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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 62,225

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One for every situation…

"C'mon, It'll be fun!"

You'll love it!






OK, try it once and I'll never ask again.

Alright then.

See? You look great.

Hi there, Handsome!

So much for that

A list of the greatest Band Names never ever to be mentioned on Christian Radio

Let's get a move on, Eleanor Rigby

The problem is obvious to those who are paying attention nt

Looks like they changed security companies…

I was just looking at a show on Discovery earlier yesterday about extinction level meteorite strikes

And late last night I heard about what happened in Russia.

Makes you wonder if there's still a big one coming for us.

If it is, all we can do is assume the proper posture for large, extinction level meteorite strikes:

- Take a seat in a comfortable chair

- Bend down and backwards as much as humanly possible

- Kiss your sweet ass goodbye

I'd hate to be the one to explain this to Human Resources:

I gave up Catholicism for Lent

51 years straight!
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