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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 164,862

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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Forget it, Bernie.. all you do is complain and demagogue. And, now you want the Party you diss

to nominate you? No.

Wanted to Primary President Obama in 2012 too.

He has no fucking idea what all President Obama has accomplished.

Mahalo leftofcool.

"Frankly, Hillary Clinton's pretty goddamn fearless to be putting herself through what was going to

be an inevitable slog through the GOP fake scandal swamp."

Thanks Rude and meegbear!

That's their MO.. has been for awhile. They call you a "serial disrruptor" because you have a

different point of view. They can't handle that.

As a another poster said.. "You just called someone a race baiter because you didn't have a logical point to make."


Leaders and former leaders in all these different States.. thanks riversedge!

You nailed it on Senator Sanders BlueCaliDem.. Thank you!

And, this..

In 2012, he also called to have President Obama primaried.

"His excuse for voting against the 2007 immigration bill was because it included guest worker language he disagreed with. Guess what? So did the 2013 immigration bill - and yet he voted for it. His 2007 vote against against comprehensive immigration reform had the best chance to pass in Congress and signed into law by G.W. Bush."

His call to primary President Obama is equally reprehensible.

Mahalo BlueCali, I totally agree

Great.. so important for these folks in Rural America!

Thanks Nancy~

Nice Luckovich.. it sounds like he's

all in for Hillary, William!


ROFL! Just the Recs, baby.. Just the RECS!

Awesome, Kath! Thank you!

Hi.. Aloha, Justin! good to see you around these parts, sweetie.

Mahalo for your thoughtful OP.. we love you.


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