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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Bernie Beyond the Pale

Bernie Sanders' comment that Hillary Clinton isn't qualified to be president didn't make for a proud campaign moment.


Sen. Bernie Sanders went beyond the pale this week by saying outright he did not think former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was qualified to be president.

His reason? He took a CNN report that the Clinton campaign was going to go hard against him and used that to incorrectly assert that Clinton was stating that Sanders is not qualified to be president. Let's be very clear: Hillary Clinton has never said any such thing. But now Sanders has gone there. But he quickly realized that this was neither a smart nor a strategically effective move for him as he tried to, kinda, sorta, walk the comment back. But he needs to do more, and so does his staff, who have doubled down on his original comments. They should completely retract their unfortunate comments and here's why.

For starters, the argument makes no sense. No matter what you think of her, no one believes that a former successful attorney in her own right, a former first lady of both Arkansas and of the United States, a former two-term senator from the great state of New York and a former successful and highly popular secretary of state is not qualified to be president. Even some of Sanders' supporters have been turned off by this over-the-line comment.


But this week, he hit below the belt, got personal and got nasty. Not even in the most intense days of the campaign between then-Senators Clinton and Barack Obama did either of them say the other was not qualified to be president.


Wow! thank you, otohara~

Sanders Accused of ‘Discourtesy’ in Seeking Vatican Invitation


A senior Vatican official accused Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders of showing a “monumental discourtesy” in his lobbying for an invitation to a church-sponsored conference on economic and environmental issues for political purposes.

Sanders, whose foreign policy experience is under attack by rival Hillary Clinton, on Friday said he was “very excited” about being invited to the meeting hosted by a pontifical academy. It will put him at the seat of the Roman Catholic Church just four days before the New York primary.

The head of the academy said Thursday that Sanders sought the invitation and that put an inappropriate political cast on the gathering.

“Sanders made the first move, for the obvious reasons,” Margaret Archer, president of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences, which is hosting the conference Sanders will attend, said in a telephone interview. “I think in a sense he may be going for the Catholic vote but this is not the Catholic vote and he should remember that and act accordingly -- not that he will.”



Krugman is pulling no punches as they say! He's in excellent company under da bus!

Mahalo, stopbush~

"The White House Just Took Hillary Clinton's Side in Her Latest Fight with Bernie Sanders"

I saw that and was thinking about doing an OP about it.. it's big news!


The White House came to the defense of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton on Thursday, one day after rival Bernie Sanders charged that the former secretary of state is "not qualified" to serve as president.

Speaking to reporters aboard Air Force One as President Barack Obama flew to Chicago, deputy press secretary Eric Schultz said that contra Sanders, Obama sees his 2008 primary opponent as a qualified successor.

Clinton "comes to the race with more experience than any non-vice president" in recent history, Schultz said, according to a pool report.

Schultz added that Obama was "fortunate" that Clinton agreed to become his chief diplomat after the two bitterly sparred during the 2008 primaries.


I wondered before if something might happen and President Obama would have to speak up for Hillary before the actual nomination.. and it's not over yet.

Thank you, Gothmog~

Bullshit! Here's jane sanders interview with Chris Hayes on Presdent Obama on March 3rd..

Whoa: Jane Sanders' Interview with Chris Hayes

Jane Sanders, who is married to Bernie Sanders, did an interview with MSNBC's Chris Hayes last night, and it was something. And by "something," I mean "super shitty."

Sanders: Well, the age of the Obama coalition was two thousand eight. This is two thousand sixteen. And we'll see either the Sanders coalition, or the Clinton coalition. Uh, I think that it's— You're absolutely right; we need to reach the, uh, the African American voter better. As I said, they're not that familiar with them—with Bernie. What we've done is, um, try to reach the working class voter, uh, the middle class voter, and not go, uh, not divide and, and, and reach out to individual sectors of the community. The Latino community, the African American community, the women, the men, the—the young. Um, but we have to do a better job on that. Um, and we know that, and we are going forward. I think if you look at the, uh, election results of yesterday, you'll see that we were—we had increased, uh, significantly with the Latino vote. Um, and in terms of the wide discrepancy, the same discrepancy holds true with Bernie against Clinton in terms of anybody under 30, no matter what race, what ethnicity—


I can only guess that the BS camp is going around trying to wipe out their previous history disparaging President Obama because the geniuses there finally figured out their losing fucking votes because of it. Too late.

Thank you, Thinkingbout!

Why did tad devine defend John Kerry's vote on the IRW?

Bros4Hillary ‎‎@Bros4Hillary
Hey @taddevine how come it's ok 4 you to defend @JohnKerry record on Iraq vote but not @HillaryClinton?
0:52 PM - 6 Apr 2016
100 100 Retweets 93 93 likes


Thank you, pnwmom~

This is Nina Turner in February..We knew back then why it's better that Nina Turner went to BS

Gabriel Debenedetti
✔ ‎@gdebenedetti
Sanders surrogate Nina Turner, a former Clinton backer, says Clinton's attempt to put distance b/w Sanders & Obama is a "dog whistle"
6:06 PM - 11 Feb 2016 · Milwaukee, WI, United States
73 73 Retweets 126 126 likes

bwdone2017 ‎@theonlyadult
Hey @ninaturner, your boss is campaigning with a guy who called Obama "global George Zimmerman". Have a seat. https://twitter.com/gdebenedetti/status/697995156457459712
6:23 PM - 11 Feb 2016
66 66 Retweets 51 51 likes

Michael Hargrove ‎@MichaelHargrov1
@ninaturner Until you call of Cornel West's disrespect and dog whistles of Pres. Obama, your words goes in one ear and out the other.
2:28 AM - 12 Feb 2016
12 12 Retweets 10 10 likes

February 12, 2016 at 9:12 am

What is that dog whistling, cause I didn’t hear it. It was Bernie Sanders decision to go down the road of attacking President Obama as if he has been a failure. Sanders knew darn well that the rest of the country is not like Iowa and NH. The President approval rating with blacks is still very high and we do not appreciate Sanders and his supporters acting like this President was a failure. And Sanders said race relations would be better under him, B.S.

The Desperate Beyond Kitchen Sink Strategy.. These guys are off the charts Clueless.. pull out the

ol Sexist card when the Female Candidate is beating you soundly.


Thank you for this, RB. I knew there were other times mrs sanders put herself out there as

being one of the worst surrogates berni has.

She was also on some show.. Oh, it was Chris Hayes where she was dissing President Obama.. something like he was so 2008. And, that's not all she's dissed him but I don't remember what else she's said. She has no class and all she does is insult. They make a damn good pair.

Actually, she and BS are late to the Revolution.. President Obama started it in 2008 and Hillary is continuing it now and through to 2017 and beyond.


"But more of their constant victim status. It's obviously good for their collection plate."

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