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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 190,523

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Michelle Thanks us for Birthday Wishes!

The First Lady Verified account 
Thank you for the birthday wishes and for the greatest gift of all: the opportunity to serve as your First Lady. mo

Cool, she had a birthday right before they leave the WH

Oh yeah.. that would be their MO..

It's ok for dumpfuck to spread FAKE NEWS and accuse everyone else of doing it.

It's like the worst twisted nightmare imaginable but we living it. All I can do is hope the the Cosmos takes over and the Pendulum swings before it too late.. which will obviously entail a lot of hard work on out part.

Thank you for this, tavalon.. I too want to start a twitter account anonymously..

"First, I need to establish another email account and need to make sure I can get it verified without giving any of my true information, in fact, I think I'll use the name my father and stepmother gave me when I was 10. Then, I have to give a phone number that I can receive a confirmation number on so a burner phone. Basically, make sure nothing can trace back to me. Then, I will need to go to the library to torment him so the IP doesn't lead to me. After all, he does have secret service.

Now, if I were smart enough to use Tor, IP wouldn't be a problem. But, I am old, though the fact that I know about the dark net means I'm more aware than most.

See what I mean?

As an aside, a friend is going to teach me about PGP and I'm going to start encrypting all of my mail, not because I have nefarious purposes. I don't, but if this country goes quickly down the path it looks to be going. encryption and rotating IPs will be very important."

Excellent graphic, Jacob..

thank you..

Epic! I've seen their romance chronicled over the years on

The Obama Diary and it's filed under "Relationship Goals".

Happy Birthday, First Lady Michelle~

Mahalo, bigtree~

And, he will be seething.. wanting to tweet something

awful while he's suppose to be getting sworn in.

Hillary's getting all the attention!

Something he thought of..

MLK quote that speaks to steve harvey and MLK III

Morphus Bfly
Morphus Bfly Retweeted TrustGifford
MLK: I became convinced that noncooperation with evil is as much a moral obligation as is cooperation with good.


This thread needs this..

chris collins is steaming pile of lying shit.. and too stupid to call trump out

Mahalo, Madam!

Beautiful quote from Martin Luther King!
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