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Violante Placido - Together

When it comes to the affairs of public officials, I like to take the French approach to such things…

Blasé disinterest.

It's human nature, especially for men in power positions to have the occasional dalliance or two. C'est la vie! It would be naïve to think otherwise.

Now obviously in matters of national security a comme ci, comme ça approach would be inappropriate, so aside from the sexual infidelities to consider… We are talking about a man who was the Director of the CIA, ne-c'est pas? We should ask ourselves and all the parties involved, how has this harmed the nation?

I'd rather we stay focused on the salient aspects of national security interests, rather than on any prurience going on in either of their boudoirs.

So, I'm going to resist being prudish towards those two, by saying, "Ou la la, you shouldn't have broken your vows because you wanted to share la petite mort with each other." But I will say about the mishandling of classified data, “C’est vraiment des conneries! You both should have thought about the nation's security FIRST and FOREMOST.”

So sex, non and security, oui!

We should stay focused on the important things, Mes Amis, not this childishly titillating merde.

Unlike the media and his supporters, I always knew that Romney was going to lose

I recognized early on, especially after every incident and statement in which the Romney camp exposed their own incompentence, arrogance and utter lack of self-awareness, that they didn't have a clue about how they came off to people. The likability deficit that Romney created was a huge clue and they completely ignored it. So did much of the national media, as I had very well classified their unabshed cheer leading for Romney in the same way that a prostitute would have sex with anyone who gives them money.

Most of all, I think that best explanation for Romney, his voters and the national media's unrealistic assumption that he was going to win is defined in The Dunning-Kruger effect. It was clear to me that the Romney campaign was utterly incompetent and, had he been elected, would run the country in much the same incompetent fashion. Dunning-Kruger is quite explicit about how the ability to overrate ones own competence correlates with identifying with other incompent people and completely disregarding true competence in others.

To these people, they can create fantastic rationalizations in order to believe that the President should be kicked out of office and a complete charlatan like Romney should replace him. Forget about the auto bailout, the economic recovery and the killing of Bin Laden ordered by this president, none of that was supposed to matter in comparison to every absurd fantasy that they created to condemn him... THOSE fantasies were good enough reason to elect Romney instead.

I mentioned before that this phenomena is nothing more than magical thinking.

Now, although I say that I didn't have any doubts about President Obama's reelection, I understand that concerns over GOP voter suppression, election tampering and fraud were all valid concerns. That would have been the only way that Romney could have gotten elected, given the way that he came off to the people who weren't living in a hell on Earth under the rule of a Scary Negro.

It's quite clear from the Right's post-traumatic reaction that the fear and anger that they've been expressing for the past four years is not going away, at least not easily anyway.

That anger is quite comfortable and all too familiar to them. They are complete ill-equipped the function outside of that skewed frame of reference. They will resist coping with reality as long as they have a support group of other completely incompent, utterly unrealistic, prevaricating and wholly clueless sub-cultural assholes to pander to them.

These people are exercising the absolute right of a free society to engage in magical thinking. They are offended that anyone, an authority figure who was reelected, a truthful and competent press or a majority of winning voters would attempt to dissuade them from their God-given right to create their own self-sealing, highly resistant to reality misinformation bubble.

To them, such any attempts would be "unAmerican". This, of course, explains their penchant for assigning outsider status to everyone that they hate. To me, their cultishly tribalized behavior is as American as cherry pie. Ask anyone who stands outside of the culturally defined norm of this country and they'll tell you the same.

What was clear to me was that, by operating sheerly on that tribalism alone, Romney could not get elected. But most of all, that tribalism that he espoused would create the very conditions for his downfall. It wasn't because he was a better candidate, he was by far the worst candidate that I've seen in my fifty-one years on this planet. The tribalism itself created very good reasons to vote against Romney, as well as the defiance created in the outrage against GOP voter suppression efforts. Democracy was at stake here and the American people responded valiantly by stepping up to the plate.

We have a president, in Barack Obama, that shows that he puts his faith in the American people. To him, that was the only sure thing about this election. He didn't have to create a phony self or fabricate a Mitt Romney that didn't exist. All he had to do was both tell the truth and allow the Romney camp to continue demonstrating their utter contempt for the political process and ordinary Americans.

In the end one side knows what America is all about, while the other side is dealing with the pain of confronting an America that doesn't comport while their narrow and unrealistic vision.

Gawd... It must really suck to be them.

The Right Wing is just begging to get spanked again

They're not going to play nice at all. To them, playing nice is nothing more than admitting defeat, which they can never do.

They believe that they just didn't try hard enough, weren't conservative enough, somehow never seemed to achieve enough idealogical purity in order to persuade the American people to kick out that scary black fellow.

The political distillation that brought us people like DeMint and Teabaggerati will now step into high gear. The Republican purge of doubters and wishy-washy types has begun.

If you think that people like Akin and Mourdock are never going to run on any future GOP ticket again, you are mistaken… They're going to double and triple down on the madness.

They haven't figured it out yet, but they are in the process of making Republicans a permanent minority and fringe party of obsessed radicals.

