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It amazes me every single day…

From the time that I've been politically aware, since the early 1970's up to the election of Barack Obama, I've witnessed a cavalcade of political scandals that have plagued a succession of administrations.

With the current president, we've had no real scandals for more than four years straight. Look at the fact that the wingers have had to manufacture false and outrageous scandals in order to accuse President Obama of doing something wrong. I'm not saying that he does everything right, the mere fact that one sits in the Oval Office means that the occupant frequently has to choose from a list of ALL bad decisions. I also know that no president can rule by fiat, there are things that happen that have been out of ones hand.

So, I'm willing to give Barack Obama a lot of leeway. I give him that leeway based on his past performance and the potential of his future performance. I don't expect to be happy with every decision that he makes, but I don't have to be happy.

We've had decades of fuck ups by one president after the other, piling all of our problems miles high.

It's naive to think that Obama can fix them all and fix them all by himself.

There are times when I wonder when people who should be backing him up are going to do their part too.

The Republicans won't stay broken forever.

What should be mandatory attire for everyone in government…

Fortified with 96% of nut jobs

Do me a favor and stare at this for awhile…

it's officially "The Future" today…

Oops, not gonna happen…

All I ever asked for was to have frickin' sharks with lasers attached to their frickin' heads

Trailer - The call of Cthulhu movie

Glenn Beck shows his respect for the American Flag

At 2:04 Of This Clip Glenn Beck Reveals Exactly What A Tool Is

I love checking in with the crazies featured on Right Wing Watch. If you're a liberal, and you love sampling true, full-blown conservative lunacy this site is like your first kiss, a dish of Breyer's vanilla melted just a little, and the Tom Cruise Scientology video combined. It gives me a giddy and terrible feeling that's pure magic. I'm not exaggerating.

This nugget - a chunk from a Glenn Beck rant - is particularly pungent. He starts off by comparing progressives to Hitler, and then goes so much further than that. Until he's using the American flag in a reenactment of the CPR/death scene in every action movie you've ever watched.

At 1:48 his voice actually turns gravelly with sadness describing how this unfolds - like he's feeling honest emotion about something we know isn't real. He gets caught up in this scene, in his own performance. But that's just the overture. The absolute revelation comes a moment later, at 2:04.

Then he throws the flag away. He tosses it to one side, his focus on it clicks off, and he continues with the acting. Look at his expression and his body language in this instant. It's a prop for him, and he doesn't need it anymore. He does literally what we've all suspected him of doing figuratively. And so have other people on the right. In innumerable ways, they've behaved like that flag, along with everything it represents, is just a tool.

Well... below is a gif of what a tool really looks like. Can we keep it in mind?


Why WPost’s Hiatt Should Be Fired

Exclusive: Toting up the Iraq War’s cost is staggering, including nearly 4,500 U.S. soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead. But a decade later, few of its architects in government or apologists in the press have faced accountability. Washington Post editorial-page editor Fred Hiatt for one, notes Robert Parry.

By Robert Parry

What is perhaps most remarkable about the tenth anniversary of President George W. Bush’s war of aggression in Iraq is that almost no one who aided and abetted that catastrophic and illegal decision has been held accountable in any meaningful way.

That applies to Bush and his senior advisers who haven’t spent a single day inside a jail cell; it applies to Official Washington’s well-funded think tanks where neoconservatives still dominate; and it applies to the national news media where journalists and pundits who lost jobs for disseminating pro-war propaganda can be counted on one finger (Judith Miller of the New York Times).

Yet, arguably the most egregious example of the news media failing to exact serious accountability for getting this major historical event wrong is the case of Fred Hiatt, who was the editorial-page editor of the Washington Post when it served as drum major for the invade-Iraq parade and who still holds the same prestigious position ten years later.

How is that possible? I’ve seen senior news executives dissect the work of honest journalists searching for minor flaws in articles to justify destroying their careers (i.e. what the San Jose Mercury News did to Gary Webb over his courageous reporting on Nicaraguan Contra-cocaine trafficking in the 1990s).

So how could Hiatt still have the same important job at the Washington Post after being catastrophically wrong about the justifications for going to war – and after smearing war critics who tried to expose some of Bush’s lies to the American people? How could the U.S. news media be so upside-down in its principles that honest journalists get fly-specked and fired, while dishonest ones get life-time job security?

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