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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Yep. Condescending and Insulting. Way to get Black Voters for BS.

"Maybe more black voters should do some research on the candidates before they vote."


‏@PragObots Sanders on @ThisWeekABC "The idea that I've worked against Barack Obama is categorically false." #MmmOhMyGod

TrumpDog ‏@TrumpDog1 · 20h20 hours ago
@PragObots He needs to re-listen to his Friday radio visits on Thom Hartman. Did nothing but talk crap about Obama and Dems @ThisWeekABC

Maria Meanmuthafucka ‏@desertcronenm · 20h20 hours ago
@TrumpDog1 @PragObots Oh I must have misunderstood him he went on Countdown & called PBO a coward on a regular basis. #FeelTheBurn

TrumpDog ‏@TrumpDog1 · 18h18 hours ago
@desertcronenm Oh me too. Him calling Obama "naive" and saying he should be primaried was clearly meant lovingly @PragObots

Tien Le ‏@tienle47 · 18h18 hours ago
@PragObots Gotta love how he's been put on defense on this topic. He's not fooling anyone.

Maggy ‏@Maggyw519 · 18h18 hours ago
@tienle47 @PragObots thank you @MartinOMalley for calling Sanders out on his hypocrisy!

Maggy ‏@Maggyw519 · 18h18 hours ago
@tienle47 @PragObots he think POC haven't been paying attention to this POTUS and his critics???? REALLY? Clueless

Franco ‏@FrancoIKU · 18h18 hours ago
@metaquest @aspirational12 @PragObots @ThisWeekABC
Yep Sanders is acting like ReThugs. Trying to rewrite history

Nadomom ‏@Nadomom · 20h20 hours ago  Coronado, CA
@PragObots @ThisWeekABC: BS has got some nerve saying that. Wow.

BJW2 ‏@Freefree0Bobbie · 18h18 hours ago
@PragObots @ThisWeekABC All one has to do is listen to tape recordings of Thom Hartman's show "Fridays with Bernie" segments. He dogs POTUS.


I love these guys! Straight up tellin' it! Can't hide the truth of what Black Folks are sayin'

Hillary's Group

Yes. He said he wouldn't before bc it would make him a "hypocrite". BS's own words.

"It would be hypocritical of me to run as a Democrat because of the things I have said about the party."

Introducing Bernie Sanders the Hypocrite


Or they don't want to be reminded of what too many of sanders' supporters were doing online to

to harass Black Folks.

Me? I think Sunlight is the best disinfectant.. Shine on, brave.

Nope, you're citing an internet troll.

"The post originally appeared in /r/sandersforpresident, but was removed by admins who say the user offered no proof of employment as a paid internet troll."


I loved that part, too, Jamaal. Actually showing President Obama's record on what he has

gotten accomplished for African Americans.

There's My Brother's Keeper, too..

The ‘Rise’ of Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative

"For President Obama, My Brother’s Keeper (MBK) is personal. He cares about a lot of issues. But when it comes to addressing the plight of young men and boys of color in this country, when he articulates the harrowing statistics that show their stunted growth and blunted promise, Obama displays the pain of someone with intimate knowledge of the problem. Still, there is a hopefulness and determination behind what he is doing because the president knows he is uniquely positioned to command the attention needed to bolster solutions in a very just cause.

Obama’s championing of MBK, a public-private endeavor he established in 2014, got the attention of documentary filmmaker Dawn Porter. “Rise: The Promise of My Brother’s Keeper,” which will air at 7 p.m. on the Discovery Channel and simulcast OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network on Father’s Day, looks at the lives of young men and boys of color in four MBK-principled programs around the country. It will premiere at the Newseum as part of the documentary film festival of the American Film Institute on June 18. But what will give the one-hour documentary added power is the participation of the president himself. Obama granted Porter an interview during his visit to Camden, N.J., on Monday."


Youth Guidance: President Obama Invites BAM Program Back To The White House

Many more pics and information .. http://theobamadiary.com/2014/02/27/my-brothers-keeper/

LOLOLOLOL! Someone Got IT! Did they think that shite wouldn't come back to bite

them in their collective butt one day?

"Say Bernie Sanders’ name in a tone on Twitter that’s anything less than overly enthusiastic and one of his supporters will burst onto your timeline like the Kool-Aid Man. It’s become a predictable annoyance for many, particularly black people, who haven’t made their decision on who they are voting for in the 2016 election"


"No group is more unhappy – and annoying about how unhappy they are – than Bernie Sanders supporters. They’re so annoying, last week I was explaining why Black Lives Matters disrupted a Hillary Clinton campaign event and I got more angry Sanders supporters in my mentions than Clinton. The most annoying thing about dealing with Bernie Sanders supporters is that they always end up saying the same thing. I remember when Rod from The Black Guy Who Tips was explaining the joke #BernieSoBlack and then had to deal with at least of month of harassment from Sanders supporters."


“He’s done more for black people than any other politician?”
Now that's just Bullpucky!

Let’s ignore all the black House Democrats that have fought their entire careers for their black constituents. Let’s ignored Senators like Elizabeth Warren who – since we’re giving credit to Sanders for speaking out – gave a better Black Lives Matter speech than any of the democrats running for President. Let’s just focus on President Obama. Aside from the positive effects health care reform and lowering the disparity in drug sentencing, there are several things that Sanders gets credit for that the President has done as well. Speaking about police violence? The president has done that. Not only that, but he’s set aside money for body cameras, ended a program that sends military grade equipment to police departments and even explained why Black Lives Matter is being said in a better way than Bernie has. Matter of fact, for a good portion of this year, the President has been very vocal about talking about Criminal Justice Reform and doing things about it. He’s the first sitting president to ever visit a prison and had a candid sit down talk with inmates. He’s about to sign an executive order to prohibit federal employees from asking about an applicant’s criminal history. Sorry, he’s done more than Bernie Sanders. So stop using this faulty line.

Brilliant find, brave.. Way to stand up for President Obama's record of history!

I love this! If the poll showed BS had won like GDP said then it would be GREAT.. but, since the

people polled showed Hillary won.. then it's all bitter sour grapes.

Mahalo SunSeeker!

Thank you for that DURHAM! These are the polls that count.. not the DU BS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Polling on Change of Opinion

More Positive / Less Positive / No Difference

HRC... 61% ----------14% ---------- 25%

BS.... 51% ----------11 % --------- 36%
O'M... 38%-----------18% --------- 43%

Polling on Won the Forum

HRC 67%

BS 16%
O'M 6%
Not Sure 11%

Plan to Vote for in Primary

HRC 72%
BS 18%
O'M 5%

Wow, rivers.. The Energy is palpable! thank you!

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