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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 66,371

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Life imitating art...

The very first "Robocop" movie, a futuristic saga, whose title character routinely killed alleged criminals was released in 1987, after being shot on location Dallas, Texas, which was depicted as Detroit.

Twenty-nine years later marks the very first time in which an alleged gunman was blown up by a remotely driven robotic cop, delivering an explosive device, also in Dallas, Texas.

Just something to think about.

The rare black "Crazed Lone Gunman"

Needless to say, the white supremacists, the police misconduct apologists and the NRA will all have a field day.

Black lives are in even more danger today.

You're such a kidder, Thom...

Breaking News: Donald Trump announces his running mate...

You do it like this...

Really Close Encounters...

Serve me, lowly human...

Unarmed Black Man Tortured, Maimed, Then Executed By Mississippi Cop

By Randa Morris on July 1, 2016 10:22 am

On the night of June 18, Tupelo, Mississippi police officer Tyler Cook pulled over a vehicle for what authorities say was a “routine traffic stop.” Minutes later, Ronnie Shumpert, a 37-year-old Black father of five, was brutalized, maimed and tortured by that officer. Then he was shot dead.

It was 9:38 pm when officer Cook pulled over the vehicle Shumpert was driving. The car belonged to his friend, Charles Foster. Foster was with Shumpert in the car. He witnessed much of what happened that night.

Shumpert had a felony warrant for his arrest, yet there’s no way the officer could have known that at the time of the traffic stop. He was never ID’d. The car he was driving was not registered in his name. To officer Cook, he was just another Black man behind the wheel of a car.

As soon as Cook pulled the car over Shumpert ran. Officer Cook pursued him with a police canine.

According to witnesses, Shumpert was hiding underneath a house when Cook found him.

Police say he immediately attacked the officer and the dog. Witnesses say otherwise. Foster and others say Shumpert immediately tried to surrender, but Cook turned the dog loose on the unarmed man. It attacked his groin, ripping off his testicles.


Mississippi God Damn.

I just posted my special dedication to Bernie Worrell show

Enjoy: https://www.mixcloud.com/Mr_Scorpio/mrscorpios-house-fire-podcast-137-rest-in-power-bernie-01-jul-2016/

Hey, that pizza isn't going to drop itself...

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