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There's one in every crowd…

Ten cops that your kids should avoid at all costs:

Waltham, MA officer arrested by the FBI and is facing federal child pornography charges


Mount Horeb, WI officer arrested on suspicion of sexual assault of a child has resigned


Itasca County, MN sheriff's deputy pleaded guilty to allegedly attempting to video 17-yr-old girl in bathroom


Detroit, MI officer chrgd: felony involntry manslaughter, careless discharge of firearm, caused 7-yr-old girl's death


Grand Junction, CO police officer accused of having sex w 16-yr-old girl while on duty convicted


Atlanta, GA police officer has been accused of sending inappropriate text messages to a 15-year-old girl


Anne Arundel Co, MD officer suspended in connection w camera placed inside boys bathroom at a high school


Charleston, SC child porn charge added to counts against officer accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old girl


Raleigh, NC veteran officer arrested on sexual offense charges involving children dating back to 2002


Grapevine, TX officer pleaded guilty in federal court to production and possession of child pornography


Make that ELEVEN cops:

Portsmouth, VA deputy sentenced to two years in prison on charges of taking indecent liberties with a child


So that's where I am…


C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it…


I believe we all were…

Research Reveals Almost All Climate Science Denial Books Linked To Conservative Think Tanks

IF you haven't seen them on the television or come across their interviews on the radio or in newspapers and magazines, then you've almost certainly seen their work as your eyes scan the climate change section in your local book store or library.

They are the authors of books claiming to reveal the "real truth" about global warming and climate change - that it's either all a hoax, that it's overblown bad science from green ideologues or an elaborate illusion and wrongheaded nonsense.

You might have been intrigued by titles like "An Appeal To Reason: A Cool Look At Global Warming", "The Climate Caper" or the subtle sledgehammer that was "Global Warming and Other Bollocks".

But new research into the origins and authors of more than 100 of these climate science denial books finds almost all of them - about four out of five - are largely the products of conservative-leaning think tanks.

The research finds the books avoid traditional academic peer-review and are often written by non-experts. Dr Riley Dunlap, of Oklahoma State University, and Peter Jacques, of the University of Central Florida, have published their research - Climate Change Denial Books and Conservative Think Tanks: Exploring the Connection - in the journal American Behavioural Scientist.

Sponsoring books "espousing climate change denial" has been a key tool for conservative think tanks to get the climate science denial message out to corporations, politicians and media leaders.


Well, I guess that I'm NOT a "Real American"

I answered no to all of them…

Time Magazine, that would be a "BINGO!"

And THAT, my friends, is how it's done…

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