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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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You need this on your thread, TP

Yes, I knew that pic looked familiar.. it's in my journal.. it's so beautiful.. thank you, fresh!


Mahalo President Obama for protecting Bristol Bay in Alaska~

It sucked.. I know the President didn't like parts of it.. but, some didn't suck as much.. like..

Did cromnibus kill Wall Street reform? (updated)

Now...if all you care about is sticking it to Wall Street, the current battle among Democrats over this bill might be worth having. But - if you also care about enforcing the critical aspects of Wall Street reform, Obamacare, the President's actions on immigration, early childhood education, climate change, job growth, and national security - all this hysteria is simply a distraction.


UPDATE: I just learned that the "push-out" rule that is eliminated in the cromnibus was the brainchild of former Senator Blanche Lincoln. So excuse me if I'm a little skeptical about how important it is. Apparently it doesn't affect all derivative swaps - not even most of them.

In brief, the Pushout required federally insured banks to move-“push out”-some swaps dealing activities to separate subsidiaries that do not have access to federal deposit insurance. This does not apply to all swaps, mind you. Not even to the bulk of them (interest rate swaps, many CDS). But just to commodity derivatives (other than gold), equity derivatives, and un-cleared CDS.



Mahalo for that, A.. It sounded like BS when I saw it upthread..


Protesting Ferguson PD in Portland, Ore..

Obama Surgeon General Nominee Prevails Over NRA And Right-Wing Media Smear Campaign


Dr. Vivek Murthy overcame a longstanding right-wing media and National Rifle Association smear campaign to gain Senate confirmation as Surgeon General on Monday by a vote of 51-43.

Conservative media had worked to cast Murthy as a radical for his uncontroversial stance that gun violence is a public health issue and criticized his supposed lack of qualifications.

The conservative media attacks against Murthy began in early March. Coverage of his nomination focused on his past acknowledgement that gun violence affects public health, which conservative media spun as evidence Murthy is obsessed with gun regulations. (Murthy has actually said his focus as Surgeon General will not be on gun violence, but rather obesity.)


In fact, Murthy's stance on firearms is common within the medical community. The American Medical Association (AMA) agrees that gun violence "has reached epidemic proportions" and has argued that the medical profession carries an obligation to combat gun violence. The Institute of Medicine has also advocated for a "public health approach" to fight gun violence. Furthermore, Murthy's credentials were endorsed by a broad array of health care groups including the American Public Health Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, and Trust for America's Health.

Murthy's confirmation marks a significant loss for the NRA, which began its campaign against the nominee even before conservative media joined the crusade. In a February 26 letter to U.S. Senate leaders, the NRA's top lobbyist warned that confirming Murthy would be "a prescription for disaster for America's gun owners." The letter kicked off an extensive lobbying and grassroots effort as well as the mobilization of the NRA's media arm in a failed attempt to block Murthy's nomination.


Oh yeah, and Joe Manchin disingenuous reasoning for voting NO.

TheObamaDiary.com @TheObamaDiary
.@Sen_JoeManchin opposed Vivek Murthy for SG because of Murthy's "political beliefs" - ie he favors sensible gun laws
10:58 AM - 15 Dec 2014 15 Retweets 6 favorites


What a poignant day for Vivek Murthy to be confirmed in the Senate as yesterday was the two year anniversary of the Sandy Hook massacre.

For the victims and loved ones of the Sandy Hook Kids

They have their whole families joining in the Protests.. :( this war against our Black Brothers &

Sisters from the American PD May these babies grow up to not be subjected to the Fear their parents and the kids today face on a daily basis, she

"the man who ended the use of torture once he was POTUS, and has now released the report on torture

"..the man who ended the use of torture once he was POTUS, and has now released the report on torture for all to see, would call torturers "patriots" not only in front of the nation, but in front of the entire world."

Precisely nailed it. Thanks Nance.

Yeah, I know what you mean.. that's what what I was thinking.. too much of this to wade through..

thank you, Justice Department!

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