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This is what happens when you leave a vicious Rottweiler alone with two kittens...

I have expensive tastes...

Only the best for me.

Available at fine retail outlets...

Well, sometimes you just gotta shank a creep...

My Name Is Bond...

Meow Bond.

That Life...

I wonder who Snowden went to with this information first... Was it Greenwald or another?

And how eventually was Greenwald chosen to eventually write the copy.

Was there someone that Snowden approached to tell his story prior to Greenwald, and if so, why didn't that person tell it?

And how did he and Greenwald eventually cross paths?

Was there an intermediary?

If this information is so important, why won't Greenwald publish it?

What did Snowden devise as an endgame, subsequent to his exposure? Was he under the impression that traveling overseas to conduct the interview would eventually protect him from prosecution somehow?

If he was so upset about what he was doing, why didn't he just resign? Was the money too good?

I just may come up with more questions later. I'm a little too tired right now to think of any.

Couple on a subway. Photo by Stanley Kubrick, 1946

Short is killing it right now.

"The Church Doesn't Like the People to Grow Up."~ Bishop John Shelby Spong

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