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Is George Zimmerman the kind of person that you'd hang out with?

You know, have some beers with him, watch the game, have as a co-worker, a neighbor, someone who's freely gravitating in your own environment? Would you feel safe with him around?

Or, is George Zimmerman someone that you'd want to be as far from as possible... The kind of person who raises your concern for caution and safety no matter where he is? Would you feel unsafe with him around?

I'm sure you can figure out my own position.

One is more than likely to find a white conservative using drugs than any SNAP recipient...

But only one of these two get to write the laws.

See the problem here?

George Zimmerman is most likely an undiagnosed sociopath… With blood already on his hands

Of course, one should caution not to perform psychological diagnoses on people by remote, and especially if one is not a trained professional… But it doesn't take a Carl Jung to figure out that there is something really wrong with him. Now I'm not going to say, without a doubt, that the man is by all means a sociopath, I will say that the things that are on the record that he has said and done which does coincide with a clear description of sociopathic tendencies.

Such as:

Displays heightened levels of deceitfulness in dealings with others, which involves lying, conning others without remorse, or even using aliases
Inability to abide by the social norms and thus violating law
Displays aggressiveness and often tends to get into assaults and physical fights
Displays complete lack of empathy for others and their situation for which they are responsible
Displays no feelings or shallow feelings

Displays impulsive behavior which is indicated by the inability to plan for the future
Displays no concern for safety of others around them or self
Inability to sustain a consistent behavior that stems mainly from irresponsibility especially at work place or in other dealings
Displays promiscuous behavior

Read more http://depressiond.com/sociopath-sociopathic-personality-disorder/

I put in bold the things that I've observed.

The best thing, by far, was the fact that the judge at his hearing ordered that his guns are to be removed from him. Not to mention the order to stay away from his "girlfriend."

But, if he's further able to walk the streets it'll only be a matter of time before he glibly puts someone else's life in jeopardy. It's plainly obvious that Zimmerman is a ticking time bomb.

What is most troubling is that there is very little that anyone thinks that they can do about him.

I’d hate to be a former Zimmerman juror today

A chilling 911 call shows George Zimmerman trying to frame his girlfriend -- just like he did Trayvon Martin

We already know at least one member of the jury that acquitted George Zimmerman in the killing of unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin has had second thoughts about their verdict. If any of them are feeling particularly bad today about their role in setting Zimmerman free, now that he’s been arrested (a second time) for domestic abuse, I’d advise that they wait before listening to the chilling 911 call he made Monday afternoon. It’s extremely disturbing.

I’d give the same advice to Fox’s Sean Hannity, who tried to turn Zimmerman into a right-wing culture hero for killing Martin, allegedly in self-defense, except Hannity shows no signs of having a conscience.

The news that Zimmerman had been arrested again isn’t surprising. It’s just a matter of time before the entitled gun nut and wannabe cop hurts someone else. Just since his release from jail in July, he’s been stopped by law enforcement for speeding at least three times, and police have been called to his home by his estranged wife, who said he threatened her with a gun (she refused to press charges). He also toured the factory that produced the weapon he used to kill Martin. Zimmerman is not now and never was a mild-mannered guy who was at the wrong place at the wrong time and reluctantly killed a young thug who attacked him in self-defense; he is himself a thug with an anger problem looking for trouble.

But given that he used self-defense to evade a murder conviction, it’s appalling to hear him on a 911 call trying to use the same defense against his girlfriend. Samantha Scheibe called police to say Zimmerman held a gun to her face, shattered a glass table, then threw her out of her own house. We hear her yell at Zimmerman on the call. “You just broke my glass table, you just broke my sunglasses and you put your gun in my friggin’ face and told me to get the fuck out!”


Dont tutch the but

No Well Dressed "Mailman" would leave home without it...

During the Zimmerman trial, we have had DUers argue for his acquittal, which, of course, happened...

Some argued that his acquittal was going to happen because the prosecution was bungling the case, or that the Florida laws were tilted towards Zimmerman's way, or even that the justice system in that part of Central Florida itself was never going to field a jury that would convict some non-black person of killing any black person.

Now, if those arguments were tempered with a caveat that he SHOULD have been convicted of killing an innocent kid, I wouldn't have had any qualms with that line of argument at all.

But we have had people state that he should have been acquitted because they believed him to be not guilty of the charges. In that Travon Martin did something that warranted his own killing.

It's those people that I ask now; Do you still think that George Zimmerman deserved to be acquitted in the shooting death of Travon Martin?

Even today?

Caribou Barbie thinks that Black people cannot comprehend slavery by her definition

Asshole of the Day, November 13, 2013: Sarah Palin

by GirlGetALife (Follow @GirlGetALife)

Sarah Palin is certainly no stranger to controversy - it seems the woman lives to put her foot in her mouth. Not surprisingly, she’s gone and done it again. First, she compared the national debt to slavery, for which she earned an Asshole of the Day nomination.

African-Americans, along with people who possess common sense and a sense of decency were, understandably, upset with the comparison. An interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper provided Palin with the perfect opportunity to clarify her statements. But Palin couldn’t - or wouldn’t - do so. Instead, she suggested that perhaps black people simply couldn’t comprehend her definition of the word ‘slavery’.

She said:

"I’m sure if we open up the dictionary, we could prove that with semantics that are various, we can prove that there is a definition of slavery that absolutely fits the bill there, when I’m talking about a bankrupt country that will owe somebody something down the line if we don’t change things that is, we will be shackled. We will be enslaved to those who we owe."


Go into the ocean deep, they said...

You'd love it, they said.

EXCLUSIVE: Teenager spends 3 years in jail and charges dropped

Eyewitness News
NEW YORK (WABC) -- 20-year-old Kalief Browder may be physically free, but mentally he is still trapped behind bars on Rikers, where every day was a battle to survive.

"It's very hard when you are dealing with dudes that are big and have weapons and shanks and there are gangs," says Browder, "you know if you don't give your phone call up, or you don't give them what they want you know they are going to jump you. And it's very scary."

In May of 2010, Browder was a 16-year-old tenth grader, walking home on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx after a party. "This guy comes out of nowhere and says I robbed him. And the next thing I know they are putting cuffs on me. I don't know this dude. And I do over three years for something I didn't do."

Browder's family couldn't make the $10,000 bail on the robbery charges, and he had a legal aid attorney. Browder is now represented by a civil rights law firm.

"Someone who did not know Kalief Browder, and simply told the police officer, 'Officer I was robbed two weeks ago and that kid did it', that's where it ended. That was the identification," said Browder's attorney, Paul Prestia. Browder said that at the time, the stress was overwhelming, and at some point he tried to commit suicide.

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