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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 60,311

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Maxi Priest - Wild World

What are you drinking?

I'm drinking everything

Happy Turkey and Football Day, Everybody

Hope you all get some holiday time with your families today.

Damn kids

This is your new God… All bow before it.

"This Shit In Gaza Is Out Of Control…"

Where was the Republican "poutrage" then?

The Prez was in full strut mode while getting on AF One… He jogged up the stairs like a BOSS

It was just shown on the Rev's show

I really hope that Righties got a gander of the Prez strutting his stuff… I'm running low right now on their delicious tears of unmitigated sadness.

I need a refill!

This Matt Kibbe guy on Tweety's show is part of the problem…

Sticking their heads into holes and denying the world around them.

When I was a kid, Hostess fruit pies were to die for

They were tasty, the crust was flaky and you got plenty of filling. My fave were the French Apple pies.

A short while back, when I was waiting in line at the party store, I came across a Hostess peach pie on the stand. I was hungry and haven't had a fruit pie in many a year, so I decided to give it a go. Needless to say, I was not happy with the product.

The pie was flat from the lack of filling. The crust, no longer flaky, was akin to cardboard and the taste was atrociously bitter and super-super sweet at the same time. I wondered, "What the hell happen to Hostess?"

Apparently, unrestrained capitalism… The panacea of every Right Wing Republican asshole, DID not give Hostess an incentive to excel in the manufacture of its own product. Poor management was to blame. If the owners wanted to protect their name, they would not have allowed product quality to deteriorate so dramatically over the years.

They would have said, "We need to improve. We need to make a better product, we need to take care of our loyal employees and our customers alike."

They did not.

But let's face it, if you own a company, load it up with debt, drive it into Chapter 11, skimp on product quality, exploit the labor force out of their livelihoods, disappoint your customers, pay yourselves extravagant salaries and bonuses and have a plan to liquidate the company's assets while blaming your disingenuous negotiating skills on the workers that you're about to kick out on the street while welshing on their wages and pensions… Then you must think that you're the greatest capitalist in the world…

You're about to hit BIG, baby and you're loving it, because that's all you really care about.

(Just try to resist screaming "I'm Rich!" at the top of your lungs when you're killing all of those jobs and cherished memories at the same time.)
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