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Sergio/Brasil '66 - Going Out Of My Head

Sergio Mendez - The Real Thing

Conservative Republicans always like to tout their adherence to a so-called "principled" position…

In any situation.

Especially when that situation affects someone other than themselves and puts those "other" people at a significant disadvantage to their own benefit.

Of course, when their fealty to ideology hits a brick wall of practicality or self-involvement and even puts them at a rhetorical disadvantage, that causes them big problems. Just don't point this out to them, they'll get apoplectic and deny what's in front of their own eyes and ears from six ways to Sunday.

Then that's when they start telling people to do as they say, not as they do, or start accusing the people who point out their flaw of being an (insert epithet) and doesn't understand what it's like to be "an American."

It's one dimensional thinking that works on paper for the lazy minded, fact challenged and utter morons out there, but in the real world it doesn't work so well.

So it's no wonder, that when you see righties who are always promoting themselves as "Principled Conservatives," they ultimately end up looking like hypocrites when you peel the curtains back.

Here's a question about relationships...

Which kind would you rather have?

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This Virginia Class Submarine…


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