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Still not digging on how that's supposed to work...

Grandma Rawks!

Apocalypse Gnome

Why Whites Hate Affirmative Action

Lack of knowledge on the actual policies. Very few people actually understand the original executive orders, subsequent judicial decisions and legislation beyond sound bites via “news" that is insistent upon painting this as “taking stuff" from Whites for Black people (as if it is “just" about Black people). Honesty, how many White people have reviewed the actual history of why this is needed? It’s almost as rare to find as anyone who calls themselves “patriotic" who has actually read the Constitution or a Christian who has read the Bible. Media soundbites shaped by bigotry (in a White supremacist capitalist patriarchal society) absorbed by many Whites whose life ideologies have been shaped by bigotry is not going to produce the nuance and thought necessary to understand affirmative action. (Even so, these two simple, non in-depth cartoons explain this almost as well as the complex legalese: 1 and 2.)

Anti-intellectualism. Piggybacking on the first point, the current culture of anti-intellectualism doesn’t encourage most White people (and Americans at large) to actually investigate things they are “for" or “against." It’s much simpler to decide to be “for" anything shaped by a legacy of White supremacy and White privilege and against anything that appears to be contrary to the former. Whites are used to being a “baseline," the “norm," or not considered a group at all, but those whom other groups are compared to. Sociopolitically, many Whites are having a “day of reckoning" moment by even being classified as a “group," or a “race" as Tom Scocca pointed out so well in a recent article about Romney’s overwhelming support from Whites. These factors contribute to the resistance to affirmative action.

Ahistorical views on race. If a White person takes the "why isn’t there a White history month" and "why isn’t there a White Entertainment Television station" stances on Whites and the media, it can be safely assumed that they are either uneducated or being willfully ignorant about the role of race in America and why certain spaces exist for Black people amidst the media, public discourse and culture itself. By pretending that the tide of history has no racial element, they can then infer that if everyone “is equal" (as if being equal means being treated equally) Black people are “unfairly" getting “goodies" through affirmative action. This also ignores the fact that even with said theoretical "goodies," unemployment, health care, finances, real estate, and more is markedly worse for Black people (and other people of colour) versus White. The latter is written off as Black “character failures" in the ever so common victim blaming ideologies such as American “exceptionalism" and even “patriotism" at times. This is where LIES about "poverty culture" come about as a way to praise greed, wealth and Whiteness and demonize suffering, poverty and Blackness.

the rest: http://www.gradientlair.com/post/36223829489/why-whites-hate-affirmative-action

You will take me and my prisoner to the Planet Cheron...

You're Hired!

What kind of person would think that Zimmerman had the right to...

While armed, walk up to a complete stranger who was doing absolutely NOTHING wrong and initiate a confrontation with that person?

If Trayvon Martin was left unmolested to walk home, who doesn't think that he would have gotten to his destination without getting into a fight and getting shot?

Who had more to fear, the unarmed person who was being chased or the armed person who was doing the chasing?

There's only one victim here and he's dead.

A person who carried a loaded weapon into a confrontation, that he was the only person who was intent on having, and then shoots that person that he initiated the confrontation with should face the consequences of his actions if he shoots and kills the unarmed person that he confronted.

Even if Zimmerman was on the losing end of a fight, it was a fight that was only STARTED from his actions alone.

Being armed didn't given him the right to avoid getting his ass beat when he started the goddamned fight in the first place.

Other than the lawyers who he's paying, I can't see how anyone can honestly defend any of Zimmerman's actions here.

Enjoying "Stupidity Celebration Cones" from the Chick-Fil-A

"someone please tell me this isn’t Zimmerman attorney Don West and his daughter…
UPDATE: I attempted to look up the mollywestttt profile on Instagram, and it’s already been taken down. If this was indeed Don West, he should be thrown out of court for this. No one involved in the George Zimmerman Murder Trial is allowed to use social media, not even the attorney’s relatives. If this is Don West, he’s fucking stupid as hell for even doing this,

Here’s a picture of Don West to compare to the one above to see if they are the same person (which I recognize the glasses, the forehead wrinkles and the eye shapes):

Here’s more commentary on the picture, which is indeed real (even though it has been taken down):

Apparently Don West’s daughter posted this picture to Instagram. I didn’t see it myself, someone posted it and it made me pause.

I’ve been watching what I could of the trial so far and have been feeling some kinda way about a lot of it and I guess I really haven’t been able to put it into words exactly what I feel.

I know I got annoyed at the comments about Rachel Jeantel and folks going in on her vernacular and saying she looked like “Precious."

I thought that was disrespectful given what she was testifying about. I also thought it was a case of worrying about the wrong shit.

Yesterday the line of questioning about Twitter followers versus people following annoyed me and I guess my general consensus so far is that well…this shit is being taken as a big azz joke to many as well as a way to etch that color line even deeper.

That ice cream picture annoyed me and I feel like it was carefully calculated to draw a line for Don West and anyone looking to hire someone like Don West. He is being VERY clear with his Chick-Fil-A cone. This is all about business. The business of race baiting pays well for some and there are obviously codes and signals necessary to play it well.

Yup. Don West is for hire as are all lawyers. And he wants to make sure specific someones know.


Get in mah belly!

Jessy Lanza: Kathy Lee

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