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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 182,413

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Graciias, PPN~

RIP Helen Fabela Chavez~Wife of Cesar Chavez~

meta ‎@metaquest
Rest in Peace, Helen Fabela Chavez, wife of UFW co-founder Cesar Chavez. #WeFeedYou #latism
6:50 PM - 6 Jun 2016
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Helen Chavez, wife of Cesar Chavez, dead at age 88



We were just wishing her a healthy recovery on this thread 3 days ago.


Lorella Praeli
Inspired by la causa, Helen Chavez helped give birth to and sustain America's first enduring farmworker union.

RIP~Helen Fabela Chavez

There ya GO!


Aloha, she! we knew he would do this.. so kind & to someone who's tried to tear his legacy down..

But, the President is stronger than that.

There's an UPDATE.. All this talk from BS about a contested Convention started bringing out the Big Dogs is my theory..

Kasie Hunt ‏@kasie 5h5 hours ago

But whatever message President Obama delivered, it wasn't cheerful for the Sanders campaign: The mood soured, and he huddled with wife Jane
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Mahalo, she:

She did it! How great is Hillary.. a Day Early!

This happened...

Monica Alba
✔ ‎@albamonica
President Obama and Bernie Sanders spoke over the weekend, @mitchellreports confirms.
10:39 AM - 6 Jun 2016
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President Obama's long wait and Ours! & VP Biden, too.. It will be spectacular!

Great Fanfare!

Eager to exploit his recent spike in popularity, Obama is looking to become the most active lame duck campaigner in recent presidential history.

Obama has been strong over 50% for months..

"The Clinton campaign in Brooklyn is working with the White House to coordinate the effort"

My dream come true! Mahalo, William!

Vice President Joe Biden 'Confident' Hillary Clinton Will Be Democratic Nominee


Ye Haaaw! this is What we've Been Waiting For!!!!

This is our President Obama and woe to BS..

It has been decades since a second-term president enjoyed the popularity to make him a potent force on the campaign trail and also an invitation from the candidate running to succeed him to be a major presence there.

Thanks Boot!

800 delegates aren't enough? I wish President Obama would

explain it to him. I hope that happens.. I can only imagine what he thinks of him by now.

Nate Cohn
✔ ‎@Nate_Cohn
Clinton now leads Sanders by 800 delegates, per NBC count. She's 24 away from the 2,383 needed to win. He's 824 away.
3:58 PM - 5 Jun 2016 ∑ Manhattan, NY, United States
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"My favorite part of Sandersís underwear-gnomes strategy to flip superdelegates is how Clinton's vot

are magically chill w/it!"

Nate Silver! I love it.. I'm sure he's already under their bus of honor for being into reality, no?

Mahalo, HS!
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