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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 157,204

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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If it's not a Koch blowing monie$$$ up his way then why bother, eh?

ol mitch must be thinking.. it's better to keep his mouth shut and have people think you're stupid then debate Alison Grimes and have it confirmed.

mahalo kpete

Good look on the cat, Dinah~ Mahalo..

Ohhhh Cali.. I'm so sorry

this happened.. whatever it is.

Take care of yourself.. sending healing thoughts to you.

Like this, herding cats? :(

Yeah, they Excel in trying to change the subject.. you know them by their distractions.. "NSA" "NSA"

"The Republican Agenda"..


Yeah, it's sooooo hard to tell the "Rs from the Ds"

It's the GMOs who want to confuse by not labeling.. they're scared or they wouldn't try to keep

people in the dark.

I hope the voters in Oregon & Colorado are smarter than GMO's $$$$.. Done in Connecticut..

Connecticut Becomes the First State to Require GMO Labeling

"The governor of Connecticut, Dannel Malloy, spoke outside of the organic restaurant, Catch a Healthy Habit, imploring others to consider joining the cause. “I am proud that leaders from each of the legislative caucuses can come together to make our state the first in the nation to require labeling of GMO’s,” said Malloy in Fairfield’s Daily Voice. “The end result is a law that shows our commitment to consumers’ right to know while catalyzing other states to take similar action.” -


Ah ha! Dean thinks Ron Klain will be a good manager since he is one!

Thank you, herding cats!

Good for Dean calling Rick Perry out like this!
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