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Member since: 2002
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I am so glad that this doddering old fuck, McCain isn't in the Oval Office today

What an asshole.

Joe says that Romney lost two out of three debates, but won the season

In what sport are you declared the champ by losing the most games?

Republican politics, everybody!

That white man card can make you the champ, even after you have your ass handed to you by the black guy.

"Congratulations on getting the most votes, President Obama… Too bad you LOST the election."

WTF is wrong with people?


Pataki is a lying asshole

The trip the Prez the took the day after the attack wasn't for fund raising, he gave a speech.


This shit ain't rocket science, George.

"Violence. Chaos."

Mitt Romney: Leading the charge!


The Mitt Dance

I love how Mitt avoids to invade his wife's personal space while kissing her nt

Anyone who says that the President hasn't spelled out his plan for the next four years is a liar

Because in his closing argument he's reiterated the exact same plan for the next four years that he always has.

When they say that, "He ain't got a plan", it's only clear that those people weren't listening.
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