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Now retired and living on Kaua'i. :)

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Brilliant Luckovich! mahalo, groundloop~

I had to look up FIFA.. "Why is the U.S. bringing down the hammer on FIFA?"


"But as U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch lays it out, the suspects planned their crimes in the U.S.; they used the U.S. banking system; they planned to profit through schemes that targeted the "growing U.S. market for soccer."


Poor Putin Always whining it's someone else fault.. some other guy is sending Russian Soldiers into Ukraine while their Mothers are wondering where their missing sons are..

Ukraine crisis: Russian mothers of killed and captured soldiers ask 'why are our sons fighting in Ukraine?'

Reports have since claimed that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of soldiers are fighting – like those captured, without identifying uniforms – in the country. The developments echo the events that led to the annexing of Crimea by Russia – the sudden appearance of unidentified and well-equipped "green men" which preceded the Russian takeover.

Moscow has denied that the soldiers were sent to fight in Ukraine, claiming instead they had crossed the border by mistake. "The mentioned servicemen were patrolling the Russian-Ukrainian border, and crossed it, probably accidentally, at an unmarked border point," an unidentified Defence Ministry source told the RIA-Novosti news agency on Tuesday.


Wow, Skinner! It's really nice to see something Positive like this. I don't even have a

candidate yet but I'm really turned off by all the negative crap coming from rw sources about Hillary on your Board!

This is what you've been up to and exactly what was needed.. Mahalo!

Fortune is running a series of profiles of the top women on Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. The series began yesterday with a profile of Mandy Grunwald.

The series continues today with a profile of Karen Finney.


I It!

I just love him!

deray mckesson @deray Follow
Selma. Now and Then. #Selma50
9:30 AM - 8 Mar 2015 4,905 Retweets 4,163 favorites


Nice perspective.. May we get the best deal possible for all concerned..


"Yes, it is secret from you and me. As Ruth Marcus correctly explained, “This is not secrecy for secrecy’s sake; it’s secrecy for the sake of negotiating advantage. Exposing U.S. bargaining positions or the offers of foreign counterparts to public view before the agreement is completed would undermine the outcome.” But TPP is not secret to Warren. She has read it."


Senator Ron Wyden is happy..


"In Washington state, for example, exports of everything from apples to airplanes have soared 40 percent over four years to total nearly $91 billion in 2014, according to The Seattle Times. About two in five jobs there are now tied to trade.

Small wonder that U.S. Sen. Ron Wyden, a liberal Democrat from neighboring Oregon, has strongly supported fast-track authority."


"But then we have Warren stating with a straight face that handing negotiating authority to Obama would “give Republicans the very tool they need to dismantle Dodd-Frank.”

Huh? Obama swatted down the remark as wild, hypothetical speculation, noting he engaged in a “massive” fight with Wall Street to get the reforms passed. “And then I sign a provision that would unravel it?” he told political writer Matt Bai.



"Warren's amendment split Democrats, with Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) asking senators to vote "no" and suggesting ahead of the vote that Warren was trying to combat a problem that didn't exist.

"We have never lost an investment dispute case and never paid a dime in penalties. Here's our record: 17 cases, 17 victories," Wyden said.


Wow.. Edwards and Kucinich.. I do remember those Edwards' supporters were brutal in their

support. Whoa!

And, look at how many votes they got between them! Big Numbers.. 3x as much as then Senators Clinton and Obama.

Yeah, good ol Edwards and Kucinich.. Mahalo, Starry Messenger

I'm sorry you got a hide for pointing the lack of diversity since it's true. they are so sensitive

.. some of those Bernie supporters. But, they don't mind heaping hate on President Obama and Hillary Clinton.

And, they can accuse African Americans support for Hillary as "Voting Against their self interest..".. like they're Low information voters. BTW, that didn't get a Hide but should have.

I can provide a link if necessary.

Meet the States Acting Crass and Furious to Block Immigration Reform..& "The Appeal Process Will


iAmerica ‎@iAmericaorg
5th Circuit decided NOT to lift order against #ImmigrationAction. Don't panic! It's not over! Ck out what's next
10:18 AM - 26 May 2015


It's not truth.. it's ignorant cheap pot shots. You have no idea all the progress the Obama Admin

has Accomplished.. all you do is smear in the name of Bernie.

Some of Sen Sanders supporters on DU do him a huge disservice(not all.. there are those who actually appreciate President Obama). Whomever wins the Dem Nom will not win the GE without the Obama Coalition. They will want the President campaigning with them and for them. They won't be running from his Accomplishments while in Office. They know what's been happening. Too bad some his supporters are so clueless.

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