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I read in one of those articles explaining why BS has no clue what he's talking about

that he's mixing up "contested" with "brokered".. that it would be impossible to have a contested convention or brokered.

Heha... I found it!

Sorry, Bernie, but you can’t “contest” the Democratic Convention. Those aren’t the rules.

First things first; Sanders seems to think that because Hillary Clinton will not have the “magic number” in pledged delegates alone, that this makes the July DNC “contested.” This shows an amazing lack of knowledge of the process. The correct term Sanders should be using is “brokered”, however terminology aside, it still will not apply to the convention. A convention becomes brokered only if a candidate fails to secure a majority of overall delegates after the first ballot, this includes ALL delegates including the super delegates. Sanders appears to be operating under the misguided idea that the first ballot is pledged delegates only and that therefore Secretary Clinton will not have the required majority. However, as the first ballot will include all delegates, Secretary Clinton will have a majority and there will be nothing to “contest” or broker.

And, one who would not be dealing in facts.

The contradiction between these two strategies by the Sanders campaign is disturbing and exposes a new level of hypocrisy. In his first argument, Sanders says that the super delegates should vote based on popular vote from their state, but in the second argument he is saying they should ignore the will of the people and vote for him because he is polling slightly better. He is, in effect saying he wants to steal the nomination not just from Secretary Clinton, but from the members of the democratic party who have given her a decisive victory.

Regardless of Sanders strategies, back-up plans and other machinations, there will not be a brokered convention and Senator Sanders will not be the nominee. He may spend the next two months pretending otherwise, but the democratic nomination process is over for everyone but Sanders and his most confused supporters.

sanders may or may not be "misguided".. either way he's trying to dupe the American People and we've already had too many Presidents like that.. No Thank you, BS.

Yo Mama~http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1107&pid=122726


The truly disgusting part about Bernie's contested convention aspirations is how he thinks he's entitled to override the will of POC/women.



I love it!

I'd like to borrow it just because! 'Cause I like corn on the cob and and it's perfect!

They got too close to the Sun! bernt!

Mahalo, BlueMT~

Best of Luck & Aloha, 2na~

We'll keep the fires burning~ Wow, I think I just realized what your user name means. lol

Poor BS.. he just got too far behind to ever catch up.. now who's faut is that?

Donna NoShock ‎‎@NoShock
Boom Shakalaka!!! #MDforHRC
6:47 AM - 26 Apr 2016
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Thank you for the stats on those states, SunSeeker~

Excellent Question! Any ideas on the real reason, fun?

He said the rule is being misapplied by the Sanders campaign, “It’s there in case there are people there who aren’t suppose to be there, but never before to willow down and only allow certain people to even run for elections. It’s shameless what they are doing.”

And Guttenberg isn’t buying the diversity explanation either, saying,“That’s not how its done. You don’t pre-determine who the candidates are by willowing it down to 50 because you don’t know who is going to be elected. Filling out the diversity happens as you are having the elections, not before hand. That’s a horrible excuse for eliminating people and it’s never been done that way. They are creating problems that have never existed before” and “The Sanders campaign is disenfranchising people.”

Guttenberg went on to point out a what he sees as a major irony of the situation “The problem is the Sanders campaign plays as if they are come with a higher calling, but they are doing the things they accuse the DNC and the Hillary campaign of doing, and now they are doing it.”

We already know camp BS are hypocrites, the anointed one whines, they treat their fans like mushrooms, and getting the truth out them is non-existent.

So what's up!


Notice all they do is Project a lot.. "jackboots", authoritarians" "echo chamber"

"bullies" "stacked juries" "fascism" "totalitarianism" etc ad nauseam.. the whine list goes on and on..


Fair to say that the only person now standing between Donald Trump and this room is Hillary Clinton

West Wing Reports
✔ ‎‎@WestWingReport
Fair to say that the only person now standing between Donald Trump and this room is Hillary Clinton
1:13 PM - 3 May 2016
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Stonekettle ‎‎@Stonekettle
Tell me again how you're not going to vote
7:33 AM - 2 May 2016
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Hillary's Group!

I got a pic from the First Lady's Tweet~

The First Lady
Hey Agent Gibbs! We’re ready for our close up. 🎬 Don’t miss a special #JoiningForces edition of @NCIS_CBS at 8pm ET.
12:55 PM - 3 May 2016
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Now that's what I'm talkin' about.. California needs to read this.. Mahalo, Sistah!

By Michael A. Cohen MAY 03, 2016
Instead of coming to grips with the overwhelming evidence that Democratic primary voters prefer Hillary Clinton be the party’s 2016 presidential nominee, Bernie Sanders continues to create his own political reality — devising new and creative excuses to explain why he’s losing to her and why he should be the party’s standard-bearer in November.

First there was the complaint that Southern, conservative states have their primaries early, which “distorts reality,” because these states won’t support a Democrat in November. This is certainly a compelling assertion from a candidate who has won such red-state stalwarts as Utah, Alaska, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Idaho, and Wyoming.

For Sanders, it seems, the only fair and equitable manner for choosing a Democratic nominee is one that favors him.

This brings us to the Sanders campaign’s latest “the dog ate my homework” excuse. In what was a bizarre press conference Sunday at the National Press Club in Washington, Sanders took aim at a new target — superdelegates.

Sanders’ third argument, however, is the real doozy, because to buy it you basically have to ignore everything else he has said about the unfairness of the primary system. According to Sanders, superdelegates shouldn’t actually be guided by the will of the people. They should be guided by who can win in November. Surprisingly enough, Sanders thinks that he would be that person.


Hill Yes! ‎@SayHillYes
BREAKING: Jane Sanders releases official statement about whereabouts of tax returns:
1:47 PM - 11 Apr 2016
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Really, on tv, DG?! Wow.. the annointed one is getting called out on his slipperyness?

Propane Jane ‏@docrocktex26 · 55m55 minutes ago

The truly disgusting part about Bernie's contested convention aspirations is how he thinks he's entitled to override the will of POC/women.


A reporter is pointing out that he's disenfranchising the millions of voters who've already voted for Hillary, by wanting to impose his will on the SDs

Thank you!
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