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It's nothing less than the makings of a coup by the GOP

To wrest power, in spite of any democratic decision otherwise.

The slashing of the Voting Rights Act, along with voter suppression laws and massively uninhibited gerrymandering seeks to do one thing; make the votes of people who normally support Republicans worth twice more than those who normally support Democrats.

The main population centers of the country mostly do not support the Republican party, Blue America, whereas Red America mostly make up the space in between. Those huge swaths of red have not been lost on Republicans, who in spite of the Electoral College, believe that they can use all of that red space to their advantage.

The US House of Representatives is a perfect example of their efforts to prevent Democrats from being elected as the majority party. Make NO mistake about it, Democrats are the majority party in this country. The GOP House majority is an unnatural occurrence, due to the gerrymandering, while in the Senate, where most states vote for their members by a purely popular vote process, it more accurately depicts the preferences of each state electorate.

The next stage that the GOP will attempt in order to regain the White House and take over the Senate will be to constrict the value of votes in traditionally blue areas. Section Five of the VRA was instrumental in stopping the Right in those states from suppressing traditional left leaning voters. It was essential in facilitating the natural process of a declining majority white demographic trend and inhibiting efforts by the right power structure in those effected states to remain unchallenged now and in the future.

After voter suppression, a massive effort to isolate blue areas through redistricting will commence.

Major population areas are, by definition, multi-cultural in nature and naturally more likely to become more tolerant and egalitarian. They are naturally blue. This kind of thing is the bane of a non-inclusive and intolerant Red America.

Since Blue America has the people, I suggest that Blue should start invading Red to create a more Purple America. An America that more accurately reflects the nation's overall political preferences. Some of that movement need not be too radical at all, simply by moving from safe blue districts to marginally affected red districts. The result would create more purple ones.

There will be a process of isolation against Blue America facilitated by the Far Right, the GOP and the corporate allies who stand to gain from voter suppression.

Only True Democracy can defeat their efforts.

Welcome to Denmark


You only had ONE job...

Arresting the kids

More and more children being arrested for trivial things…

#1 At one public school down in Texas, a 12-year-old girl named Sarah Bustamantes was recently arrested for spraying herself with perfume.

#2 A 13-year-old student at a school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was recently arrested by police for burping in class.

#3 Another student down in Albuquerque was forced to strip down to his underwear while five adults watched because he had $200 in his pocket. The student was never formally charged with doing anything wrong.

#4 A security guard at one school in California broke the arm of a 16-year-old girl because she left some crumbs on the floor after cleaning up some cake that she had spilled.

#5 One teenage couple down in Houston poured milk on each other during a squabble while they were breaking up. Instead of being sent to see the principal, they were arrested and sent to court.

#6 In early 2010, a 12-year-old girl at a school in Forest Hills, New York was arrested by police and marched out of her school in handcuffs just because she doodled on her desk. “I love my friends Abby and Faith” was what she reportedly scribbled on her desk.

#7 A 6-year-old girl down in Florida was handcuffed and sent to a mental facility after throwing temper tantrums at her elementary school.

#8 One student down in Texas was reportedly arrested by police for throwing paper airplanes in class.

#9 A 17-year-old honor student in North Carolina named Ashley Smithwick accidentally took her father’s lunch with her to school. It contained a small paring knife which he would use to slice up apples. So what happened to this standout student when the school discovered this? The school suspended her for the rest of the year and the police charged her with a misdemeanor.

#10 In Allentown, Pennsylvania a 14-year-old girl was tasered in the groin area by a school security officer even though she had put up her hands in the air to surrender.

#11 Down in Florida, an 11-year-old student was arrested, thrown in jail and charged with a third-degree felony for bringing a plastic butter knife to school.

#12 Back in 2009, an 8-year-old boy in Massachusetts was sent home from school and was forced to undergo a psychological evaluation because he drew a picture of Jesus on the cross.

#13 A police officer in San Mateo, California blasted a 7-year-old special education student in the face with pepper spray because he would not quit climbing on the furniture.

#14 In America today, even 5-year-old children are treated brutally by police. The following is from a recent article that described what happened to one very young student in Stockton, California a while back….

“Earlier this year, a Stockton student was handcuffed with zip ties on his hands and feet, forced to go to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation and was charged with battery on a police officer. That student was 5 years old”.

#15 At one school in Connecticut, a 17-year-old boy was thrown to the floor and tasered five times because he was yelling at a cafeteria worker.

#16 A teenager in suburban Dallas was forced to take on a part-time job after being ticketed for using foul language in one high school classroom. The original ticket was for $340, but additional fees have raised the total bill to $637.

#17 A few months ago, police were called out when a little girl kissed a little boy during a physical education class at an elementary school down in Florida.

#18 A 6-year-old boy was recently charged with sexual battery for some “inappropriate touching” during a game of tag at one elementary school in the San Francisco area.

#19 In Massachusetts, police were recently sent out to collect an overdue library book from a 5-year-old girl.

Links: http://thinksquad.tumblr.com/post/50774382791/more-and-more-children-being-arrested-for-trivial

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