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Either, orů

Of course, the cops wanted Dorner dead

Dorner knew that he was going to die, because he knew that there was no way in hell that the cops were going take him alive.

Basically, I think that Dorner felt that he himself deserved to die. He poked the bear on purpose and knew exactly what the response would be. Cops all over this country know full well that they can find any justification that they want in order to take someone's life. Especially, if their department has no civilian oversight. The Press, more times than not, will be completely in the pocket of the police and the politicians understand that they serve at the whim of the police, much like a Praetorian Guard.

Now that he is dead, everyone considers the case closed and they want the issue to go away. They would prefer that any questions about the problems that created a Dorner would go away,

All I wonder is, how long will the LAPD and every other out of control police department in this country remain out of control.

The sociopathy that's deep within American policing isn't going to go away unless the public deals with it. Demand better standards of community policing, remove police leadership that enables the sociopathy, take control of these departments with civilian oversight, demilitarize our police departments, better training and most of all a massive decriminalization effort of our nation's laws.

We have entirely too many laws on the books that cops and courts and jails and prisons depend on to keep this entire problem alive.

Dorner was a tragedy that eventually was going to happen. We can either question and resolve the sociopathy in American policing that facilitated his creation, or we can just close our eyes and ears, defer to the situation as it is and just wait for another Dorner to happen.

What do you want to do?

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Beck Reimagines David Bowie's "Sound and Vision"

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