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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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The Parallel Universe Needs Blowback, Major! It's Sickening what you've seen this week re Toad..

Hell no, he wasn't goaded into this by anyone. He's doing what he thinks is the right thing to

to and Senator Bernie Sanders stands with him.. on this "Enormously complicated issue".. as he calls it. He disagrees with staying out of ISIS like some around are clamoring on about.

As he stated it's an "International effort" and guess what.. "they have to put money in it too."

Hartman and he talked about one republiCon saying.. they'll "blast him if it doesn't work and ask why he didn't do it sooner if it does." Sounds like a familiar whine.

Senators Warren and Sanders are on board with the President.. thank goodness for those who know and understand the whole picture.

FrodosPet http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=5527989

Thanks fresh.. Just doing his job..

They like their little name calling.. maybe it makes them feel all superior.. lol

..their purity for whttevrr is the only thing that is acceptable. Everyone else is just a DINO.. Rofl!

Here's from Bernie Sanders on ISIS.. Would they dare throw him under their Purity bus with the rest of us?..

"I think airstrikes are important, but we need the international community."

~ snip ~

"He understands how complicated this issue is, that we need the international community, that at the end of the day, if we defeat ISIS it will be the people in Iraq and Syria do that, with the support of the United States, and with the support of the international community. So to my mind, this is an enormously complicated issue. I think the President is right. We have to help the so called Syrian moderates, G-d knows how many of them that there are. I think airstrikes are important, but we need the international community."

FrodosPet http://www.democraticunderground.com/10025518118


"In a statement on Iraq, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said that the world needs to step up in dealing with ISIS, and in the process he sounded a lot like a 2016 presidential candidate.

In a statement, Sen. Sanders said, “The United States is not the only country on Earth with an air force. While I support President Obama’s decision to use airstrikes to protect the lives of thousands of innocent people of the Yazidi minority, the U.S. should not have to act alone militarily in this crisis. ISIS is a danger to the entire region and to the world. The international community must work with the U.S.”


Michael Moore's racism.. I want this for my journal, geek.. "God save us from such stupid men.."

06 January 2003

"I took my son to see Michael Moore live at the Roundhouse, in north London, before Christmas. The US radical and author of the best-selling book Stupid White Men was (mostly) clever, funny, angry, sharp, iconoclastic and sceptical about the lies and humbug processed by the US government and big business. Sure there were some flunked bits – you expect that, the troughs are part of the adventure, an evening with a well-worn rebel."

"What we did not expect was to feel so enraged at one point that we almost walked out. It was when Moore went into a rant about how the passengers on the planes on 11 September were scaredy-cats because they were mostly white. If the passengers had included black men, he claimed, those killers, with their puny bodies and unimpressive small knives, would have been crushed by the dudes, who as we all know take no disrespect from anybody. God save us from such stupid white men, especially now, when in the US and the UK, black people's lives are being ripped to shreds by drugs, lawlessness, fear and frightful violence plus the endless circle of racism, exclusion and incarceration. This is not awesome, Mr Moore; it is a calamity, for descendants of slaves unimaginably more so"


Very well stated and asked for, NU I love this..

"If this is to be done let it be done swiftly and decisively. Let us set aside partisan opportunism and wish those who must carry this burden victory and a safe return to their loved ones.

We ask them to conduct themselves with honor first and skill always. Watch over each other.

May the President approach this with equal measures of clarity of purpose, sobriety of judgment and humility. Then return our troops to their families and take nothing except the knowledge we stood for what was right."

"Certainly not I." Yeah right.. certainly not AL. Who him? Mr innocent? Thank you, Magistrate

for not letting him get away with that shite.

"It is a personal hatred of Russia on the part of some . . .

Russian laws have insulted their life style, so they demand we fight a third World War to assuage their wounded pride.

I, for one, am not ready to get on that particular bandwagon.
A. L."


"Russian laws have insulted their life style, so they demand we fight a third World War to assuage their wounded pride."

What a bunch of fucking Putin Bullshit!

OhOH.. First Elizabeth.. now Bernie.. good gawd.. could they something

that those raging against President Obama don't know?!!!

thank you, Frodos

Damn, Moh! I've seen those but didn't save them.. thank you!

