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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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David Brock says he'll pay legal fees of 'Apprentice' employees who leak Trump tapes

David Brock
✔ ‎@davidbrockdc
If a $5 million "leak fee" is what stands between truth and total #Trump implosion, sign me up. http://correctrecord.org/trumpleaks/ CC: @mcuban https://twitter.com/chrisdocnee/status/785159503419351040
11:13 AM - 9 Oct 2016
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"The New York Daily News is reporting that another producer of "Apprentice" claims there are tapes with "far worse" language by Trump."


So we shall see

Wow! Preach IT, Margaret and Helen!

"Donald Trump, you fat-ass, lying son-of-a-bitch. Hillary Clinton doesn’t need to give you or anyone else an explanation for her husband’s behavior anymore than Ivana, Marla or Melania need to explain yours. The idea of sexual assault that you promoted is not a distraction. It is an extremely important issue and to suggest otherwise tells me everything I need to know about you. You are the worst kind of man. You are a man who objectifies and belittles women. For God’s sake you thought it was funny that another man called your daughter a piece of ass.

William Jefferson Clinton is not on the ballot. Hillary Clinton is your opponent. And tonight she grabbed you by your tiny little Johnson and effectively ended this election. You will never be President. Bless your heart, no matter how much you demean and belittle women, karma is about to be a bitch for you because women will be the reason you fail"


Thank you, Ilsa!

Thank you, NYT! & spanone!

He lied about a sex tape.

He lied about his lies about ‘birtherism.’

He lied about the growth rate of the American economy.

He lied about the state of the job market.

He lied about the trade deficit.

He lied about tax rates.

He lied about his own position on the Iraq War, again.

He lied about ISIS.

He lied about the Benghazi attack.

He lied about the war in Syria.

He lied about Syrian refugees.

He lied about Russia’s hacking.

He lied about the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

He lied about Hillary Clinton’s tax plan.

He lied about her health care plan.

He lied about her immigration plan.

He lied about her email deletion.

He lied about Obamacare, more than once.

He lied about the rape of a 12-year-old girl.

He lied about his history of groping women without their consent.


The Apollo Theater says no to Donald Trump rally

Sopan Deb
✔ ‎@SopanDeb
The Daily News is reporting that the Apollo Theater in Harlem is refusing to host a Trump event there: http://nydn.us/2dPW1mz
12:48 PM - 10 Oct 2016
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Donald Trump Polls At 0 Percent In Detroit: How's that minority outreach workin' out for you, Donald

Donald Trump Polls At 0 Percent In Detroit: How's that minority outreach workin' out for you, Donald?
Zero, ZiP, Zilch, Nada!


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has stumped repeatedly at large events in the city of Detroit, including a much-publicized visit to a church, in an attempt to reach the city’s black voters.

The net result?

As Trump visits metro Detroit again Friday, a new WDIV poll shows him with zero support — literally — inside the city of Detroit.

And that’s not new. The Republican candidate also polled at zero percent among Pennsylvania and Ohio black voters over the summer, according to an NBC poll.


Thank you Apollo Theater! Mahalo to our African American Voters!

"a pervert on the bus.. " YES! Exactly "a higher standard for the Today show

than running for POTUS!"

Yay, Seth took him out! "..avert our eyes so we don't have to look @ his saggy balls.."

".. great respect for women on full display on debate stage when he lurked behind HIllary.." ".. I wasn't lurking.. that was just a locker room walk.. " !!!! lol

".. I'm allowed to go backstage @ the Miss Universe Pageant and inspect.. har har

"..you'd be in jail.." "Says the Pervert on the bus!" YES!!!

".. where's he going.. does he think there are naked women behind every stage?!!"

Damn that was priceless and just what I need right now.. Thank you, Dan!

Clinton campaign says, per Secret Service, 18.5K attended tonight's event in Ohio

Kyle Griffin
✔ ‎@kylegriffin1
Clinton campaign says, per Secret Service, 18.5K attended tonight's event in Ohio. https://twitter.com/dougmillsnyt/status/785626433636806656
1:53 PM - 10 Oct 2016
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Yay VoTE Ohio!

Oh **** that's right! About the "assassination" whistle.. and calling for her to be

in prison at his rallies with "lock her up" shouts from his fans. And, that stupid manager of his said it was a joke because the blowback was so strong.

There aren't enough words to describe how psycho he is.. we have a fucking psycho running on the gop ticket against Hillary Clinton.

1. The suggestions that his supporters assassinate her.
2. The threats to put her in jail if he wins./
3. The treats to not only bring up Bill Clinton's past actions, but to sit Bill Clinton's accusers next to Bill.
4. The physical stalking and standing directly behind her as she spoke at the last debate

Yes, and he told us all about his stalking methods to get what he wants from women because he's a "star". Hillary is one woman he can't fire. 'Course he couldn't fire Nancy O'Dell, either.

Thank you, Tom

Well I had to look up that..

Not to be dramatic, but there was certainly an air of violence at last night’s debate – we all knew Trump had lost so much in the last 48 hours and that he was willing to do anything – truly anything – to control the narrative again. The way he paced the stage, swinging his arms and staring over Clinton’s shoulders didn’t work to quiet that air at all.

Interestingly, you can find evidence of Trump’s intimidating stance in nearly every photo and video from last night’s Town Hall. Wherever there is Clinton giving a substantive response to an undecided voter’s question, there was Trump, just waiting to give his answer.


The editors of Foreign Policy have never endorsed a candidate for political office -- until now

Thank you, landhr

No kidding!

"Donald Trump, who has made a career out of branding himself as a dick, took it to the stage on Sunday night and tripped over it."
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