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The American Microcosm...

Hey, New York City friends: You’re going to want to download NYCLU’s Stop & Frisk app

Hey, New York City friends: You’re going to want to download NYCLU’s Stop & Frisk app

Stop and Frisk Watch” is a free and innovative smart phone application that empowers New Yorkers to monitor police activity and hold the NYPD accountable for unlawful stop-and-frisk encounters and other police misconduct.

The app is available in English on both Android andiPhone devices and Spanish in the Android version, thanks to a translation by Make the Road New York. Stop and Frisk Watch allows bystanders to fully document stop-and-frisk encounters and alert community members when a street stop is in progress.

It has three primary functions:

RECORD: This allows the user to film an incident with audio by simply pushing a trigger on the phone’s frame. Shaking the phone stops the filming. When filming stops, the user immediately receives a brief survey allowing them to provide details about the incident. The video and survey will go to the NYCLU, which will use the information to shed light on the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk practices and hold the Department accountable for its actions.

LISTEN: This function alerts the user when people in their vicinity are being stopped by the police. When other app users in the area trigger Stop and Frisk Watch, the user receives a message reporting where the police stop is happening. This feature is especially useful for community groups who monitor police activity.

REPORT: This prompts the survey, allowing users to report a police interaction they saw or experienced, even if they didn’t film it.



This is BRANDON DARBY. He is an FBI informant that often infiltrates leftist spaces. HE WAS RECENTLY SPOTTED AT A TRAYVON MARTIN RALLY IN TEXAS. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR HIM.

An article widely circulated among activists by Courtney Morris, How Misogynists Make Great Informants, is ABOUT THIS MAN.

Why Misogynists Make Great Informants: How Gender Violence on the Left Enables State Violence in Radical Movements
JULY 15, 2010

In January 2009, activists in Austin, Texas, learned that one of their own, a white activist named Brandon Darby, had infiltrated groups protesting the Republican National Convention (RNC) as an FBI informant. Darby later admitted to wearing recording devices at planning meetings and during the convention. He testified on behalf of the government in the February 2009 trial of two Texas activists who were arrested at the RNC on charges of making and possessing Molotov cocktails, after Darby encouraged them to do so. The two young men, David McKay and Bradley Crowder, each faced up to fifteen years in prison. Crowder accepted a plea bargain to serve three years in a federal prison; under pressure from federal prosecutors, McKay also pled guilty to being in possession of “unregistered Molotov cocktails” and was sentenced to four years in prison. Information gathered by Darby may also have contributed to the case against the RNC 8, activists from around the country charged with “conspiracy to riot and conspiracy to damage property in the furtherance of terrorism.” Austin activists were particularly stunned by the revelation that Darby had served as an informant because he had been a part of various leftist projects and was a leader at Common Ground Relief, a New Orleans–based organization committed to meeting the short-term needs of community members displaced by natural disasters in the Gulf Coast region and dedicated to rebuilding the region and ensuring Katrina evacuees’ right to return.


Oh, Shit! The Bears are learning Kung Fu...

Even if Zimmerman saved an entire family from a Zombie Apocalypse...

He's still responsible for murdering an innocent human being.

It's not that there's slate that could ever wash that clean. Unless he admits to his own responsility for taking an innocent life, nothing else that he does even matters.

I'm a Scorpio, we tend to not be very forgiving towards people whom, we feel, don't deserve forgiveness.

Enough Is Enough...

Quite frankly, the GOP should have lost any kind of respect from Democrats eons ago. This current collection of Right Wing demagogues, conspiracy theorists, misogynists, Jim Crow promoters and war mongers must not be co-operated with any more.

They are the party of all the worst ideas imaginable.

Democrats should stop thinking that any of their ideas can be rehabilitated in any way, as if a Democratic version of a Republican bad idea could work either. The realization is that they can't, Republican ideas are all inherently bad.

There are some things that I wish Democrats would stop doing... First thing is giving up and simply letting Republicans have their way. Democrats should be fighting tooth and nail against bad Republican ideas, whatever the outcome... Win, lose or draw. I don't care.

With apologies to the "Galaxy Quest" crew, "Never give up, never surrender."

This should be a motivational poster on every Democrat's wall.

Next, and this is a hard one... Stop trying to convince Republicans that they're wrong and all Democrats need to do is to use a factual convincing argument to change their ways.

