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Frida on "Single Ladies"…


Women in Chicago being arrested for wearing one piece bathing suits - 1922

Actually, it's because of the crime of having bare legs… The public was appalled that they would use them in public.

SERAVINCE - U Love (Unrequited Love /Ft. Renee' Neufville)

The Definition of Irony…

Old guy, who's so paranoid of the Federal Government that he builds a bunker, kidnaps a child after killing a bus driver, only to get taken out by the very same Federal Government that he was so fearful of in the first place.

Somehow, I have a feeling that he didn't see that coming.

Frankly, I'm sorry that many of us failed to realize what occurred at the Super Bowl last night

In much of this world, even in America, being a woman… Especially a woman of color, puts you at a significant disadvantage.

After all, women only own 1% of the world's property:

And in this world, where slut shaming is the norm, of course it happens to a young, attractive woman of color, who just happened to be fully clothed.

This is in spite of the fact that the Super Bowl has set the precedence for testosterone laden entertainment and the controlled violence of professional football.

But last night, the event was replete with women of color. Strong talented women, who own their own bodies, expressing themselves the way that saw fit. If no one having the right to slut shame them, or diminish their accomplishments or accusing them of not being worthy of being who, what and where they were, doing what they were doing.

Beyonce made of point of filling the stage that she was on with beautiful and talented women of color, like her lead guitarist, Bibi McGill:

And in a world that so callously rewards women who show the same disrespect and animosity towards each other, Beyonce was having none of that:

So, I'm sorry if some of us here were disappointed with last night's events. Perhaps, the music was to their taste. I can understand that, to each their own. Of perhaps, loud and over-choreographed spectacles over the span of a few minutes, that are supposed to over-stimulate the senses are supposedly out of place in a venue entitled with the modest moniker of "THE SUPER BOWL."

Perhaps, the sight of a young, strong, talented woman of color… Actually, entire STAGE full of them was just a little too much to take for some:

But you know what?

I was happy to see things the way they were. No, I'm not some huge fan of Beyonce's music. I'm a DJ, as some of us here know, and her music is not something that I would play on my show… I have different tastes myself, other than that of popular music.

But, I have recognized right away that her show wasn't about me or my tastes, it was about Beyonce and a huge moment in this life of this country where a young, strong, beautiful and talented woman of color gets her due on the biggest stage in the biggest spectacle that America can muster.

She did just fine.

No one has the right to diminish that.

We want Bat Cookies

Almost ready for The Bat

The Best Laid Plans…

The Ladies had a takeover

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