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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 63,730

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It's A Wonderful Life is on TV

Old Man Potter, I swear, acts like a modern day Right Wing Republican…

He sounds like those rich Romney boosters who had it in for the President. A man who owns 99% of everything, yet grouses over the fact that he can't get his money grubbing hands on that last measly one per cent.

Damn, it must suck to be that miserable.

When you negotiate, don't you have to present your own conditions, opposed to the other side's?

The President presented his side, now where are the Republicans?

The GOP isn't taking this seriously at all, are they?

My Congresscritter, Candice Miller, has been made Chairlady of The Taking Out The Trash Cmte.

If the people in this district had elected the Democrat, Chuck Stadler instead and the rest of the country had elected MORE Democrats to Congress in order to retake the majority, we here in Michigan's 10th Congressional District would been saved from this embarrassment.

But noooooo, Miller was reelected with 2/3rds of the vote. Thanks, Gerrymandering!

I live ACTUALLY across the street from a Democratic held district, the 12th with Rep Sander Levin. I can throw a rock and hit his district.

This part of the district is made up mostly of working class Democratic voters, while the far reaches of the north gave the district back to the Lunch Lady.

God damned Republicans.

Republicans cannot understand what reality is and what it isn't

This the only conclusion that I can arrive at after observing them.

This is more than just differences of opinion, like Macs are better than PCs or vice versa, but whether or not certain fundamental truths even exist for them, like evolution, basic math and civil rights for all citizens.

They invented a Barack Obama that didn't exist and ran against this fictional character, while an all too real Obama organized a campaign that ran circles around them to eventual victory.

These are people who can't even cope with the fact that, not only did they lose the last election, they lost it by wide margins and it wasn't a secret that it was going to happen that way at all. They should have known, but all they did was live in a delusional fugue state until the results came in to their incredulous surprise.

Today they're debating with themselves about the prospect of a shrinking voter base by, of all things, doubling down on same behaviors and policies that lost them this last election.

They're having the hardest time in coping with the fact that the Bush tax cuts for the rich are going to expire.

What is clear is that they have absolutely NO idea how to talk about the real world. They're used to being coddled by people who gave credence to the fantasies, as if their nonsense is equilateral with the reality based world. Now that much of that coddling has evaporated after the election, they're lost, confused and disorganized.

Much of their message discipline is gone. There's no real guidance from the GOP leadership, which has been widely discredited after their poor performance in the election.

These are not people whose minds are currently operating in the real world right now.

This is a perfect opportunity to exploit their delusional and confused state of mind. Simply cease patronizing them.

They'll figure out that the world has changed eventually and sustained exposure to REALITY is the best way to make it stick.

Stevie Wonder - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing (Live)

The FedEx Candidates Commercial

You got two guys, Pearce on the left and Taylor on the right. I'm not sure if that says anything about each of their political leanings, but anyway, I have some questions:

Which one do you think is a Democrat and which one is the Republican?

Which one would YOU vote for?

Which one do you think won?

Is that town fucked because these are to only two assholes that the electorate had to choose from?

There is no mandate for compromise with the Republicans

Those assholes lost, even if they are loathe to admit it.

Their ideas were rejected by voters, we shouldn't stand idly by and watch their failed ideas get reanimated by politicians.

Look, Republicans have been wrong about just about EVERYTHING. Sifting through their positions in search of workable ideas is like sifting through manure in search for some jelly donuts.

Even if you found one in that pile you wouldn't want to eat it.

If the Republican Party worked with The Prez instead of against him, they'd get better ratings

Look at Chris Christie, his ratings are through the roof after working with President Obama, while just about every single governor wh has worked against the President will be lucky to be reelected.

Congress itself has such a low opinion, why? Because the only thing that they've been up to of the past two years is trying to make the President's life miserable.

The election itself was huge spanking for the GOP because they went up against this President.

They're a declining party now… All they have to do is get on President Obama's bandwagon… It'll turn that thing way around.

Republicans oppose President Obama today at their peril… In four years, opposing Hillary Clinton won't do them any more favors.

Marinate the Rich with higher taxes

But if they won't go for it, then it'll be more enjoyable to eat them that way.

What… wha'? Chickens have uteruses, instead of oviducts?!? Since when, PETA?

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