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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 60,734

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Git in mah tummay!

Look over here…

Rest In Peace, Sir...

On Hobbits...


I'm thinking about changing the name of "Bad Cop, No Donut"

To This:

My bad cops posts will simply go by the "T.M.C.T.L.J." tag.

What do you think?

Let's try it a little differently...

Raise Your Hands

Managing Privilege


This Week in Delusional Conservatism: AZ GOPer: "Entitlements are like Slave Owners"

Congressional Candidate: Entitlements Are Like Slave Owners That ‘Took Pretty Good Care Of Their Slaves’


Arizona congressional candidate Jim Brown (R) compared entitlements to slavery in a Facebook post Wednesday, explaining that entitlements give politicians “power over the people allowing them to control us” much like slave owners that “took pretty good care of their slaves and livestock.”

Brown urged people to vote so lawmakers start to focus on “jobs, education, and opportunity – not slavery”:


"I'm pretty much convinced that GOPers and run of the mill Winger Cons are running this internal contest within themselves to say the most reprehensible thing in public possible. And were I to gather what the grand prize would be, I'd say that it would be the right of the winner to keep a small Black child in their basement as a sex slave.

So, if perhaps we discovered that one of them had, in fact, kept a small Black child in their basement as a sex slave, then we can assume that I'm on to something here."


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