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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 190,926

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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LOL! Screaming carrot demonLOL! LOL 2 bit hate salesman..

She is amazing! All the words fit perfectly and there's still more.. I hope he saw that.

Thank you, herding! I'll keep it handy..

LOL! good to laugh in the face of danger.. Spot on, Charlie

I just saw this.. want to leave it here so I can put it in my journal..


I know, bdammomma.. he evoked

to word "terrorist" from me yesterday, too.

thank you for doing that.. we are in the tiny hands of a monsterrorist.

This 'toonist had the same thought..


Perfect! I met Rod Serling once in Gainesville, Fl back in the day..

And, he's got his tweeter in hand while he's getting sworn in.. I predicted this!

I know.. it's the masterbater, manipulator, svengali

Webs of Lies and Deceit.. Too bad we have such a chickenshit m$m that's too craven and cowardly to call out his shit.

Except for those online.. and Joy Reid.

Yes, they are only allowed to believe the all powerful poot poodle!

Anybody can be president now.. if they have enough money, suckers,

the M$Media****** behind them, the FBI, the Russian hackers, wikileakers, voter suppression, voter purges working for them.

Feed them a line of bullshit and watch them start begging for more.

Wah! WAH@WAH!!

stupid republicons shite for brains. So come up with it now, stupid

Retirement so close

I've never seen this one.. they are all so funny and cool, Mahalo, mfcorey!

Personally I think all three of them will and many more.. you

know President Obama is going to have an office in the World Wildlife HQ, right?

Obama to open post-presidency office in World Wildlife Fund headquarters


While much of Obamaís post-White House focus will be based in Chicago, where he is designing his presidential library and will be building out a center that will promote leadership and other public priorities, he will also engage in other activities. One of them will entail supporting the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which will pursue redistricting efforts to boost Democratic candidates across the country.

The World Wildlife Fund headquarters, in Foggy Bottom.


Obama is familiar with the work of his future landlord. The White House appointed WWF president and chief executive Carter Roberts to serve on the presidentís Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking, an effort aimed at preventing the slaughter of elephants for ivory, in 2013. The group has also praised the Obama administrationís efforts to battle climate change.

Obama will be working in one of the greenest buildings in the nationís capital as the 251,707-square-foot WWF headquarters has been given the highest sustainability rating from the U.S. Green Building Council. The property features solar panels, recycled building materials, reserved parking for hybrid or electric cars, and one of the largest green roofs in the city.

MOre~ link

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