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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 67,028

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All that shit he just said about "togetherness" and throwing Dems some bones...

Don't believe a word of it. That's all cover for the regressive shit that he's going to do, like engaging in a vicious, xenophobic racist police state.


Mona Gadelha - St. Denis Ceara (Panaphonic Bossa Remix)

If any of you lushes are planning on playing a drinking game during the SOTU tomorrow night

Make sure to leave your livers with a responsible party.

Safety first.

Believe it or not, there are a few people on Fox who will report the Truth about Trump

I'd love to see Trump lose his shit against his favorite station, because they're daring to call him on his lies and incompetence.

ALIENS co star: "Bill Paxton was always a lot of fun on set, I'll miss him very much."

Figures that I picked tonight, out of all nights, to miss the Oscars

Should have recorded it.

Game over man. Bill Paxton has passed away

Just got the push. No links.

Say, "When."

Again, Cheetolini makes no sense

He stands up there, screaming "fake news," when it's clear as day that he's lying, or doesn't know what he's talking about or both.

He screams about leaks coming out of his own administration. Well, aside from his tacit self-admittion of incompetence, any thinking person is only interested in whether those so-called leaks would stand up to the light of day or not.

If the leaks are true and they're corroborated by another source and reported as received, then they're not "fake" news.

Even if the leaks are just rumors and they're reported as rumors, then it still wouldn't make them "fake news." Gossip does not necessarily need to be "fake" by definition.

Since Trump's actions zigzag at any time, bereft of rhyme or reason in most cases, information will change by the minute. A simple change of circumstances doesn't make news "fake," as long it was valid at at the time it was relayed from the source.

I'm sure that any of you can come up with more examples of why the news isn't "fake."

But, in spite of all of that, there's one way the news could be "fake," and that's if the unquestioning Press becomes nothing more than the stenographer for a truth deficient Oval Office denizen, repeating that deluge of lies which emanate from his puckered pie hole.


Amsterdam Live!

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