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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 62,804

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Post your favorite Dylan tune about a medieval structure...

So many to choose from.

Fully Charged

It's Friday… You know what that means...

A blast from the past, MrScorpio answers questions as Petey The Pirate


A gift for Talk Like A Pirate day

Arr, matey. Ya wouldn't 'ave dese 'ere problems if ya woulda joined da Nay-Veee

Somthing to think abooot.

Newports or Luckys?



There are only two possible considerations when supporting your candidate for president:

Can they get elected? And are they worth electing?

If either one of those questions is answered with a "no," find the person that will give you two yes answers instead.

It's not about the other guy. It works best when you're voting FOR your candidate, not against the other.

Remember, politicians run for office, statesmen/stateswomen occupy them. Leadership is the harmonious application of charisma, charm, wisdom and backbone. People want a leader, but they need to believe in that leader first.

Think beyond the immediate.

Happy hunting.

I believe I can fly Pt.6...

Fun with numbers and letters...

Fuck attitude…

23+8+9+19+11+5+25 = 100%

Just checked the latest results

Looks like the UK is intact as of now:

Projected Outcome: "No"
Final update locked on 17 Sept: 48.7% Yes, 51.3% No

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