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NYPD’s controversial ‘Stop & Frisk’ policy ruled unconstitutional

January 8, 2013

A key part of the NYPD’s controversial “stop and frisk” tactic has been ruled unconstitutional.

Manhattan Federal Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ordered police to refrain from making trespass stops outside private residential buildings — even though the landlord has given officers permission to do so as part of the NYPD’s “Clean Halls” program.

“While it may be difficult to say when precisely to draw the line between constitutional and unconstitutional police encounters such a line exists, and the NYPD has systematically crossed it when making trespass stops outside buildings,” Scheindlin wrote in a 157-page ruling.

The New York Civil Liberties Union argued in an eight-day hearing in October that “Clean Halls,” which exists only in the Bronx, leads to people being hassled by cops and sometimes cuffed near their own abode for no legitimate reason.

The NYCLU’s legal challenge centers on the case of Jaenean Ligon.

In August 2011 the mother of three sent her 17-year-old son to buy ketchup for the family’s dinner.

Two plaintclothes cops stopped the teen outside the family’s building on E. 163rd St. in the Bronx. Two uniformed officers also arrived on the scene.

After frisking the youngster, one of the cops buzzed Ligon’s apartment and asked she come downstairs to identify her son. Ligon testified the request sent her into a panic because she feared the worst — that her son had been seriously hurt or killed.


About freakin' time!

Mayer Hawthorne - When I Said Goodbye

Adrian Younge - Lovely Lady

Adrian Younge Presents The Delfonics - Stop and Look (And You Have Found Love)

Irish-Tide why we need a playoff

College football is the By Mark Schlabach ESPN.com

MIAMI -- Write your U.S. congressman.

Call your conference commissioner, university president and athletic director. Heck, email Dr. Lou, Mark May, Kirk Herbstreit, Chris Fowler and David Pollack. I'd even give you their email addresses if it wouldn't get me fired.

College football's forthcoming four-team playoff, which goes into effect during the 2014 season, can't get here soon enough.

Can't we please have a playoff this coming season? Do we really have to wait another year?

Once again, the Bowl Championship Series robbed college football fans of a fitting end to a season on Monday night. No. 2 Alabama blasted No. 1 Notre Dame 42-14 in the Discover BCS National Championship at Sun Life Stadium, and the score wasn't even that close. If the Crimson Tide and Fighting Irish played every day between now and St. Patrick's Day, the Fighting Irish would never win.

You thought last year's BCS title game was boring? At least No. 1 LSU put up a fight in the first couple of quarters before falling to No. 2 Alabama 21-0 in New Orleans, in what was a rematch of a regular-season slugfest between the SEC West rivals.

This game was over after Alabama took the opening kickoff and marched 82 yards in five plays for a touchdown. It was like Mike Tyson knocking out Michael Spinks in 91 seconds, with the Crimson Tide delivering their knockout punch on tailback Eddie Lacy's 20-yard touchdown run less than three minutes into the game.


Yes, we need a playoff system. I've come up with my own scheme.

First thing is that we need to have a total of 16 Div 1 conferences, instead of the current 11 plus the indies. The new conferences can come from the subdivisions.

The nation would be split into four geographic NCAA regions, North, South, East and West with a total of four conferences within each of these regions.

The winners of each conference championship games would play in regional semi final bowls to get into the Elite Eight held in neutral locations.

The regional championship games to win the right to play in the football Final Four games. These games can all be played in the major bowls. Currently, the BCS bowls are the Rose, Orange, Sugar and Fiesta as well as the BCS Championship game. I say we add one more bowl game, a national championship semi-final bowl game… Maybe the Gator, or the Capitol One.

The final game would be the National Championship game.

Voila, you have a playoff system. We can still have all the other bowls for teams that didn't win their conference championships but still had good records. Nothing is changed there. We'd still have all the bowls that we have today.

The only difference is that those bowls are now part of a playoff system. A team would need to win five games, from the conference and regional championship game to the national championship game to be declared a winner.

The best teams win, the losers go home.

What do you think?

You've got to appreciate the sheer fucking nerve of Congressional Republicans…

THEY run up the bills, voting for deficit exploding wars, tax cuts and all kinds of corporate welfare.

THEY refuse to raise the revenue to pay those bills.

THEY threaten the full faith and credit of the United States by threatening to politicize the raising of the Debt Ceiling in order to create leverage against the President.


THEY have the temerity to blame the President for causing the problem.


As a Michigan Wolverine fan through and through, I only have one thing to say about tonight's game:

DUers and KOSers made a difference in Milford, DE

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! Because of people here, The Democratic Underground, and the Daily Kos sharing, calling, and emailing the school district about the racist playground signs in Milford Delaware, Milford School District Superintendent Dr. Phyllis Kohel personally went out and took the signs down this afternoon. According to Dr. Kohel, who’s been superintendent for less than a year, the signs were up when she took the position, and she didn’t take much notice of them. Immediately, upon being made aware of them, she took them down. (RA)

hey! look at the internet getting shit done!


It's time to play TALIBAN or REPUBLICAN!

I'm loving this: Federal Court Rules Flipping Off Police Is Constitutional (FUCK YEAH!)

WASHINGTON -- A police officer can't pull you over and arrest you just because you gave him the finger, a federal appeals court declared Thursday.

In a 14-page opinion, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit ruled that the "ancient gesture of insult is not the basis for a reasonable suspicion of a traffic violation or impending criminal activity."

John Swartz and his wife Judy Mayton-Swartz had sued two police officers who arrested Swartz in May 2006 after he flipped off an officer who was using a radar device at an intersection in St. Johnsville, N.Y. Swartz was later charged with a violation of New York's disorderly conduct statute, but the charges were dismissed on speedy trial grounds.

A federal judge in the Northern District of New York granted summary judgement to the officers in July 2011, but the Court of Appeals on Thursday erased that decision and ordered the lower court to take up the case again.

Richard Insogna, the officer who stopped Swartz and his wife when they arrived at their destination, claimed he pulled the couple over because he believed Swartz was "trying to get my attention for some reason." The appeals court didn't buy that explanation, ruling that the "nearly universal recognition that this gesture is an insult deprives such an interpretation of reasonableness."

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