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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Great bunch of pics of Good Friends VP Biden and SOS Hillary Clinton, Rose!

Thank you!

I love this one.. Smiling in the rain..

"An exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at a project led by Ryan Murphy and HRC, as a parade of

A-LIst talent came together to pay tribute to those who died at Pulse and push for change."

49 Top Stars Gather to Record Short Film to Honor Orlando Victims

Nobody knew what to do, but everybody wanted to do something. The June 12 mass shooting that claimed 49 lives at a gay club in Orlando, Fla., unfolded more than 2,000 miles away from Los Angeles but the grief and frustration over an increasingly familiar narrative left many people in Hollywood searching for a meaningful way to respond.

The recipient of many blind offers of service was Ryan Murphy. The producer's phone rang frequently in the days following the attack at Pulse, with one call coming from Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin. The two quickly crafted a plan to recruit 49 altruistic celebrities to memorialize each of the Orlando victims by reading a brief eulogy of their lives, editing the clips to construct an 18-minute film that will live online starting June 29.

Anger and grief were palpable during production on the video, filmed primarily over two days on the 20th Century Fox Studios lot where Murphy produces his substantial roster of shows, which include American Horror Story, Scream Queens and the upcoming Katrina: American Crime Story. Drawing from their Rolodexes, Murphy and Griffin recruited talent to read the miniature biographies, also relying on CAA's Bryan Lourd and power publicist Simon Halls.

The list of familiar faces that then showed up to participate in the project is formidable. Chris Pine, Laverne Cox, Cuba Gooding Jr., Connie Britton, Caitlyn Jenner, Matt Bomer and Angela Bassett make up just a sliver of the individuals who paid visit to the somber set. (The list of asks was even longer, but the timetable and summer vacations forced many to pass.)

The Full Story~http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/hollywood-celebrities-honor-orlando-victims-906926

And, they all love and respect each other so much!

Love trumps hate

Josh Schwerin ‎@JoshSchwerin
4:23 AM - 2 Jul 2016
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Mahalo, Utah~

President Obama was/is in charge and next it's going to be Hillary~ They do have their priorities


Thank you, Cajun~

VP Biden and Hillary are friends, too!

Vice President Joe Biden will join Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail next week, following an event with President Barack Obama.

Biden will join Clinton next Friday at a campaign event in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Biden was born in Scranton, and Clinton's father grew up there.

"BREAKING: @VP to join @HillaryClinton on the campaign trail in Scranton, PA on July 8. RSVP here," Clinton's Pennsylvania operation tweeted Thursday.

The event will follow a joint appearance with Clinton and Obama on Tuesday in North Carolina.

The move comes as Clinton is looking to shore up support in swing states. Pennsylvania, whose economy is heavily reliant on steel and manufacturing, is the type of Rust Belt swing state Donald Trump is looking to appeal to with his populist, anti-trade message


3 More Days, Jackie!

"THIS is absolutely the most awesome letter I have ever read!"

Rapunzel ‎@co_rapunzel4
💙THIS is absolutely the most awesome letter I have ever read!
11:17 AM - 27 Jun 2016
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Natalie McGarry is a Scottish politician. Since the 2015 general election, she has been the Member of Parliament for the Glasgow East


Another take down of a trump by a Scot!

Ah yes.. but, truth will out.. Power to the Truth.. she's rising in

spite of so many enemies.

#The Force is with Her.


PIc~ #HillaryClinton & VP #JoeBiden are coming to Scranton PA on July 8. They're coming y'all.

HinterlandG ‎@hinterlandg
#HillaryClinton & VP #JoeBiden are coming to Scranton PA on July 8. They're coming y'all.
9:18 AM - 30 Jun 2016
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Joe's hometown, ya'll in PA!

LOL.. go to the link for the full Tweet.

Don't be done, 1StrongBlackMan.. Don't let the ****** ****** get to

make it so.

Even though I totally understand~

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