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Ruth Bader Ginsburg


The Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “can project the daunting stillness of a seated monarch,” Jeffrey Toobin writes in his Profile of Ginsburg this week. “She is tiny—about five feet tall and a hundred pounds—and her face at rest conveys a pursed-lipped skepticism. She dresses with a dowager’s elegance, often in exotic shifts acquired on her travels around the world; she sometimes wears long gloves indoors.” A groundbreaking litigator for women’s rights before being appointed to the bench, Ginsburg has worn many aspects in her eighty years. Here are photographs of Ginsburg as a girl in Brooklyn, as a law graduate who left Columbia as co-valedictorian (but with no job offers), as a young mother, and as an advocate whose greatest legacy, Toobin argues, may be in the cases that she argued before what was then an all-male Supreme Court—and won. Click-through for a slideshow: http://nyr.kr/W0Hkz5

One Size Fits All

One Day in Gun-merica: May 9, 2013


From Joe Nocera, NY Times

A 3-year-old boy died Wednesday night after a self-inflicted shooting in Corsicana, Tex. Kinzler Allen Davis found a handgun inside a bedroom in his home and then discharged it, striking himself in the head. The boy’s father was in another room at the time. There were no immediate plans to charge the parents.


Authorities are searching for a 45-year-old man they say fatally shot his wife and two young daughters in their rural Northern California home. Shasta County Sheriff’s deputies received a call from the residence of Shane Franklin Miller Tuesday evening and found the bodies of Miller’s wife, Sandy, 34, and two daughters, Shelby, 8, and Shasta, 4. All three had been shot multiple times. Police found several weapons in the house. Miller is considered to be armed and extremely dangerous.

—Washington Post

A man who had recently been in trouble with the law shot and killed his estranged wife and her parents with a high-powered rifle Wednesday evening outside a home in Hendersonville, N.C. Authorities hunted for the suspect, 32-year-old Ralph Robert Warren III, for about two and a half hours before finding him dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound a few miles from the crime scene. The victims are Carrie Tracy Warren, 30; Theresa Russell Tracy, 49; and Richard Allen Tracy, 51.


An 11-year-old boy is recovering after being shot inside a Detroit, Mich., home Tuesday night. The gunman came from between two houses and fired a gun from across the street, striking the boy and a 26-year-old man standing outside. Both the boy and the adult were taken to the hospital in critical condition. Police are seeking tips.


A 19-year-old man was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago, Ill., Wednesday night. Someone fired shots from a light-colored sedan just after 11 p.m., striking the Kevin Ambrose in the back as he walked down the sidewalk. The victim managed to run through a vacant lot before collapsing. He died in the hospital.


A 14-year-old boy is in the hospital and his mother could wind up facing charges after he was shot in the leg by an older friend who lives at their Santa Fe, Tex., home Tuesday evening. Pete Jesse Rodriguez, 24, was playing with a gun when it fired, striking the teen in the thigh. But he wasn’t seen by a doctor for seven hours, as his mother looked up information about gunshot wounds on the WebMD website first. Investigators are reviewing images from a video system set up inside the house. The teenager’s mother may be charged with felony injury to a child by omission.

—Houston Chronicle

Toquan Hayes, 19, suffered a gunshot wound to the leg in Huntington, W. Va., Wednesday afternoon. Witnesses reported seeing a red Pontiac with Ohio license plates fleeing the scene. Hayes was a standout athlete at Huntington High School and was recruited to play football at the University of Charleston last fall.


A 70-year-old man was shot inside a Milwaukee, Wis., home around 8:40 p.m. Wednesday. He suffered a graze wound to the head and is expected to survive. Police say a man entered the victim’s residence and fired numerous shots. No one is in custody.


Salem, Ore., police arrested a 24-year-old man for shooting his sister in the leg Wednesday night. Raymond Hernandez had been drinking before his handgun discharged as he was unloading it. The bullet struck Nikki Apodaca, 18, before lodging in the door of a bedroom, where a 19-year-old man was staying. The victim will survive. Hernandez is charged with assault and reckless endangerment.


Robinson Hao Davalos, 19, was shot after a handgun accidentally discharged in Fairfield Twp., Ohio, early Wednesday. Davalos was in the backseat of a car where drug activity was occurring when the firearm discharged, causing a round to go through the back of the driver’s seat and striking him in his back. He was taken to the hospital. Todd Armstrong, 22, was arrested in connection with the shooting.


An overnight shooting in Northeast Portland, Ore., left a man dead and a woman injured Wednesday. Police activity is focused around a nude bar called Club Skinn, where a man fatally shot Anton Leshawn Hill, 33, a father of five, and injured a 21-year-old woman before fleeing on foot. Hill collapsed on the sidewalk outside the club and died from a single gunshot to the head. The attack stemmed from a fight that began inside the club.

“You don’t know who’s pulling guns these days,” a relative said. “The minute someone gets into an argument, the first thing someone does is start pulling the trigger.”

—The Oregonian

A man has been booked on an attempted murder charge after he allegedly fired four shots at a man driving a truck Tuesday evening near the Atlantis Casino Resort and Spa in Reno, Nev. Eric Dale, 37, hailed police after a shooting near the parking lot, but upon investigation and surveillance video, police determined Dale was the shooter. The victim, who was shot an unknown number of times, was taken to the hospital and is expected to survive.


A man was gunned down in the Charlestown area of Boston, Mass., Tuesday night. Police were called at 10:18 p.m. Tuesday and found Steven Jones, 21, on the ground with gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. His uncle said he was trying to break up a fight. Police are seeking Pablo Flores for questioning.

—Boston Herald

At least two people were wounded Wednesday evening in a shooting in the Marquette Park neighborhood of Chicago, Ill. Shortly after 6 p.m., paramedics responded to the 6200 block of South Artesian Avenue where two people were shot. Both victims, whose ages, genders and conditions were not immediately available, were taken to the hospital.

—Chicago Tribune

Two people were shot and injured in Las Vegas, Nev., Wednesday evening. One victim was shot in the leg and the other in the arm by two different guns. One suspected shooter fled the area and the other is believed to be hiding in a nearby apartment complex.

—Las Vegas Sun

A man was shot and killed at a home in East San Jose, Calif., Wednesday afternoon. Officers were called to a residential street lined with single-family homes to find a man who had been shot at least once. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators are still looking for the shooter.



Uncle Sam Says…

A short message for our marching, gun-toting friends…

Time to come up with some new song titles, City Edition… Feel free to add your own

- Tehachapi State of Mind
- Do You Know The Way To Scranton?
- By The Time I Get To Truth Or Consequences, NM
- Englishman In Palm Beach
- I'm Throwing My Arms Around Walla-Walla
- Midnight Train To Ypsilanti
- The Girl From Temecula
- Bootlegger Crossing Lineman
- Last Train To Bald Knob
- I Left A Lung In Ponca City

Robert Plant has been slumming it a bit lately…

Are you lunch?

Kitty cat goes for the tongue…

A nifty Star Trek fact for you…

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