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Is anyone afraid of dying?

Sure, why not?

We're not that old school...

When I flew over Mt. Fuji, it was the biggest thing that I've ever seen in my life.

The Culture of Power

IF YOU ARE A WOMAN and you have ever walked into a men’s meeting, or a person of color and have walked into a white organization, or a child who walked into the principal’s office, or a Jew or Muslim who entered a Christian space, then you know what it is like to walk into a culture of power that is not your own. You may feel insecure, unsafe, disrespected, unseen or marginalized. You know you have to tread carefully.

Whenever one group of people accumulates more power than another group, the more powerful group creates an environment that places its members at the cultural center and other groups at the margins. People in the more powerful group (the “in-group”) are accepted as the norm, so if you are in that group it can be very hard for you to see the benefits you receive.

Since I’m male and I live in a culture in which men have more social, political, and economic power than women, I often don’t notice that women are treated differently than I am. I’m inside a male culture of power. I expect to be treated with respect, to be listened to, and to have my opinions valued. I expect to be welcomed. I expect to see people like me in positions of authority. I expect to find books and newspapers that are written by people like me, that reflect my perspective, and that show me in central roles. I don’t necessarily notice that the women around me are treated less respectfully, ignored, or silenced; that they are not visible in positions of authority nor welcomed in certain spaces; and that they are charged more for a variety of goods and services and are not always safe in situations where I feel perfectly comfortable.

Remember when you were a young person entering a space that reflected an adult culture of power—a classroom, store, or office where adults were in charge? What let you know that you were on adult turf, that adults were at the center of power?
Some of the things I remember are that adults were in control. They made the decisions. They might be considerate enough to ask me what I thought, but they did not have to take my concerns into account. I could be dismissed at any time, so I learned to be cautious. I could look around and see what was on the walls, what music was being played, what topics were being discussed, and most important, who made those decisions, and I knew that this was an adult culture of power.


The van can attack its prey suddenly and without warning.

Here, a Silverhead Van strikes twice before seemingly ignoring the specimen as it scopes out a meatier gentleman nearby. The common van must consume twice its body weight daily to stay alive, a difficult mileage to maintain at only 7 miles per pedestrian.

Nearby, a scavenging Cursor sits motionlessly and watches the event. If the van ignores its kill and moves on, the Cursor will feast on the uneaten remains.


The Steaks Are High? No...

“You thought you could steal from ME?”

Pugsy Siegal

Sleeping Beauty Re-visioned

Moral of the story: Get prior consent before you start kissing sleeping women.

It's actually a criminal mastermind...

My favorite Girl Scout cookies are the Thin Mints

I just found out that Keebler sells them year 'round under the product name, "Grasshopper."

Instead of hunting down packs of feral Girl Scouts for only the short Girl Scout hunting season, I could be wallowing in Grasshoppers all year long until they're coming out of my eyes.

Somebody shoot me now.

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