.

Hillary Clinton added,

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama—but nobody else does!

481,609 Likes 620,391

11:27 AM - 9 Jun 2016
481,609 retweets 620,391 likes
Retweet 480K Like 620K

Thank you so much, Night Watchman!

We've all been waiting for this, she! Our Democratic President & Nominee coming Full Circle.. two

brilliant leaders and former primary opponents coming together for the greatness of our country and because they genuinely respect one another. It's so beautiful!


It will be wonderful, cosmicone.. been looking forward to this for soooo long!

Hillary helped Obama make the Democratic Party stronger in 2008.

Brian Fallon.. President Obama to make his first campaign appearance alongside @HillaryClinton

Brian Fallon ‎@brianefallon
President Obama to make his first campaign appearance alongside @HillaryClinton next Tuesday, July 5th in Charlotte, NC
4:32 AM - 29 Jun 2016
282 282 Retweets 408 408 likes


Day after 4th of July in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Donkeys are our Democratic Symbol for a great reason.. they're hard working animals..

And, these are adorable. What a wonderful idea, Ed Rendell.

Thank you, Iaaa~

I live in Hawaii now and I've heard of her.."Maui Democratic Party activist Shay Chan Hodges says

she’s running against U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard"

Some of Her Main Points

First, that Gabbard has helped out billionaire Sheldon Adelson, the chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corporation who opposes organized labor and is a major campaign donor to conservative Political Action Committees and Republican candidates. Chan Hodges noted in her essay that Gabbard has introduced Adelson-backed legislation that would kill online gambling–a major threat to Adelson’s interests.

Second, Chan Hodges noted that Gabbard has repeatedly criticized and mocked the Obama Administration for not saying we’re at war with “Islamic extremism”–something even Sanders opposes. “While I believe that no elected official should be above critique –lest we devolve into a cult of personality over substance –our district elected President Obama with a 70% majority, and a respectful discussion in an appropriate forum reflects both our district and Hawaiian values,” Chan Hodges noted.

Finally, Chan Hodges criticized Gabbard for supporting legislation that would make it more difficult for refugees fleeing the bloody Syrian civil war to get to the U.S. “n November 19, 2015, Gabbard voted with 46 Democrats and 242 Republicans to pass HR 4038 — the American SAFE Act of 2015, to institute a stronger screening process for refugees from Iraq and Syria who apply for admission to the U.S.,” Chan Hodges wrote. “Previously, in 2014, Gabbard called for visa waivers to be curtailed from European countries with “Islamic extremist” populations –specifically Britain, Germany, and France. (A year later, Donald Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering the US.)”


Her Sister~http://www.democraticunderground.com/1107168792#top

Hillary was so gracious and ready to work for our Country in the Senate, K.. but

fate had something else in store!


Obama: Making Hillary Clinton secretary of State one of my ‘best decisions’


Asking Hillary Clinton to serve as secretary of State was "one of the best decisions I ever made as president," President Obama told philanthropists and donors gathered Tuesday at the Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York City.

The president showered the former first lady — and front-runner for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination — with praise, saying he "will always be grateful for her extraordinary leadership."

Obama went on to joke that he still had "a lot of debt to pay" because of the miles Clinton traveled when in his administration. But he also praised the former New York senator for her "post-administration glow."
"She looks much more rested," Obama said to laughter.


Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leaves behind enormous 20-year legacy with exit from office following start of President Obama's second term


I admire Hillary so much for her answer to President Obama's call to service. They started working together for the good of the country and our Planet.


Thank you!

“You know, the way I see it is the Republicans waited way too late to go on the attack after Donald

Trump, and they waited until he had basically seized the nomination and then a bunch of them are saying: "Oh my God, that man is not ready to be president of the United States. That man is dangerous."

Go Elizabeth!

SCUMMY12.14.15 8:00 PM ET

DOJ: Trump’s Early Businesses Blocked Blacks


Mahalo, yallerdawg~
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