We know "Russian Online Troll Army is huge"! Always popping up with their distractions..

"NSA- but but but the West-Leave Russia Alone Wah Wah Wah

It's Okay for Putin.. 'cause you know.. he's not President Obama!

Putin’s grip on the internet


The precedent of persecuting bloggers to silence them was set in 2008, a year after a blogger Savva Terentyev criticised police in a comment on a LiveJournal post he was sentenced to one year suspended sentence, article 282 of Russian Criminal Code for, “fomenting of social hatred” towards policemen. Since then, article 282, which covers actions provoking animosity and hatred towards certain religious, social, gender or national groups has been used to silence bloggers through the courts.

The other charge commonly used against internet users is “extremism” . Throughout Putin’s reign this charge has been used to target people who criticise the Kremlin — together with defamation and drug legislation. Russia’s Department of Presidential Affairs won three defamation lawsuits against newspaper Novaya Gazeta in just one week last year. All the articles talked about this authority’s controversial withdrawals from Russian budget and extremely high salaries of its staff. The editor-in-chief Dmitry Muratov told Index that Kremlin has been using defamation suits as a censorship instrument.


Starting from 1 November 2012 Russian authorities won’t need a court ruling, like they did in the Terentyev case. Authorities will appeal to ISPs, like in the Rumyantsev case, create website blacklists and will be able to actually shut down anything they won’t like. Previously, a court ruling could make a website or the URL of a certain web content inaccessible in a specific region, while it stayed available in another.

Andrey Soldatov, an expert on Russian security services, notes that soon “the Kremlin will have at its disposal the facilities for blocking access to internet resources across the whole of Russia”, including Skype and Facebook."


More recently..

snip// March 20, 2014

Putin ramps up Internet censorship, citing Google and Snowden to ensure public support

On March 13, a half-dozen highly trafficked opposition blogs and indie media outlets were suddenly blocked within Russia. The websites — including the highly respected Ekho Moskvy radio station and the blog of popular nationalist opposition politician, Alexei Navalny — received no notice of the impeding cutoff.

There was no court order, no trial, not even a public hearing. But there’s no doubt the move was official: Roskomnadzor, Russia’s mass media and telecommunications regulator, very publicly announced it in a directive to Russian ISPs, explaining that access to these websites must be blocked for extremism and for encouraging people to attend unsanctioned protests — in this case, against Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

This new formal power to unilaterally block access to any website comes via a brand new Internet censorship law that went into effect on February 1, 2014. It’s called the “Law of Lugovoi” — named after its author, State Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi, a scary ex-FSB officer-turned-Duma deputy who is better known as the prime suspect in the 2007 polonium assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in London.

Russia has refused to extradite Lugovoi to the UK to face trial and has instead allowed him to make a second career for himself as an ambitious legislator in Russia’s lower house of parliament. Lugovoi has put his personal stamp on plenty of bills, including ones that limit free speech and expand the power of the FSB. (He’s also know for periodically issuing veiled death threats against opposition politicians.)


Russia Today Anchor Admits Spreading 'Lies' For Putin
By Catherine Taibi @cathtaibi

Another Russia Today anchor has resigned from her post at the Kremlin-funded TV network. I resigned from RT today. I have huge respect for many in the team, but I'm for the truth. pic.twitter.com/m...
HuffPost Media @HuffPostMedia

46 Retweets 7 favorites

Corespondent Sara Firth's announcement came nearly two hours after she stated on Twitter that RT anchors "do work for Putin" and spread "lies," in a conversation with RT London correspondent Polly Boiko. Firth alleged that the network asks its anchors to "obscure the truth," and now she is saying she's had enough.

Polly Boiko @Polly_Boiko

@ukTanos what am i spreading?

Sara Firth @Sara__Firth
@Polly_Boiko @ukTanos Lies hun. We do work for Putin. We are asked on a daily basis if not to totally ignore then to obscure the truth

11:50 PM - 17 Jul 2014 550 Retweets 175 favorites


Thanks for the Vid on "Putin's trolls", Tarheel~
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