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DA McDreamy is pretty damn good

We see why he got the rebuttal

Hi, I'm MrScorpio...

I just want to tell you that I like both dijon and regular yellow mustard, but I'm not too keen on honey mustard.

That is all.

Mark Omara makes his closing statement:

I wonder how many times Omara will repeat the word, "Homie," as something said by T. Martin

"Homie?" What is this, Boyz In The Hood?

Who was Trayvon supposed to be, a pre-family friendly Ice Cube?

I'm surprised that Z didn't depict Martin as some who was about to "pop a cap in his ass" and "smash him upside his head with that 'forty' in my pocket."

I doubt, if "that crazy lookin' nigguh" or "creepy-assed cracka" will be used by Omara, because if the Z Team had kept up with the proper euphemisms associated with modern day "ghetto" youth... Like the one depicted below, then it wouldn't sound so freakishly cartoonish coming out of the mouths of these people. It's not 1985 anymore, my "homies."

Let's have a "homie" count, shall we?

I don't have anything resembling a classical education, but I do know a bit about "Lysistrata"

I would love to see a modern day sexual boycott of all of these anti-abortion types to kill their bullshit.

If that didn't work, I wouldn't be surprised if crowds started bringing out the pitchforks and torches.

To be fair, there's evidence that Martin profiled too...

Martin and his friend, Rachel, profiled Z as a potential child sexual predator, given the "creep-assed" way that he was stalking Martin around in his car and later on foot.

Seeing how Martin was unarmed and followed around in the dark all alone... Well I guess that a reasonable person could just imagine his state of mind.

Whether or not Z had actually molested any children is a valid question to explore, if someone accuses him of such a deed.

Now, I'm not accusing Z of killing Martin in a botched attempt of molesting him. However, rather than relieving Martin of any possible suspicion that he was not casing him for a potential molestation, Z never tried to make verbal contact before he went into stalking mode.

Every adult should be aware that they could be profiled as a potential molester whenever they approach any unacquainted young person. Time of day, location, whether others are around and other factors are applicable.

As the adult, Z had the primary responsibility in the creation of a safe environment for the under aged Martin.

Time and time again, Z, neglected his responsibilities as both an adult and as someone who had otherwise presented himself as a law abiding citizen.

Except, of course, with every opportunity in his interaction with Trayvon Martin. Somehow, Z never considered that his own behavior could be reasonably and objectively assessed as the presence of primary threat between two people. He wasn't interested at not presenting himself at all as a threat, quite the opposite.

What was it about Z that night that made him appear so "creepy-assed" and potentially threatening to an unarmed youngster who was all alone in the dark?

We may never know, since Z was never ever forthcoming about that possible assessment of himself. It seems that he was never interested at all in exhibiting any behavior that could help a particular youngster, all alone in the dark, that he was anything BUT "creepy-assed."

That is, any other accusations by another party that Z committed acts of child molestation notwithstanding.

If Martin and Zimmerman had passed each other on their evening stroll...

And both had continued to go about their own business, then there would have never been any reason to have a struggle that would have ended in the death of one or the other.

Except that one of them wasn't out there to mind his own business that night.

Because of that, the other person was made a victim... A dead victim.

You startled me...

Summer Breeze

I miss em'

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