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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 183,533

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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That is the Sweetest Photo.. Mahalo, rivers!

Hey Aloha, revmclaren! Good to see you back and with a Star membership!

LOL@rue the day Skinner enforces TOS. They don't need no stinkin' rules.. lol

poor things.

Welcome back!

Yay! Sancho was asking where he could donate to Shay Hodges.. I'm so glad so many

want to get rid of my Rep!


Mahalo Dawson!

Bottom Line .. newcomer and Loser of the 2016 Democdratic Primary Election doesn't

get to dictate terms.

The CBC has been in the Democratic Party for a long time and they've earned our trust.

"We passed a resolution in our caucus that we would vehemently oppose any change in the superdelegate system because members of the CBC might want to participate in the Democratic convention as delegates but if we would have to run for the delegate slot at the county level or state level or district level, we would be running against our constituents and we're not going to do that,” said Butterfield. “But we want to participate as delegates and that's why this superdelegates system was created in the beginning, so members would not have to run against their own constituents."

The opposition to open primaries is based on the fear that allowing independent or Republican voters to participate in Democratic primaries would dilute minority voting strength in many places


And, I would like to take another opportunity to thank them and their Constituents for Voting for Hillary! And, President Barack Obama.. we owe them our Country! They get out and VOTE!

Mahalo, HS.. the CBC makes perfect sense~

I liked this Tweet from #HimForHer, she..

HimForHer ‎@ThomboyD
Look, the revolution began in 2008. Sorry you're mad about being 8 years late. We'll keep it moving along with or without you.
11:02 AM - 18 Jun 2016
53 53 Retweets 61 61 likes


No one has mentioned his giant ego.. I guess it's understood..

Sanders has basically suggested that a party that includes civil rights legends like John Lewis and longtime economic and environmental battlers like Barbara Boxer has been far less interested than he is in racial, economic and environmental justice.

BS is the big cheese and no one else matters.. only him.

I don't see how people can read this and not get sick of him.

Mahalo, Blue, for the excerpts.

I want to know why the **** his campaign isn't ENDING when all the Primaries are OVER..

Does somebody need to hand him a damn calendar?

In making his list a set of demands, Sanders put himself in the awkward position of a distant second-place finisher insisting on fealty from the winner.

Bingo, burnie.

Mahalo, Walk away.

History Made!

Hillary Clinton
✔ ‎@HillaryClinton
History: made. #IowaCaucus
4:38 AM - 2 Feb 2016
1,856 1,856 Retweets 4,139 4,139 likes

There's Millions of us Beauttiful Supporters~Like Her~


I just want to put this in here, too..

Victoria Brownworth ‎@VABVOX
Hillary won San Francisco, the putative #LGBT capital of the US.
It was YUUGE.#HistoryMade

9:43 PM - 7 Jun 2016
17 17 Retweets 32 32 likes



And, of course our response to their schmassle whatever is this..



As for their "fartathon".. that's up to them if they want to protest their own farts.

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