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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 195,268

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Good observation, Riff!




Mahalo, Lucinda!


Brilliant Tweets!

Tom Perez Tweet @ trump..


I will have a special place in my heart for Tom because he rebuilt the voting rights section of the

section of the DOJ after bush destroyed it and then was instrumental in the DOJ joining the Texas voter id and redistricting cases"

Something that doesn't get talked about around here.. thank you, Goth!

Yes! So inclusive! And, this tweet from Tom..


#TeamTom Won!

Mahalo to you, Jackie, for

understanding that.

Tom Perez is the best choice we have going forward.. and his first act was all class!

So glad he/Dems Won!

I hadn't read that so I googled..

there's some reports from 2015 that they might move there..

I saw this, too..

Obama Comes To NYC And Gets Greeted Like The Ex We Really, Really Want Back

Remember Obama? Seems like a thousand years ago when he was president, when basic politics and essential freedoms—including that of the press and transgender populations—were generally respected?

Those sepia-toned memories came rushing back on Friday afternoon in New York City, when President Barack Obama made a brief appearance on Fifth Avenue while exiting an unknown office building. The hoots, hollers, and applause may indicate a sincere longing for the former leader of the free world—in Trump’s hometown of course.


Wow! I just saw this.. Hillary looks Good and her message is Awesome!

Thank you, boston!

And, last night eating dinner with Malia, Kahuna


"..he got into the CPAC.. knowing they'd be too stupid to realize the joke.."


My hero!
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