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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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52%, Thank Goodness.. I imagine the gop is really disappointed in this. Hope it keeps up and helps

the next Dem get into the White House!

mahalo su

Brawaaa.. they don't like Bertha Lewis' opinion so they try to marginalize her progressive creds..

Chief of Acorn, Campaign manager for Bill de Blasio..

"Lewis was an early backer of fellow Brooklynite de Blasio’s run for mayor when he was trailing in the polls. She supported his runs for City Council and had championed him to become council speaker."

She backed Zepher Teachout over Andrew Cuomo ..


"That was the message Bertha Lewis, a liberal firebrand and long-time Mayor Bill de Blasio ally, had for the press today long after the mayor made it clear he would be endorsing Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election bid. Ms. Lewis is backing one of Mr. Cuomo’s Democratic primary challengers, Zephyr Teachout, and wishes Mr. de Blasio had done the same."


She wants Hillary for President so "she'd trod out" and "came out of the woodwork".. what egregious insults to a strong independent woman like Bertha Lewis.

Our beautiful First Lady Michelle Obama is always doing the right thing.

It's tragic how many invaders and marauders treated our Native Americans and continue to treat them.. coming on to their land taking over and taking away everything they have.

Thank Goodness for President Obama and First Lady Michelle~

Objibwa girl~1907~My tribe~

Mahalo, she~

Yeah, Kissinger got around.. you got something to say about Nelson Mandela too?

Aloha Justin.. for some reason I enjoy reading all the positive threads about Hillary..

here. It reminds me of the BOG when there were posters who were offended that we have our own Group to celebrate the President's Accomplishments. They couldn't understand why they couldn't come in and whine when they had the whole board to do just that.

I think this hug is when SCOTUS upheld Obamacare.. can't be certain, though.

The OP has stated that MT "wants Roe v. Wade overturned because he's a staunch federalist"

"..doesn’t feel that homosexuals should have federal job protections."

Your attempt at distraction failed.

Wow, and, oh btw, you post any facts regarding Matt Taibbi if he bashes Hillary. They will ignore

it like the plague. Got their fingers in their ears and eyes closed shut TIGHT.

Can't refute facts so they try to distract.. so

".. but doesn’t feel that homosexuals should have federal job protections."

Thank goodness Obama is the President and not some 1/2 assed libertarian.

Mahalo pnwmom~

I've seen that brush off to "Social Issues" you're talking about, BB. Thank you so much

for your OP.. to clarify just what they are so superciliously sniff their collective nose at.

Global Climate Change! Only our Air, Water, and Food!

You're incensed about "far left" but the so-called far left calls some DUers "RW" and there's the

old "3rd Way", "Authoritarians", whatever.

And, you're "confused/and/or/incensed about "far left", Derek?

Oh that makes sense.. "..wall street coddling smuck".. Just because People support Hillary. You're just throwing out flamebait.. you don't want anything to stop.

Exactly, Nance.. they should stick to taking credit when it's due.. EarlG got it..

Mahalo Nance~
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