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The first step is admitting you have a problem…

Let's talk, shall we?

Madlib - Distant Land

Bobby Hughes Combination - Nattergalen

Yesterday's New Quintet - Sun Goddess

Lonnie Liston Smith - Expansions

Leon Thomas - Song for my Father

Ryo Fukui - Early Summer

Yusef Lateef - Eastern Market

Pharoah Sanders "You Got To Have Freedom"

Maybe it's something about human nature…

You have a situation, any general situation will do. It's a good one, but perhaps it just might need a slight improvement to make it better.

But someone comes along and says that the situation is all wrong and they have the idea to "fix" it in ways that it didn't need to be fixed. They also say that any other way to fix the problem is "bad", or "foreign" or not representative of our ways.

So, there's a consensus to "fix" the problem in the very wrong way that was suggested. Because, everyone believes that this is our way to do it.

Now, there's a person on the side who says that this is screwed up, but no one will listen to that guy. Everyone says that's he's being "negative" and is turning everyone off.

Now, as the situation gets worse, there's another consensus to double down on the faulty solution that made the situation worse in the first place. Still, no one wants to listed to "Mr. Negativity," even though he was right all along. As a matter of fact, the consensus is to ruin that guy's life and promote the guy who's screwed up suggestion that was adopted in the first place.

So, everyone is unhappy, yet they're unwilling to admit to themselves that they've screwed everything up.

The guy who's responsible for screwing everything up exploited the situation to his advantage. Now he's sitting on top, fat and happy.

The guy who informed everyone that there was going to be a problem is now persona non grata.

And fixing the problem for real? Well, that will inconvenience all the wrong people and will take too much time and effort to reverse the wrong ward momentum and will be just a mess in general.

The solution? More wrong "fixes" because they were supposed to work in the first place AND all the wrong people in the wrong places working on it.

Welcome, my friends, to modern American politics!
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