I'm sorry, Republicans just simply aren't interested in facts and they most certainly aren't concerned with the concerns of Democrats in a way that they would change their minds.

Republicans are a lost cause. The only good Republican is one who would stop being a Republican, in order to change into either an Independent or a Democrat.

Yes, it's an innate trait of Democrats to rehabilitate, guide, teach and convert people with logic and facts. There are plenty of people out in the world who will be convinced of what is right when exposed to those things... However, today's Republicans will never be those people.

If you can't stop them, simply let the chips fall as they may. Sure, even when they're the only ones in charge, they'll create scapegoats and straw men to explain away why they've tanked the economy or threw hundreds of thousands into unemployment. Instead of Democrats coming around and fixing their bad ideas... If we get the chance to take over, we should completely scrap their bad ideas and replace them with what we know works.

They've lost all legitimacy and aren't worth the effort.

A friend of mine suggested that the two previously mentioned types of behavior amounted to a form of co-dependency by Democrats. Republicans are addicted to their bad ideas and all Democrats are doing to simply validating the basic premise of those bad ideas. Frankly, we should stop conducting interventions with Republican bad ideas. It's annoys them and takes up too much of out precious time and effort.

Their ideas can't be fixed or changed to be made practical or functional. They needs to scrapped completely.

Next. stop being fucking scared of Republican accusations and fear mongering. When Democrats takes that crap under advisement, Democrats invariably end up with eggs on their faces.

Stop paying attention to garbage... And it's all garbage where the Republicans are concerned.

Now, I suppose you're wondering what the result would be if Democrats stop supporting the basic premises of Republican bad ideas... Well, quite simply, those ideas will fail. When and where the Republicans are in completely charge, and there is absolutely nothing that Democrats can do to stop those bad ideas, the result will obviously be a bottoming out effect from the catastrophic failure that would be brought about from their bad ideas.

Now, frankly I seriously doubt that any long standing Democrat has it within himself or herself to practice tough love with Republicans as they fling themselves, and by extension, everyone else head-long into the abyss.

Talk about hard, that Chinese trigonometry hard for Dems. But I'm sorry, but we just can't continue doing this yo-yo effect of bad ideas and rehabilitated bad ideas, because one way or the other, faster or slower, we're just going to bottom out anyway.

It's about time they faced their failures without Democratic interference.

Cruel and harsh? Yes... But necessary. The reason being stems from an age old traditional American trait of only doing the right thing when all other options have been completed exhausted.

If Democrats can't fight or fail after fighting against them, the only thing left is to let them defeat themselves. Don't try to save them, they won't appreciate the effort anyway.

One main problem that we have today is that we are all existing within a patchwork of mitigated bad Republican ideas... Democrats are simply not building their own ideas, promoting them and implanting them.

Lewis Black said it quite succinctly, "Republicans are the party of bad ideas and Democrats are the party of no ideas." If all Democrats are doing is attempting to rehabilitate one bad Republican idea after another, when do they have the time, effort and will to develop, promote and implement ideas that are uniquely all their own? It's not happening and hasn't happened in decades.

Hence, this Republican borne hell that we're all living in today.

Lastly... Start working and thinking like DEMOCRATS.

Do you want grass roots support? Of course, you do. The only way that Democrats can move into the greater and undisputed political preference is when the people feel desperate enough to stop living off of Republican fantasies and start living in the real world.

Yes, restructuring the nation after their failures will be a very difficult charge to lead. But it's the only choice that Republicans have left behind of everyone else.

Be firm, but fair... There is NO other choice.

(Laughs maniacally...)

I wonder why that is...


Rutherford deputy in DUI checkpoint video once resigned post

By Becca Andrews, Gannett

A Rutherford County Sheriff's deputy at the center of a controversy tied to a videotaped DUI checkpoint stop has in the past drawn the scrutiny of his superiors and once resigned from the office, a review of disciplinary records shows.

Deputy A.J. Ross was featured in a July 4 video posted by the Libertarian Party that depicted a verbal altercation between Ross and 21-year-old Chris Kalbaugh. The Middle Tennessee State University junior accuses Ross of violating his constitutional rights during a checkpoint stop.

Sheriff Robert Arnold's office has refused to comment on the video, other than to say Ross's actions are "currently under investigation."

But sheriff's office records show Arnold rehired Ross in November 2010, six years after the deputy resigned amid accusations that he lied about whether he had auto insurance after an accident on Thompson Lane in Murfreesboro.

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