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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 188,180

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Donald Trump underage rape accusation: Judge sets date for hearing of lawsuit


Of course he denies it.. he denies everything. All the women are wrong and he's just an innocent admitted sexual predator.

But, of course.. there's "emails" for Hillary.. according to the fascist corp media pimping drumpfuck.

Mahalo, DD~

Obama to Clinton volunteers: Ignore 'noise and distractions' @CNNPolitics

"Hillary is no stranger to tough fights," he said. "Whenever she gets knocked down, she just gets back up."

The White House on Friday declined to comment on the FBI's decision except to say it learned of the latest development through news reports."


"I fixed Comey's letter"

Judd Legum
✔ ‎@JuddLegum
I fixed Comey's letter
4:08 PM - 29 Oct 2016
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Speaking of trump supporters..

Daniel Dale
✔ ‎@ddale8
Ultimate Trump Voter Quote, from Crystal: "Oh I think he's crazy, and he may get us killed, but at least he's going to be truthful with us."

8:33 AM - 29 Oct 2016
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And, there you have it in a nutshell

This is just a remarkable statement from the Clinton campaign: attacking Comey with both barrels

Michael Cohen ‎@speechboy71
This is just a remarkable statement from the Clinton campaign: attacking Comey with both barrels
10:29 AM - 29 Oct 2016
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Bonus Tweet from Pretty Foot..

Planned Parenthood
✔ ‎@PPact
New polls show majority of likely voters support access to care at Planned Parenthood. Attack at your own risk: http://buff.ly/2fqNycG
12:29 PM - 29 Oct 2016
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"Let me know when one of Hillary's emails contains Trump's tax returns."

Pretty Foot ‎@PrettyFootWoman
1:18 PM - 29 Oct 2016
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Thank you! I think it is, Laser.. making people mad. It's a scandal but

for Comey not Hillary.

scary lawyerguy ‎@scarylawyerguy
Comey's boss, who happens to be the AG, asked him not to send letter to Congress, he refused her request. Unbelievable. #AMJoy
5:01 AM - 29 Oct 2016
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In fact I'd like to borrow that for my journal, Please.. I have a collection

of Nasty Women pics.. here's one in North Carolina..

Oh and I just saw this..


He clearly did.. now he's just lying again.. A legal source says..

Ari Melber
✔ ‎@AriMelber
A legal source says:
FBI actually had a duty to determine if emails were not duplicates first, b/c if they are, it's *not* even new evidence

5:49 AM - 29 Oct 2016
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Mahalo, OnDoutside
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