Bring the madness.

I said this four years ago, here's an update

Obviously, there are some folks on the Internet who weren't happy with the election

This message is for them.

Fine... I hope that they bitch and grumble all they want. It's their right.

However, there's a line, when crossed, which goes from bitching and moaning to actual threats.

This is America, where we have good reason to take threats seriously.

Threats require action.

The people of DU are patriots. They care for the safety of any President, even that jackass, George W. Bush.

We understand that the REelection of Barack Hussein Obama is a very emotional event in most of our lives.

But, we the people of DU, will never stand idly by and allow anyone or any group to threaten the life of President Obama or his family.

We are responsible and vigilant enough to report any such threat promptly to the proper authorities.

Let this serve as a warning: Do not issue threats, idle or otherwise, under penalty of LAW.

We are very serious about this matter.


MrScorpio, Member of the Democratic Underground

I would appreciate other member's endorsements

I'm sitting here drinking a vodka and OJ

All is good in the world, but most of all, we kicked ass.

Nothing beats winning.

After spending 30 Secs on Fox, this much is clear: The Republicans will never compromise

As long as they're holding on to the House and have the ability to filibuster the Senate at the drop of a hat.

They felt threatened and insulted by the President's speech today. The hatred and arrogance was just dripping off of their lips. The fact that they had their asses handed to them in the election is only viewed by them as a minor setback.

They will refuse, to their dying breaths, any form of victory for the President. They hate HIM still more than they love America.

The President needs to stay in campaign mode and expose Republican intransigence to the American people.

These Right Wingers who are in control of the GOP need to be taken to task. Boehner is in the toughest position of all, between the rock of his knuckle-dragging caucus and a hard place of a reelected President.

President Obama needs to take a cue from LBJ and grab the Weeping Boner by the balls and squeeze. Hang tough and let sequestration happen if they can't cooperate. It'll all be on them as the taxes go up and the cuts go into effect.

There's no need to give in to any of the Republican demands, because they'll NEVER be honest brokers as long as they take advantage of the Congress and have the support of all the angry and bitter white people who voted against the President.

We need to take over the Teabagger Congress Critters with angry mobs and force their hands, just like they did our CCs over the AFA.

These fuckers will not do anything unless they're forced to. Let's OBLIGE them.

President Obama thanked his staff as he shed a tear…

While Mitt Romney SHED his staff as he left THEM in tears…

Any questions?

"Day 1 of Communist America…"

Let's Party!

The Rev, Big Ed, Rachel and especially Lawrence were right.

Each one played an important part in shaping the scenario before Election Day and predicting the correct outcome.

The Rev and Big Ed took the pulse of the electorate; women, blacks, Latinos, labor, young people and everyone else who both embraced the President's message and were put off by the Romney camp's.

The narrative on those two shows was about reaction and a sense of purpose. People were chomping at the bit to support Barack Obama. After four years of listening to GOP bullshit, it was personal.

Rachel was responsible for cold, hard analysis and historical perspective. Calmly laying out how everything relates to the bigger picture, explaining the trends and their meaning.

She did it all in her calm and methodical way. She was the anti-bubble.

And my favorite host is Lawrence. Simply because he and I share a vision on the sheer meaning of what things mean. The only way that I can understand what he talks about is because I spent almost eight years in Washington DC, paying close attention to the sausage making process. He was in Congress and I was in The Pentagon.

Being in such close proximity to the Federal Government and its workings, you can't but help to see how things actually works there.

I basically watch his show so that he can tell me things that I learned more than 25 years ago. His nightly Nate Silver updates were perhaps the most important indicator of what was yet to come.

If you had to pick just one thing to watch on Lawrence's show, it should have been the 538 Blog updates.

And I did some research and observing on my own which complimented those four shows. You can say that I stepped outside of what could have very well been a left wing bubble.

I also spent quite a bit of time doing op research. Checking out GOP sites and blogs, combing over the tenor and content of Republican voter types. And it was quite clear that they had absolutely no concept of what was going on around them.

All they did was live in an echo chamber. Every once in a while, their meanderings would leak out into the real world, but none of them could gain any traction outside of their own circles. The Rev, Big Ed, Rachel and Lawrence, night after night, destroyed every single right wing argument.

What bothered me most about the other side was their complete absence of sanity and reality. They had created a Barack Obama that didn't exist and did everything that they could to oppose that creation. They had no idea what Romney was all about, which left him open to be seen in a way that whomever was looking at him would see him.

Because the Right's primary motivation was to get rid of President Obama and not elect Romney, Romney was shifted into the classification of nothing more than a ham sandwich. While the President's support was more for him than against Romney. It was a triumph of positive support for the Prez over negative support by the other side.

All in all, math, science, history and civics were ultimate winners during this election. Anyone paying close attention to that stuff had no business being surprised at all over the eventual outcome.

The entire picture was laid out for anyone who took the time to see it, both our side and theirs.

Our side succesfully predicted the outcome and their side was set up to fail miserably

The Reality Based Universe is really cool to live in.
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