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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 66,762

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Kermit's X-Ray...

Happy Friday the 13th!!!

What kind of cake are you baking? (Blood red velvet)

And how do you think that Jason V. is going to slaughter you tonight?

I say it's bifurcation by machete for me.

Your Favorite Alien Invasion...

My own is the 1978 version of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"

Creeps on the street


"You know the look..."


Well, I guess that they wouldn't have a problem with these guys before they got famous...

Jared Loughner

Adam Lanza

James Holmes

What does a "responsible gun owner" look like again?

I don't post here all that often...

However, I'm just proud to say that Barack Obama is our president... Twice!

That is all.

Take care, everybody.

Sarah Silverman Helps The 'Black NRA' Give Guns To African-Americans On Funny Or Die

Since the NRA's stated goal is to ensure that all Americans have a basic right to firearms, isn't it about time that they spun off into the Black NRA to make sure all African-Americans can easily purchase guns? It only makes logical sense for the NRA.

Sarah Silverman, David Alan Grier, Deon Cole, Run Funches and more star in this Funny Or Die commercial for the Black NRA.


Starfleet Officer Single-handedly Saves Some Whales...

We spoke to innocent men who were stopped and frisked



Le1f is a rising New York based rapper, who has gained attention for his flamboyant style and ability to make club bangers that discuss serious issues like his homosexuality. At the annual Afropunk Music Festival in Brooklyn, Le1f told us about the time he was stopped-and-frisked on the way to a magazine interview.

What happened when you were stopped by cops?
Le1f: I was on my way to another interview. Iím in a cab. I get out after having an argument with this cab for in the wrong place. The cops saw that I had some issue with the driver, but mind you, it was a $20 cab. I gave him $30 for taking me to the wrong place. So I get out of the cab and under the bridge on Delancey Street, and they stopped and frisked me, put me in handcuffs, and asked me what happened. I had to stop the cab driver. It was a whole situation. They wanted to know what happened with me and this cab driver, and put me in handcuffs without reading my rights and all that kind of shit.

Do you view stop-and-frisk as a problem in the city?
Stop-and-frisk is obviously a problem. Itís like allowing people to harass people. It reminds me of Jim Crow. Itís legit like a Jim Crow law.

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