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Darth By Darthwest

Daily Beast editor documents chilling story of son assaulted by cops for selling his laptop

Daily Beast editor Goldie Taylor and her son Josh -- Twitter

(EDITORS NOTE: In an email sent to Raw Story, Goldie Taylor clarified that the “weapon” held to her son’s back was a Taser and not a gun. We apologize for the confusion.)

Daily Beast editor Goldie Taylor took to Twitter on Saturday to relate the story of her son who was held at gunpoint by undercover police with a Taser when he innocently tried to sell his MacBook via Craigslist.

According to Taylor, her son Josh contacted her on Friday after the prospective “buyer” of the laptop approached him on the street only to have another undercover officer slip up behind him and press a weapon to his back before handcuffing him.

Taylor relates that her son — a young black man — told her, “Mom, if I had moved they could’ve killed me and gotten away with it.”

Over a series of tweets, Taylor explained that her son had agreed to meet with an actual buyer — who later emailed to apologize and blamed the police — when he was cuffed while officers scanned his laptop to see if it was stolen.


We, as black people living in America, can never have the luxury of disregarding the relevance of our own race in whatever situation we find ourselves in, such as selling our property on Craigslist.

Never Forget: America’s Forgotten Mass Lynching: When 237 Black Sharecroppers Were Murdered In AR

In 1919, after the end of World War I, Black sharecroppers in Arkansas began to unionize. This attempt to form unions, triggered white vigilantism and mass killings, that left 237 Blacks dead.

Towards the end of 1918, attorney Ulysses S. Bratton of Little Rock, Arkansas listened to Black sharecroppers tell stories of theft, exploitation, and never ending debt. One man by the name of Carter, explained how he cultivated 90 acres of cotton and then had his landlord confiscate the crop and all of his possessions. Another Black farmer, from Ratio, Arkansas said a plantation manager would not give sharecroppers an itemized record of their crop. No one realized that within a year of meeting with Mr. Bratton, one of the worst incidents of racial violence in U.S. would take place. In a report released by the Equal Justice Initiative, white people in the Delta region of the South, started a massacre that left 237 Black people dead. Even though the one-time death toll was unusually high, it was not uncommon for whites to use racial violence to intimidate Blacks.

Mr. Bratton represented the deprived sharecroppers who became members of a new union, the Progressive Farmers and Household Union of America. The new union was founded by a Black Delta native named Robert Hill. With no prior organizing experience, all Robert Hill had going for him was ambition. Mr. Hill said “the union wants to know why it is that the laborers cannot control their just earnings which they work for,” as he asked Black sharecroppers to each persuade 25 new members to join a lodge.


Invading White Gentrifiers Call Cops On Black Residents For Walking Down Street, Knocking On Doors

April V. Taylor

In an ironic display of white supremacy, Black residents in the historically African American East Oakland area are now being treated as menaces by white invading gentrifiers who are calling the cops on them for simply living life as they always have. A recent report by the East Bay Express reveals that the rate at which whites are calling police on innocent blacks is skyrocketing at an alarming rate.

Using data from the website Nextdoor.com, the publication was able to uncover cops being called for such harmless infractions as walking down the street and knocking on a door. Black salesman and postal workers who were simply doing their job have even faced harassment and been criminalized just for delivering items to residents.

As if existing Oakland police officers do not have a history of criminalizing and brutalizing Black residents enough, white residents have also taken to hiring private officers to patrol the neighborhood with even more tyranny. Oakland officers report that they are currently receiving more than 700 calls a month about suspicious vehicles and people, revealing that they are forced to respond to baseless, unwarranted calls from white residents who are racially profiling their neighbors.

As gentrification reverses white flight across the country, Black people are being subjected to racial profiling and white supremacy at the hands of invading white gentrifiers whose racial biases will continue unabated until there are some kind of legal repercussions for their harassment. Black residents are being forced to relocate by rising property taxes and the shattered tranquility of homes that are no longer the vibrant cultural centers they once were, and city officials are doing little to address the problem.



James Blake - My Willing Heart

James Blake - Radio Silence

Wingers are crazy, dangerous and delusional... But you already knew that.

High school girl passed drug test but is suspended for smelling like weed

by thegrio | May 7, 2016 at 1:08 PM Filed in: News

A North Carolina teenager was suspended for possession of drugs despite the fact that she passed a drug test. However, she was punished simply because of the smell of weed.

According to WNCN, Garner Magnet High School sophomore Jakayla Johnson said that a school resource officer smelled marijuana in the hall and interrupted her Chinese class looking for the source of the smell.

“I was feeling embarrassed because they called me out of everybody,” Jakayla said, noting that the officer had singled her out after only five minutes of searching. “They told me to spread my fingers and they smelled my fingers,” she added.

According to Wake County School documents, “It was explained to Jakayla that for her hands to smell so pungently of marijuana she would have to have possessed it in her hands at some recent point in time.”

Jakayla’s mother, Tameka, said that she was shocked when the school called to notify her that her daughter had been suspended for five days for possession of marijuana. “I said not my child. You have the wrong child, because I know my child,” she said.


Rob Zombie Rolls with Baby Metal... Tells the haters where they can stick it.

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