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Member since: 2002
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These assholes can't help showing their hatred for women…

Yep, that's how it works…

There actually isn't one…

It's true!

Let's Boogie!

The GOP want to"burn" the village with the sequester in order to save it

With trusty Zippo lighters in hand, the GOPers are ready to see the country burn down in order to save tax cuts for the very rich.

Tax cuts that no one, outside of the Republicans, their corporate sponsors and much of the ultra rich elite.

Suffering across the board in order to satisfy their intransigence against the Black Guy in "their" White House and utter contempt for everyone else.

However, this scheme of theirs is going to backfire as they're ignoring all of the data which indicates that the blame for the sequester occurring will fall on the helmet-haired heads of Republicans.

Suffering and regression is the hallmark of the modern Republican Party, replete with self-inflicted wounds, stupidity and wide spread agony. No matter, they'll be sure to blame The Other Guy, in spite of the fact that everyone can plainly see who's responsible.

Republicans: Until we can get these fools under control, or they damage their own political leverage beyond repair and lose want advantage that they have, we should expect more of these debacles.

Burn, baby. Burn.

MrScorpio's Computing Tips: Sprucing up Your Wireless Network Name

Does your wire network name suffer from a lack of imagination or fun? Is it something like, "Skyflash 0293-2" or "Mom's Router?" Why are you using a boring old name when you can be the anonymous talk of the neighborhood?

Well, head on right into your network prefs and change that puppy to something that make all the neighbors take notice… Or at least cringe in abject fear and paranoia.

Here are some suggestions that would surely make anyone pay some serious attention. It would also be preferable that you password protect your router and specify the WI-FI addresses that should have exclusive access to your router.


- "F.B.I. Surveillance Vehicle"

- "Bob's Secret Nuclear Bunker"

- "only for porn"

- "Leave it to Router"

- "Does this Router make my Wi-Fi look big?"

How about you?

Give us some ideas.

The Perpetual Cat Loop

The Venn Diagram of Piedom

Super deliciousness must be somewhere in the convergence.

Bobbi Humphrey-Fancy Dancer

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