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Conventional wisdom that G. Z. has a couple of choices left to himself post trial...

That on one hand, he has to live the rest of his life with the knowledge that he did, in fact, profile, stalk and eventually shoot an innocent unarmed kid, only from a result of his own fear of young black males where he lived...

Or the kid that he killed deserved it.

Now, before I go on, I want to say that I was too physically ill and morally disgusted last night to listen to ANYONE talk about this case post verdict. I have no idea what anyone said after the verdict was read, not the lawyers, not any of the family members, not any of the protesters, the talking heads, the expert lawyer guests... No one.

I simply turned off the live feed to the Orlando channel, WESH, that was covering the case live, wrote a few things here on DU and on Twitter and then I went to bed. I just might have the stomach enough to watch the analysis on MSNBC later this morning, but I'm still debating that.

What I have now, are just my own thoughts, which I'm about to relay.

Now, as I've said before. I think that conventional wisdom may dictate that Zimmerman has to either live with the fact that he took an innocent life, or he has to congratulate himself for doing it. Personally, I don't think that his thoughts will gravitate to either one, because from his own mouth in that conversation that he had with Sean Hannity, he made it very clear where his mind is going...

He's making GOD responsible for all of this.

I wrote an earlier essay about Zimmerman, in which I still believe to be the case even after his acquittal, where I proposed that he's neither self-aware or even situationally aware and much of that is due to his upbringing and life as a privileged individual. He really doesn't have to face the consequences of his own actions, because he has a sufficient support system and the requisite resources and connections to mitigate anything that he does.

Just like any person who accepts the circumstances of his or her privileged position in their life, Zimmerman will most likely continue to act as if he does what he damn well pleases and he deserves to do so. So far, he's allegedly assaulted a cop, committed domestic violence, sexually molested a first cousin over a number of years and profiled, stalked, assaulted, shot and killed an innocent kid. None of which he's been held responsible for to any extent.

He's TEFLON... Teflon Georgie!

In his mind, God has blessed him with this wonderful Teflon coating, so that he may go through life without feeling responsible for any of the other lives on this planet who may have suffered through his actions. He doesn't have to think about that at all. After all, God is on HIS side... Not to mention his parents, siblings, immediate family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, daddy's cronies, gun-toting yahoos, fear mongering right-wing nut jobs, racist fuck nugget fan boys. everyday morons and all of the "law-abiding" citizens who are lending their support to him in his moment of triumph.

It's good to be the King. At least, for now.

It's not my place to give this guy any advice, but I do have one hope for him. I hope that he keeps it up. Quite simply, I think that it's only going to be a matter of time before he finds a situation of his own making that he can't extricate his fat ass. He can't help being a self-important, short-tempered, obtuse, bully of a paranoid asshole that he is and that's going to dictate his own path.

Which brings me to my "Bigger Asshole Theory," which says: "No matter how big of an asshole you are, your own actions will invariably put you in conflict with another asshole who's even bigger than you are."

I don't have a hope that someone is going to shoot him down, I don't even think that he's going to be suffering through enough remorse where he'll drink himself to death. He doesn't understand what remorse is. No thinking person was fooled by reports that he was crying to lawyers between trial sessions, ostensibly because he had to face that fact that he killed an innocent kid.

Bullshit. If he was crying, who knows? Maybe he was. But he was ONLY doing so because there were some mean, old people in that courtroom saying horrible and terribly unfair things about him and he had to sit there and take it.

Well, he doesn't have to take it anymore, and even if it's only his surrogates who'll do all of the post-trial public relations schmoozing to the media about how he can now "get on with his life," or some other bullshit, he's going to make sure that he's going to let the world know that he really doesn't give a flying fuck that he just got away with killing an innocent kid. Zimmerman is going to start whipping up industrial size batches of bad karma for himself that will last until his last gasp of breath in this mortal coil.

I don't pity him, I don't hate him... I simply hope that I never get to see his beady-eyed face, with his smugly-hewn countenance ever again, in life or on my flat screen, in which I will have to fight the urge to throw something through as he sits there and verbally masturbates his own fucking gigantic ego.

I'll leave you with this... God, well she has this notoriously sick sense of humor. We've all seen it in action. I'm fairly confident that she's going to hand Mr. Teflon some situation of his own making where the coating can't cope. Perhaps not today, or even next week. It may even take a number of years. But one thing is sure, unless he stops being the self-important, short-tempered, obtuse, paranoid asshole that we've all come to know and love for the past year and a half, he's sure to fuck himself big time. When that happens, all of his current fan-boys, with the exception of his gawd-awful parents and some well-paid legal mercenaries, will drop his corpulent rear end into a deep fat fryer.

He can't keep the real world from intruding into his private little Idaho of permitted bad behavior forever.

They just found Trayvon Martin guilty of his own stalking and murder...

Let's always remember his name and what they did to that innocent young man.

Never Forget.

You really have to love this country, if you have faith that it will be fair...

Even after all of the times that its kicked you in the face over and over again.

And that, my friends, is what it's like to be Black in America.

We've had a serious trifecta this year...

The gutting of the Civil Rights Act, The Gutting of Reproductive Health Rights, and now the tacit approval of shooting down innocent kids by racist gun-toting vigilantes.

I'm sorry, but it looks like to me that America is losing itself big time.

If you want to add the Surveillance State, on going war, crooked banks, big oil and gas ownership of the country and the oligarchs owning our very souls, you're free to join in.

Good night, everybody.

Well, looks like it's open season on Young Black Men by future George Zimmermans...

That's America for you.

The jury is asking the court about clarification about Manslaughter

Apparently, some of jury is grappling with that consideration

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