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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 64,718

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Hello there, Sexy...

What - Tha - FUCK?!?


You see me rollin' in the town of Bedrock

Old Dude Gives Righteous Rant On Zimmerman Case

Listening to Judge Nelson's instructions, it sounds to me that Z is guilty of Manslaughter

It's in the Jury's hands now, however.

DA McDreamy is pretty damn good

We see why he got the rebuttal

Hi, I'm MrScorpio...

I just want to tell you that I like both dijon and regular yellow mustard, but I'm not too keen on honey mustard.

That is all.

Mark Omara makes his closing statement:

I wonder how many times Omara will repeat the word, "Homie," as something said by T. Martin

"Homie?" What is this, Boyz In The Hood?

Who was Trayvon supposed to be, a pre-family friendly Ice Cube?

I'm surprised that Z didn't depict Martin as some who was about to "pop a cap in his ass" and "smash him upside his head with that 'forty' in my pocket."

I doubt, if "that crazy lookin' nigguh" or "creepy-assed cracka" will be used by Omara, because if the Z Team had kept up with the proper euphemisms associated with modern day "ghetto" youth... Like the one depicted below, then it wouldn't sound so freakishly cartoonish coming out of the mouths of these people. It's not 1985 anymore, my "homies."

Let's have a "homie" count, shall we?

I don't have anything resembling a classical education, but I do know a bit about "Lysistrata"

I would love to see a modern day sexual boycott of all of these anti-abortion types to kill their bullshit.

If that didn't work, I wouldn't be surprised if crowds started bringing out the pitchforks and torches.

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