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We've had a serious trifecta this year...

The gutting of the Civil Rights Act, The Gutting of Reproductive Health Rights, and now the tacit approval of shooting down innocent kids by racist gun-toting vigilantes.

I'm sorry, but it looks like to me that America is losing itself big time.

If you want to add the Surveillance State, on going war, crooked banks, big oil and gas ownership of the country and the oligarchs owning our very souls, you're free to join in.

Good night, everybody.

Well, looks like it's open season on Young Black Men by future George Zimmermans...

That's America for you.

The jury is asking the court about clarification about Manslaughter

Apparently, some of jury is grappling with that consideration

This Dog is Smarter than most Teabaggers

Omar - Simplify

The Superions - Totally Nude Island (Ursula 1000 Remix)

Totally Biased: 12yo Metal Band Unlocking the Truth Performs


Just looking out for you, wink-wink!

NYC Woman Destroys Building While Trying to Bug Bomb Salon

The owner of a Chinatown hair salon now has a much bigger problem than the pests she was trying to rid her business of. During her attempt to bug bomb her establishment, she wound up actually bombing the entire building; it would eventually collapse and injure twelve people.

According to authorities, the combination of 20 or so Decon bug bombs and Raid fumigating foggers were not used correctly. A possible leak of natural gas certainly didn't help, either. According to the Associated Press, the woman used an additional two dozen canisters on Thursday, but forgot to turn a pilot light off.

Three people were taken to the hospital in serious condition, and four firefighters were among the others who suffered injuries including burns. One man, who had lost conciousness, had to be rescued from a window on the third floor.

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