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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Are you hearing good things in California, ucr?

'Cause they would be so great if she won it by a nice margin!

Jonathan Capehart:
"Clinton and her campaign are wise not to call on Sanders to drop out. Having been in that spot before, she knows the stages of grief that must be endured to get to the point of dropping out. A true Democrat would look at the rest of the primary calendar and the electoral landscape and realize it is time to let the all-but-certain nominee focus her energy on a more dangerous, unpredictable and formidable general-election opponent. And Democrats will need more than magic wands and wishful thinking to beat Trump."

Happy Cinco de Mayo, ucr!


Why are you still in the race, Bernie?

Sen. Bernie Sanders’s magic-wand campaign has grown tiresome. Despite his win in Indiana and #DropOutHillary trending on Twitter as of this writing, the democratic socialist from Vermont’s chances of becoming the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee are as slim as Karlie Kloss’s dress at Monday’s Met Gala. And yet Sanders is on the campaign trail demanding things of his adopted party that can’t be delivered and saying things about rival Hillary Clinton that Donald Trump is already using against her.

Everything Sanders said is right and true. More people, not fewer, should be allowed to participate. There should be open primaries. There should be same-day registration. There should be automatic voter registration for 18-year-olds. But how, when and whether people vote is controlled by the states. And Republican governors sit in 31 states, with 22 of them having GOP-controlled legislatures. So, unless Sanders has a magic wand or one last wish held in escrow by a genie, none of what he wants will get done.

Even more ridiculous is Sanders’s insistence that superdelegates choose him over Clinton. As reporters at The Post, NPR and Vox have pointed out, even if superdelegates in states that Sanders won switched from her to him he’d still lose the nomination. And those folks don’t really have any incentive to do so. With Tuesday’s results from the Indiana primary factored in, Clinton now has 3.1 million more raw votes than Sanders. So the superdelegates are already backing a winning candidate.

Another problem for the wannabe nominee is his unwillingness to raise money for the Democratic Party. Sanders is fond of saying, as he did at a MSNBC town hall late last month, that “the only way we transform this country . . . is when millions of people stand up, fight back and demand that we have a government that represents all of us, not just the 1 percent.” Well, that revolution to follow through on his call to break up the banks, erase student debt and make public colleges and universities tuition-free is dead on arrival without Democrats in the House and the Senate to help turn revolutionary fervor into concrete action. And Sanders completely ignores the presence of the Republican Party, now in thrall to Donald Trump.

More to the story~https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-partisan/wp/2016/05/04/why-are-you-still-in-the-race-bernie/


LOL@#DropOutHillary.. they want Hillary to drop out so BS can be #bernieSoAnointed.. Aren't Mr & Mrs BS going around calling Hillary "the anointed one"?!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, Everybody!

Hillary's Group!

Logic Logic Logic, Bravenak! Love it! Especially..

"..especially not our Obama coalition members."

Excellent OP, brave.. I'll leave you with this tweet from Propane Jane that illustrates your point so well..

The truly disgusting part about Bernie's contested convention aspirations is how he thinks he's entitled to override the will of POC/women.


Thank you for posting, MrWendel~

Good post, GusBob~ Happy Cinco de Mayo! I've read recently that

Latinos were the highest voting block registering to vote now!

On the Planet that everything is Hillary's fault and she needs to drop out so BS can be



Oh, there's more..

After this, the clicks began to grow. After his flame-out in the New York primary, Sanders claiming that the burden was on Hillary to work to win over his supporters. (Imagine Hillary making this demand in 2008.) Nobody in the media demanding that Sanders release years of tax returns, as Hillary had done. One story — one — about Sanders paying for his chartered plane to the Vatican out of campaign funds after claiming that this was not a campaign trip. (And no one accused him of dishonesty or corruption.) No major story about the child out of wedlock, the weird quotes about rape and sexual fantasies. Imagine if a female candidate had had this past.

I Am Woman. Watch Me Vote Love it!

Until... the infamous “unqualified” speech. That swooshing sound you heard was a million female heads spinning. Because if Hillary Clinton was “unqualified” to be president, what woman ever would be? Not in our lifetime, for sure. Click.

And then the another blow. Or click. Bernie had called her unqualified because he thought she called him unqualified. And he got that information from a Washington Post headline. Which, everybody soon knew was misleading. Turns out that the man who would be president didn’t bother to read the actual story. Ah, Bernie. Next time, read the damn story before you get in a tizzy, would ya?

So grateful all these former BS fans are speaking out now about why they're no longer feeling that damn burn.

Thank you, Mab~

They need to stay relevant..

and think viciouness makes that happen. When in actuality nothing could be further from the truth.

What a mess BS has made of his whole campaign from the top down.

We're so fortunate to have a candidate like Hillary!


the guys..

Stonekettle ‎‎@Stonekettle
Tell me again how you're not going to vote
7:33 AM - 2 May 2016
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Charles M. Blow
✔ ‎‎@CharlesMBlow
Now that we are sure that it will be him, I will be posting constant reminders of who he REALLY is... #Trump
4:20 PM - 3 May 2016
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I'm just goin to drop this here..

Propane Jane ‎‎@docrocktex26
You know it's bad when batshit Ted Cruz has sense enough to recognize when he can't win, but Bernie Sanders doesn't.
2:17 AM - 4 May 2016
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Oh, and this..

Ronald Brownstein ‎‎@RonBrownstein
Though @SenSanders just told @jaketapper D nominee must win independents to win general election, @POTUS won despite losing them by 5 in '12

@RonBrownstein @SenSanders @jaketapper @POTUS Bernie continues to DISS the Obama Coalition but We Are Still Here & We will DEFEAT Trump!
4:54 AM - 4 May 2016
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Sounds to me like berny wants to extort his "independents".. I could be wrong.

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