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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Exactly Nance.. Well done! Trying to push the meme about Hillary's "baggage" only makes them

look desperate.

Hillary has the experience of getting rid of any "baggage" the gopropaganda machine throws at her.. that includes the "concerned" BS supporters.

"No wonder activist Dolores Huerta endorsed Hillary."

Gracias, lunamagica!

Wow.. love the enthusiasm!

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton greeted supporters before speaking at a campaign rally in Boulder, Colo.


Well said, Luv! I totally agree.. you've covered it well. This isn't a contest between the two..

President Obama has done so much.. and I'm glad that Hillary will be doing so much too.

But, don't give me this.. "more" business.

I saw this yesterday.. and why I didn't post it in Hill's Group. Didn't like the sub-title one bit and neither did those on The Obama Diary.

I do like how MED took down Cornel West, though, for his racist slurs at the President.

Leave it to a BS fan to get on for an insult about how many are @Marty Walsh's endorsing Hillary..

they can't change that with throwing "crowd" size at you.

Hillary has come along way since she was behind in Iowa.. listening to people with smaller crowds.

“Get your sledgehammers ready because we have a glass ceiling to demolish,” Walsh told a cheering

audience crowded into historic Faneuil Hall."


Thank you rivers!

Exciting rivers.. thank you! Great pic of Hillary in Boulder, Colorado..

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton greeted supporters before speaking at a campaign rally in Boulder, Colo.

"She has presented clear and doable proposals to deal with other persistent problems confronting

our country: immigration reform, renewal of our infrastructure, climate change, financial industry reform, and sensible, effective background checks on would-be firearms buyers."

Great endorsement from Martin Gross former Mayor of Concord, NH, rivers, thank you!

Adorable from Hillary and here is Sm Biz Sat from Pres Obama, Malia, and Sasha.. out shopping!

President Barack Obama joined by his daughters Malia and Sasha, talk with manager Anna Thorn as they shop at Upshur Street Books on Small Business Saturday


Thank you, Agschmid~

Mahalo Kath~ Hillary Stands with Planned Parenthood~

Hillary Clinton Verified account 
@HillaryClinton Cutting off Americans from lifesaving health care at Planned Parenthood is wrong. #standwithPP

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