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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 193,679

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Ivanka Trumps Clothing Line Has Disappeared From Three More Retailers

Amid growing pressure for stores to drop the first daughterís brand, it is no longer being sold on Belk, Jet, and ShopStyle.

Belk, a department store popular in the South, also told BuzzFeed News the brandís disappearance was based on performance.


It is another brutal reality check in a long line of them recently..

They silenced Elizabeth but then they let Jeff Merkley read Coretta's Letter... they don't care what kind of message this sends but Women do and Democrats and all fair minded people do.


This is not to say that Republicans canít be defeated in important ways. Trump and Republicans may be backing off their vow to scrap protections for people brought here illegally as children. Republicans are running into massive trouble with their push to repeal and replace Obamacare, and Democrats have effectively drawn attention to Republicansí bumbling, incompetence and shrugging lack of concern for how repeal would harm millions. Itís not hard to see GOP efforts to roll back financial oversight going down to defeat. The opposition to Trumpís immigration ban has effectively dramatized the cruel realities of Trumpism and may, at a minimum, dissuade Trump from trying more policies like it. And so on.

Thank you for this, mcar

So which repubs didn't vote to censor Senator Warren?

Talk about "pampered".. what the hell does putin see in the

pampered trump then besides being a malleable idiot who owes him money.

I guess I answered my own question.

Merkel receives Obama's final call to a foreign leader


But then Jeff Merkley read it.. so why did they single out Warren.. here are the

ones who voted to silence her.

Can you imagine?


I'm not on Twitter yet but I love the new embedded tweets

with pics too.. What's not to like?


Remember trump calling her names and insulting her in the debates.. "nasty woman"?


I know.. the brainwashing was complete.. and still happening..

Our country didn't dodge a bullet.. it ran straight head on into a firing squad from hell.

That's right.. A stand up Woman who heard all the brainwashed garbage coming

her way and kept on fighting for us.

Thank you, ehrnst!


Stand Up America!

Barack's Happiness Has Me Feeling Like a Jealous Ex.. Rofl

A little raunchy.. little bit.
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