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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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this is what I've been saying from the very beginning.. 'course we didn't know it

would be trump then.

But, I said whoever wins the Nom will want President Obama out there campaigning for them and with them.

And, now we know it's Hillary!.. who has been the one to give much deserved credit to the President while BS has done nothing but diss him.

It's only just desserts that it's Hillary who will have Obama campaigning wholeheartedly for her like she did for him in 2008.

Nice pic, Iamaartist~Mahalo~

trump campaign disavowed his ex-butler who now works as an historian @ Mar-Largo.. they're

evidently best buddies but .. he "speaks for himself.."

Here's a tweet of the ex .. I couldn't copy & paste, sorry.


trump will be known by his big vulgar mouth and the company he keeps.


But, Hillary won't be dealing with the goprimary teabaggers that's DT's opponents were...

To be sure, Trump has provided Clinton with a bounty of potential attacks: his statements about Mexican immigrants, his comments about women and his routine shifts on policy will all be fodder in the months to come. But Trump’s opponents in the Republican primary were unable to make headway with similar material.

Hillary will be exposing him to the GE voters.. they won't take so kindly to sucking up trump's-the stupid burns.

Hillary Clinton has so far resisted the urge to jump into the fray. When Trump charged that she “enabled” Bill Clinton’s infidelity, she let the line slide and instead pivoted to hammer him for refusing so far to release his tax records. “When you run for President, especially when you become the nominee, that is kind of expected. My husband and I have released 33 years of tax returns,” Clinton told a crowd in Blackwood, N.J. “We’ve got eight years on our website right now. So you have got to ask yourself: Why doesn’t he want to release them? Yeah, well, we’re going to find out.”

Could ask BS the same.. but he's already lost.. so take your secret tax returns and hide them forever, mr and mrs BS.

Thank you for this, BlueMT~

How about this one.. similar?

Roni ‎‎@paleblueeyes24
#Donate4Hillary #NYPrimary #DemocraticWhores #ImWithHer #NYWontForget #NY4Hillary
4:30 PM - 18 Apr 2016
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burnie mad

Wow.. That was Killer against BS.. Thank you, JC! .. BS knows that Math is against him and we're

going to have her as our nominee! "burnie has to understand that Hillary has been First Lady of Arkansas and the United States, a US Senator, SOS.. all these years, all these relationships as a Democrat."

".. burnie should not expect us to feel the same way about him as we do about her.." AMEN!

I James Clyburn!

Thank you so much for that, Boot! Who was the pundit that JC was telling it to?

Tweet from Josh Marshall.. Something burnie never understood.

Josh Marshall
✔ ‎‎@joshtpm
Without African-Americans & Hispanics Dems, any center left coalition, wld be a hapless political curiosity. Important to understand this.

4:41 PM - 10 May 2016
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I am so glad they are asking this question, Randy.. thank you!

The cancellation of the meeting seems an indication, no matter what he and his campaign say, that Sanders knows the race is over and that he’s lost. He should then admit that or allude to it in more overt ways and bring people together, rather than both keep his supporters believing he can win (while they attack his opponent, sometimes in destructive ways), and harming his own reputation by actions such as canceling this important meeting and offering no explanation.

Excellent article, working.. thank you!

And, what’s more, he continues to stand by while his supporters descend into brainless, furious chaos and refuses to call out their destructive and thoroughly offensive tactics. With each passing day, while Ms. Clinton is miles ahead in the metrics that matter, she still needs to deal with a mosquito buzzing persistently in her ear that just won’t go away. She still needs to compete with Mr. Sanders, far after she should have to. And fighting on two fronts is distracting and expensive.

Two fronts? Hillary is beating BS, m$m, and the Vulgar talking Yam(thanks CP)

Wow.. that must have been one hellava interview with AM! I've always said that BS is his own

worst enemy and there ya go!

"On the way out of the house, one of the former Sanders supporters told me that she had never really seen that mean, selfish part of him before, and it totally turned her off. The last thing she said was "Politicians are supposed to be in it for the good of the country, not their own personal benefit. Clearly that is not the case with Bernie anymore."

Thank you so much for this, eastwestdem! What a unique story!

Oh, I never thought he coudn't ever get more whiny.. he'll never stop.

burnie.. "So please do not moan to me about Hillary Clinton's problems." .. "let's moan about my me".

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