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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 62,559

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If I were ever part of a panel of a nationally televised TV show...

You know, perhaps like one that could possibly rhyme with the phase "Mourning Blow," I think that it behoove myself to get acquainted with an issue that I was supposed to comment on, way-way-way before I open my big fat pie hole on it.

You know, like understanding that Indiana's so-called Religious Freedom bullshit law is nothing like either the national law that it took its name from, or any of the other similarly named state laws around the country.

You know, like understanding that is why the kinds of protests that have erupted in Indiana against their law have not erupted in any other states, because Indiana is different.

You know, like understanding that anything that comes after "I don't know what the difference is" makes you look like an idiot on TV who's only there because you're in love with the sound of your own voice.

If I were part of that show, I would think that keeping my pie hole shut would be much better than exhibiting my own willful ignorance. I say "willful" because folks like that are paid to know things that are easy to look up. At least that's what they're supposed to be paid to do. However, if they're willfully ignorant and are still paid, it would seem that they're perhaps they're paid to spread their own ignorance.

Knowing that, they shouldn't be surprised that, once this becomes apparent, a person watching this crap like myself would turn OFF their TV and not want to hear anything else after that.

Are you the droids we're looking for?

"God forgives…"

"I don't"

Mitch McConnell's reaction to the announcement that Chuck Schumer will replace Harry Reid

Are Republicans Insane Enough To Propose a Balanced Budget?

MARCH 13, 2015


Winning the Congress has mainly given Republican a bushelful of problems, and a big one is right around the corner: How are they ever going to pass a budget?

For years, the Republican House mocked the Senate Democrats for failing to pass a budget. It was an overblown charge: the budget is merely a nonbinding resolution for guidance purposes, not the actual “appropriations” laws that disperse taxpayer funds to government agencies. But Republicans made passing a budget a benchmark of governance; now they will have to oblige.

That means getting the House and Senate to agree, and House Republicans have been obsessed with balancing the budget in 10 years. Which is insane.

Even one of Washington’s biggest deficit hawks, Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, tried to get Republicans to back from any 10-year commitment, as it would require $5.5 trillion in deficit reduction by people who don’t believe in tax increases or military spending cuts. “Just to put that in perspective, that’s eight times the size of the fiscal cliff deal and it’s 65 times the size of the Ryan-Murray deal which you recall we didn’t stick to for very long,” she told the Senate Budget Committee this week.

That’s the politics. In terms of pain to people, consider that by the final year of any such plan, with no tax increases or military cuts, social spending would have to be slashed in half.

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) knew that was truly insane, or at least, he once did. His initial proposals as House Budget Committee chair zeroed out deficits after 30 years. But tea-party pressure got to him and he later shifted to the 10-year standard.


The answer is that they're totally insane. These motherfuckers are out to destroy America for the sake of their own warped ideology.

"Hulk smash?"

Spending twenty years in the Air Force, I've seen my share of air incidents...

Even a particularly fatal one in Korea involving an RF-4C recce jet.

But the thought of a person consciously crashing an airliner into a mountain side, with 150 crying and screaming passengers on the other side of a locked door is something of which that I can't even begin to conceive.

I'm not a religious person, but my heart goes to all the surviving family members, friends and acquaintances of all those who were needlessly lost.

May they all someday find peace of mind.

You had ONE job...


George Clinton vs. George Clinton...

Black girls’ sexual burden: Why Mo’ne Davis was really called a “slut

Just as I was harassed at 8 years old, baseball wunderkind Mo'ne Davis is a target of sexual shaming. Here's why

Mo’ne Davis is a Black girl wunderkind. At age 13, she has pitched a shutout at the Little League World Series, becoming the first girl ever to do so, and she has been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Disney is now planning to do a movie about her called, “Throw Like Mo.”

I’m not ashamed to admit that I still watch the Disney Channel, and I will certainly be tuning in. But everyone isn’t as excited as I am to see a Black girl on the come up. Last week, Joey Casselberry, a sophomore baseball player from Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, called Mo’ne a “slut” in response to the news about the movie. He was subsequently expelled from the team.

In response, Davis has forgiven him and she and her coach have asked that he be reinstated. About Casselberry, Davis released a statement, which said:

Everyone makes mistakes and everyone deserves a second chance. I know he didn’t mean it in that type of way, and I know a lot of people get tired of like seeing me on TV but just think about what you’re doing before you actually do it. I know right now he’s really hurt and I know how hard he worked just to get where he is right now.


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