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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 195,332

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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An 'extremely credible source' has called my office and told me that @BarackObama's birth


Gracias Tom Perez!!!!

Mahalo, OxQQme


>"“Rep. Jason Chaffetz is a shameless hypocrite.

“He makes a six-figure taxpayer salary, has taxpayer subsidized healthcare, and he still thinks working Americans should be forced to choose between health insurance or owning a telephone.

“It’s no wonder why Republicans kept their plan hidden for so long. It’s also glaringly obvious why they’re so desperate to ram it through Congress — they don’t want the public to find out what’s in it.

“If passed, this plan will throw millions of Americans off their healthcare and make it more expensive for millions more, especially seniors who will see cuts to Medicaid and increased premiums. For many Americans, it’s a death sentence.”<

Putting stupid ben carson as HUD sec.. And, tweeting shite from breitbark and infowars too many

gd days.

Thank you babylonsister.

But her emails.

- Taking away your healthcare.
- Rolling back your Social Security benefits.
- Rolling back your Medicare benefits.
- Choosing which religions are okay for you to practice.
- Slowing tourism to the United States.
- Punishing people for being gay or transgender.
- Destroying the EPA and the Dept. of Education.
- Rolling back clean water and air protections.
- Deregulating Wall Street.
- Allowing companies to dump waste in waterways.
- Appointing people who hate government agencies to run them.
- Attacking the press.
- Wasting $22 billion on a useless wall.
- Giving racist organizations encouragement.
- Giving Russia encouragement.
- Appointing Supreme Court justices who oppose gun legislation and Roe V. Wade.
- Destroying climate change regulations.
- Golfing every weekend.
- Defunding Planned Parenthood.
- Shamelessly shilling for her family businesses, hotels, clothing lines, jewelry.
- Refusing to make public her taxes.
- Ending funding of the Arts and Public broadcasting.
- Paying to secure three "White Houses" in three states.
- Rolling back your democratically chosen option to smoke marijuana

I like the way you put that, TVO.. trump can't

shake him.. all he can do is think up vile vindictive ways to take revenge on his arch nemesis whom he will never out shine.

Au Contraire.. President Obama is driving him crazy.


Oh wow.. thanks for the recap from benny, the genius, carson.

Wait a minute.. he acknowledges Slavery there.. so he's mr two face benny carson.

True Dough

Yeah, how about that fakenewsfox?! That made me madder than anything

lately.. when the pivot pundits went ape shite.





Thanks TBuster!

Come At Me, Trump.


Oh Cool!!!! I have a Mahalo like that in my photobucket..

but it's not Sparkly!


President Obama does not look worried but I know what you mean..


I can't wait for this shit to expose trump even more for the vicious fool

Mahalo, spanone

THANK YOU, SAMUEL L JACKSON! ben carson the stupid idiot

who is the head of HUD.

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