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Member since: 2002
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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Wow... Thank you for that history lesson, teamster. I had no idea

about any of that.. sad to say.

I really appreciate it! No, he won't be the nominee but.. instead he'll show the world why he was rejected.. nobody like a sore loser. And, burnie bridges sanders is the Sorest Loser of all time.

sanders in a nutshell.

Virgin Islands:

I understand.. you were in a different situation, though.. like an enclosed area and you

chose to speak out.. and for someone who doesn't do confrontation it meant even more.

And guess what.. you're the winner.. Truth over faux.. Please!

Hillary is going to be Madam POTUS and that guy and all the other ones can suck on with faux "news" for 8 years.

Awesome your SO thanked you tonight!

Awww, Sweetie.. Don't be embarrassed.. You did nothing wrong.. and you're the

one who didn't want to go in first place.. like you had a premonition or something.

Thanks for speaking out.. I thought it was going to be a BS fan.. but it was trump fan.. they're so easy to knock down.

Virgin Islands:

Just in time.. I just got back and ready to get this Party started..

Hillary Clinton wins Virgin Islands Democratic caucuses



Awesome! I thought you should make it into an OP..and here you are!

Wonderful photos from your extemporaneous trip to see Hillary!

Math is Key, baby!!

Mahalo, wildeyed!

You know I have so thought that myslef, Lunamagica.. Gracias for makig an OP about it...

The list goes on and on!

Jamie Fox

With Singer Charlie Wilson from the Music Farm in Charleston, SC

Julianne Moore

Tony Goldwyn


Gracias for that, BlueCali.. I was delighted to this.. they are not going

to co-op Cesar Chavez.. not on his son's and wife's watch!

Like Helen Chavez said.."ĎAre you registered to vote? You gotta vote for Hillary, we gotta stop Trump... "

Hi Fla! I know.. you see something like that and you just go.. "Whoa... WTF?!"

Like I've seen.. they wouldn't last a second being Hillary supporters..

She's had everyone against her.. the m$m, BS, gop, DT.. and she won. She doesn't complain, either..You just have to be strong like Hillary and not your own worst enemy like sanders.


Awww.. Paz.. me gusta mucho, Kath!

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