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Eastern South Cackalacka, along the ocean and whatnot, is very pretty…

It reminded me a little bit like the South of France, with the palm trees and nice vistas.

But that state is full of fucking nut jobs.

What shame that such a nice looking place is wasted on dumbasses.

The Chair of IL GOP says something sensible, GOPers succeed at dumping him

Pat Brady Resigns As Illinois Republican Party Chair
May 7, 2013 6:23 AM

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) – Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady resigned Tuesday, citing his wife’s battle with cancer and his desire to focus on family after six tough years in Republican politics.

Opponents from within his party have persistently called for Brady to resign from the leading role he has held for nearly four years. But in an interview with The Associated Press, he said he was not bowing to that pressure and that internal rifts worsened by 2012′s poor election results had not influenced his decision.

“I’ve been going hard for six years. It’s time to move on,” he said.

Brady said his wife has been battling “very serious” cancer for two years and that he wanted to spend more time with her and their four children.

“It’s time to focus on my wife and our kids,” he said.

Social conservatives have called for Brady’s removal for months, largely because he supported gay marriage when a bill to legalize it was before the Legislature earlier this year. They also cited Republicans’ poor showing in last year’s elections when Illinois Democrats won veto-proof majorities in both chambers of the Legislature and picked up seats in Congress.


You know, Mark Sanford voted to impeach Pres. Clinton for lying about adultery, right?

Yeah, South Cackalacka just elected some fool who swims in the deep part of the hypocrisy pool.

Fasten your seat belts, it's still going to be a bumpy Congress.

Tyler, The Creator - TreeHome/Domo 23

Lookie here, this is how I show my wub 4 YOU!

Another nifty fact for you…

Heil, Kitler

"Which way is Poland?"

"I'm purring all up in your Sudetenland"

"Russian winters give me a sad."

"Okay, I admit it. I'm NOT a Nazi cat. I'm doing this because my claw is stuck."


Beam Me Up!

The Greatest Dad EVER…

There comes a time, America, when you have…

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