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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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And, don't be messin' with Prez O, either, BS. It's obvious John Lewis has his back.

And, vice versa.

Oooops! I just saw another Tweet quoting Hillary.. I have to post..

Spandan @ TPV ‎@thepeoplesview
Hillary: I would expect the type of Obama-Bashing Sanders is doing from Republicans, not someone seeking D nomination. #DemDebate
5:46 PM - 11 Feb 2016
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And, she gets to say that without fear of getting a hide.

Exactly Rose.. calm, cool, confident and collected.. like Hillary and our current one..


Sorry, just saw it and couldn't resist.

Thank you, Rose~

Good graphics.. thanks for the article Gman Lots of Fact checking on bernie..

Awesome Endorsement for Hillary, William.. Thank You! I didn't know

he said all those beautiful words before getting asked a question about BS and responding..

Which wasn't bad at all.. why they so mad. lol

No shite! While EVERYTHING they do is above board and super classy.

Since when is a fact a "low blow".. is it a "low blow" when BS goes on about Hillary.

BS would say it's a low blow.. He needs to own going after President Obama. and quit acting like such a victim.

Jonathan Alter
✔ ‎@jonathanalter
Hillary is right. Bernie trashed Obama's policies routinely to me and other reporters, especially in 2011-2013 period.
5:48 PM - 11 Feb 2016
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Bernie Sanders Says It Would Be A ‘Good Idea’ To Primary President Obama


Oh please let sanders try.. it will go flat like all of his other accusations.

Another Tweet from John Dingell, SunSeeker~

John Dingell
✔ ‎@JohnDingell
Gotta say, attacking our sitting President AND a civil rights icon in the same day is one hell of a Democratic primary election strategy.
3:49 PM - 11 Feb 2016
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One does not simply blame Obama or Hillary.. It's all their faults!

How's that workin' that for him?

Thank you, yallerdawg!

Hillary was too Cool!

Things Ben Jealous needs to know. Good Grief man.

Thank you, Tommy!

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