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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 62,244

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Young Fathers - "Romance"

Handsome Boy Modeling School ft Cat Power - I've Been Thinking

Lonely Girl - Dorothy Ashby

The LAPD’s manhunt for Christopher Dorner continues…

Jamiroquai - Stillness In Time

"They're amazing!"

It's 6:35 PM in Macomb, MI. Back by popular demand, it's another installment of ASK MrSCORPIO!

Allow me to soothe your worried brow, help you find the answers to those questions that are nagging you and resolve, for once and all, those mysteries in your life.

I am offering my tremendous brain power to help you, the wearied DUer, in your moment of informational need. I do not know the answers ahead of time, you must ask the question first before discover those answers together.

AS always, you may or may not LIKE the answers that I will give you, but they will be my honest ones indeed.

Take a dare, only your peace of mind at stake.

Let's say that I needed to start on medicinal Mary Jane

And I didn't want to smoke it. I've never smoked anything... Ever and, frankly, I can't take the smell of it being smoked.

If so, what's the best way for me to ingest it, for my not smoking now, nor will be smoking it ever in the future self?

I'm guessing that they're annoyed at my video posts

I've jumped up to 29 people ignoring me. It was just 25 a couple of days ago.

I don't know whether to throw another party or not.

Edited to add poll: Should I stop posting them, or what?

This is for you remaining folks, of course.

Perhaps the folks didn't have the yarbles to tell me to stop it outright.

Let's do a MrScorpio Game later today

You choose which one you'd like.

I'll check back later and we'll play the winning choice.


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