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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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I'm so sick of the BS, Gary, Thank you! "sanders lasting legacy... "

Matt Murphy ‎‎@MattMurph24
Sanders lasting legacy will be turning a large swath of his supporters AGAINST the Democratic Party.
7:25 AM - 17 Apr 2016
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FUN FACT: Bernie Received $10,000 from Hillary’s PAC to Win Senate Seat

Life is complicated. Politics is messy. And claiming ideological purity always comes back to bite you.

This 2006 AP story contains an interesting little nugget:

New York Sen. Hillary Clinton shared her wealth in March, doling out $190,000 in contributions to Democrats … Clinton’s political action committee, HILLPAC, raised $272,477 and spent $327,484 in March, according to the group’s filing to the Federal Election Commission. Two congressmen trying to make it to the Senate also got boosts from Clinton. Rep. Bernie Sanders, who is running for the seat held by retiring Vermont lawmaker Jim Jeffords, received $10,000, as did Harold Ford Jr., of Tennessee.


It’s also worth reminding Bernie of his own reticence to attack Hillary’s speeches:

According to the New York Times, and quoting top aides, Bernie considers the attack on Hillary’s speech transcripts a character assault: “Mr. Sanders, hunched over a U-shaped conference table, rejected it as a personal attack on Mrs. Clinton’s income — the sort of character assault he has long opposed. She has the right to make money, he offered.



Hillary's Group~Mahalo

Ah yes, I remember that thread.. thank you! President Obama and Team have done

so much for our country. It's extraordinary.. if only he had a Dem Congress for more than the short amount of time he did.

We need to work on the Dem Congress or we're never going to over turn Citizens United.

AlGiordano ‎‎@AlGiordano
Protesting Hollywood money is so lame. Without it we wouldn't have same sex marriage, marijuana reform or President Obama.
6:13 AM - 17 Apr 2016
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Dan Merica
✔ ‎‎@danmericaCNN
Here's what Clooney said after his riff on Sanders & campaign finance. MTP notably didn't release it last night:
3:22 AM - 17 Apr 2016
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LOL@ their take on BS..

Mr. Sanders has attracted some voters with pie-in-the-sky promises that would effectively ruin the national economy. He would seek to massively expand government, and massively increase taxes with it. Congress would defy him. More troubling, he lacks a deep understanding of American foreign policy, and the role the United States must play in the world...

Nailed that.

mahalo splat~

You really Cannot Make this Shite up! And, there's bernie iiving large

on the campaign's dime, flying high on a chartered jet, to make a huuuuuuuge splash in Rome @ the Vatican "meeting the Pope".. being "invited by the Pope"(they didn't seriously pull that bullshit, did they?)..

And, everything was going along until the reporters asked the Pope his version of events.

Of course, BS sucked all the air out of the room and the plane.. Pope Francis was on an Important humanitarian mission and instead of the plight of the Syrian Refugees all the reporters talked about was BS' "secret meeting with the Pope" that turned out to be forced handshake.

I hear BS likes the Pope so much.. do you think his eminence approves of BS' scheming maneuvers?

When have we ever heard any Pope, let alone this one, talking in such blunt terms when discussing a member of an allied foreign government? It points to just how pissed Pope Francis was that not only did Sanders dishonestly drag him into a presidential election, Sanders also purposely sabotaged a news narrative that had been aimed at highlighting the plight of Syrian refugees. Instead that story got muted today, and fewer governments may end up being pressured to take in refugees. It’s possible Sanders just cost some refugees their lives.

Mahalo, pandr~

Wow, this is just what I was hoping a newspaper would do..

Like Donald Trump on the Republican side, Sanders blames all our problems on one thing -- wealthy people and big corporations. He offers simplistic answers to complex problems.

Sanders has always positioned himself as an outsider. As an agitator, he doesn't have to worry about making political calculations. As president, he would have to if he wants to accomplish anything with his lofty promises.

Thanks book!

BS, his campaign, his surrogates.. they all use misleading and insulting language.. they're

so full of it.. like that's going to make anyone think he belongs in the White House.

OH that's right .. I forgot about that shite scheme of his.. take a newspaper that endorsed Hillary and take a flattering quote about him in that very endorsement and insinuate the newspaper endorsed him instead.

I was hoping at the time that Newspapers that endorsed Hillary would just not say anything nice about BS because he would just steal it as an endorsement.

They never did have faith in their grassroots revolution. This is all on BS.. he hired all those craven managers and thought he could win by playing the purity card and all the while being the opposite.

berni got busted in Rome by the Pope.. not something you'd want to take away from your Roman Holiday.

Thank you for that, Haveadream.. President Obama has been a brilliant President.. and I'm

so happy things worked out so well between him and Hillary.. and, that he wants her to be #45.


Yeah, the way it should be.. not on the sly like some groupie.

AlGiordano ‎‎@AlGiordano
Full context of the Pope's quotes on the plane about his brief encounter with Sanders:http://www.cruxnow.com/church/2016/04/16/pope-francis-calls-sanders-greeting-only-common-courtesy/
6:14 AM - 16 Apr 2016
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Big on Social Media.. Tweeters are getting the word out.

"If “red states” didn’t count (except the ones that Bernie won)." lol..

LOL@your OP, Nance.. I know what drove you to it.
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