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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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LOLOLOLOLOL! I didn't know Keith was sooooo Funny!

He had me cracking up every bit as much as Jon, Seth, John, Samantha..

I love that he did trump's voice.. and the sniffing..

trump's voice is so gd grating.. no way hell that voice is our prez!

Mahalo 47of74!

Meanwhile across America.. including way out here in the Pacific Ocean..

Thousands awaiting @POTUS at White Oak amphitheater in Greensboro, NC where he is campaigning for

Julie Davis
✔ ‎@juliehdavis
Thousands awaiting @POTUS at White Oak amphitheater in Greensboro, NC where he is campaigning for @HillaryClinton
11:54 AM - 11 Oct 2016 · White Oak Ampitheatre, United States
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Billy Bush Negotiating Exit From NBC After Lewd Tape

Source: NYT

Four days after the explosive Donald J. Trump “Access Hollywood” tape was made public, Billy Bush is negotiating his exit from NBC.

Mr. Bush and NBC are working out the terms of his departure from “Today,” which may come in the next few days, according to two people briefed on the plans.

It would be a swift fall for Mr. Bush after a brief tenure as a host in the 9 a.m. hour of the show. He joined “Today” this summer.

In the videotape from 2005, which was filmed during the taping of an “Access Hollywood” segment, Mr. Bush laughs and goads Mr. Trump as he speaks about women in vulgar and lewd terms, claiming he tried to have sex with the woman who was then Mr. Bush’s co-host.

Read more: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/10/12/business/media/billy-bush-to-make-abrupt-exit-from-nbc-after-lewd-tape.html?_r=0

Good. NBC isn't messing around and neither should our country. Billy Bush didn't get fired for "locker room talk".

Ah ha!
"Given the tape’s incredible visibility, it was likely that Mr. Bush would remain part of the news cycle for the near future. “Today” is in competition with ABC’s “Good Morning America” and the fallout from the videotape could have affected NBC’s ratings in the morning hours, particularly among women, who represent a significant portion of the show’s viewership."

Yeah, "try" sucker.. just the tweet from ABC..

ABC News Politics
✔ ‎@ABCPolitics
@POTUS to heckler in NC: "Try to get your own rally"
12:30 PM - 11 Oct 2016
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Tweet pic of President Obama in NC..

Liz Crawford
✔ ‎@LizCrawfordWFMY
A student sent this photo of the @POTUS from inside the @ncatsuaggies forum happening now on campus.
11:26 AM - 11 Oct 2016

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For such an "alpha male" blowhard trump really

is just a scared little chicken.. hiding behind his tweet device.

Thank you for this, frr.. and for THIS!

GET DEMOCRATS REGISTERED so we can win congress as well.

Thx mahatmakanejeeves
13 states have registration deadlines TODAY: OH, PA, MI, GA, TX, NM, IN, LA, NV, TN, AR, KY, SC.


"Horse race pundits" is dead on.. I'm borrowing that

Good analysis from Froma Harrop.

It's a National Tragedy not only that they don't care that trump doesn't know anything but that he's a sexual predator who's a pathological liar.

Thanks Yo Mama

He's pissed like we all are. I like the way he calls him just "trump"

I just realized because I didn't see the debate but saw a clip of the "jail" part.. Hillary led him into a trap when she said it's a good thing we don't have someone like him in charge of the law.

His big stupid bully mouth couldn't resist.

Thank you, RG

I love it, too, sarae! Hillary spoke @ the Apollo in March!

I just have to show somebody this Tweet I just saw .. Remember @ the debate when Hillary talked about what her friend Michelle Obama says.. "when they go low we go high.."?

Well, here's this Tweet yesterday from POTUS..

President Obama
Just like Michelle says, when they go low, we go high. @HillaryClinton went high and showed why she'll be a POTUS for all Americans.
6:06 AM - 10 Oct 2016
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sarae.. Have a Good Day!
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