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Banking while black: College students handcuffed after ‘uncomfortable’ white customers complain

13 OCT 2015 AT 17:05 ET

According the Metro Police report, three individuals were approached and one fled, leading to a chase.

“The individual resisted, and was handcuffed while resisting after he refused to stop,” the report stated. “The person making the video was interfering with police, and was also detained while the incident was investigated.’

The report concludes, “Neither individual was arrested.”

In the video, two cops can be seen wrestling with 18-year-old Jason Goolsby on the ground, pulling his arms behind his back as he screams, telling him to stop resisting.

Goolsby’s companion, who was filming the incident, can be heard repeatedly telling the police, “He didn’t do nothing.”

After one officer screams at him to back up, a third officer shows up and threatens the cameraman with arrest before a scuffle breaks out and the video stops.

In a later tweet linked to the video, @darealbighomiee wrote: “We were approached because a white couple felt uncomfortable around me and my friend in the bank, this is how the police responded …”

Twitter users are planning a rally near the bank where the incident occurred, using #justiceforjason as a rallying call.


AS black people, we NEVER have the luxury of ever being in ANY situation and not taking the time to consider how the color of our skin affects our own surroundings. We must always be aware of this and measure how much the color of our own skin may put us in danger, or affects the behaviors of white people within our vicinity, or whenever we find ourselves in mostly white spaces. For a moment, these young men relaxed from that self-awareness and found themselves targeted.

When uprisings happen, as did happen in Ferguson and Baltimore, these are explicit rejections of this kind of targeting and are events when black people reject the notion in this country that we must always behave as if we're some representing some kind of implicit threat to whites within our vicinity with our very presence alone. Because this is so, we must consciously make them feel safe at all times, or else reap the consequences. The fear of black people inside the heads of whites can create conditions where we're harassed and arrested for no reason at all, and even killed while unarmed and not posing any kind of threat whatsoever. We are the "other," and as such are not safe to be around, even when we don't care if whites are around us.

These are the conditions by which white supremacy fashions implicit threats out of black people in the minds of whites, and justifies to them the harsh and unfair treatment of black people. Why, I believe, is because must white people do understand how harsh and unfair a system of white supremacy and white privilege actually is and were the tables to be turned, they believe that retaliation against whites for being beneficiaries of this system for so long would be swift and harsh as well.

While the system exists, it must always be enforced. Even against black people who were doing nothing more than standing around, minding their own business, but doing so in the vicinity of whites who are always fearful of being victimized if the tables were turned at that very moment,

Time Once Again for the Wednesday Addams Dance Show


There's a Monster at the End of This Article


Halloween is coming #52…

Pick One:

Steak and eggs.

Ham and eggs.

Bacon and eggs.

Sausage and eggs.

Chicken and eggs.

The Who ~ Won't Get Fooled Again

Halloween is coming #51…

Halloween is coming #50…

Halloween is coming #49…

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