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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I love it, too... finally somebody says this with just the right connotation!!!

Huey Freeman

"You don’t get to use Martin Luther King Jr. as your “Imaginary Black Yes Man”!!!"

"You don’t get to use Martin Luther King Jr. as your “Imaginary Black Yes Man”!!!"



Wow.. that's perfect, HNY! Thank you!

Why would you promise yourself not to come here, Codeine? We're just a friendly, healthy group

that is hell bent on getting Hillary elected President of the United States of America!

"You don’t get to use Martin Luther King Jr. as your “Imaginary Black Yes Man”!!!" Damn Straight!

Mahalo for this, bravenak!

"But so far, the Clinton campaign says they’re seeing enthusiasm with their texting program. Amid

the bevy of data they’ve collected through the program (all tied to phone numbers), according to the campaign, 91% of those responding are eligible voters, with 9% not eligible to vote but still wanting to volunteer or be involved (the campaign considers the latter group to be made up significantly of undocumented immigrants."

Good ol use of technology.. I love it.

Gracias, Brave! Viva La Hillary~

La Hillary! Estoy Contigo!


I haven't read that crap, either.. but berni's fans want his past buried or hidden as it is in

this case. So, it must not be so perfect.

Mustn't talk about his past.. Shhhhhhhh!

Big Effin Secret!

President Obama is a complete success.. the chattering brainwashed class don't have

a freaking clue.

@pollreport The way Barack Obama is handling his job as president:
Approve 50%

Disapprove 45%
(Gallup tracking, 11/12-14)
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10:03 AM - 16 Nov 2015


Thank you for this, she.

Excellent, rivers! Thank you!

Thank you for that, yardwork.. I just got back and might have

missed it.

Wow! I missed reading that the first time around.. and glad I read it. The truth really does hurt!

Why in the hell are they trying to keep DU from the truth? And, I say "trying" because it ain't workin'.. sure the guys got hides but they took one for the TEAM! And, it's out there now. You can't unsee that shite.

geek, ChiTownKev, NuclearDem
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