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An interesting exchange about white privilege in the comments of the DWB story I posted earlier

Duke Woolworth • 16 hours ago

I can tell you as an old white guy who dresses "nice" when out in the evening and often during the day, I can get away with almost anything, usually drawing only a warning at most, and respect from the court at least. I've been called for jury duty four times, and showed up in respectable clothes, only to be excused. Attorneys evidently are only interested in the obviously brainless. In over a million miles of driving, I've never had a chargeable accident, but have been in several. The other parties have never had a job or insurance, including the daughter of a high school (attorney) classmate.

If I'm in a long checkout line, more often than not, another line will open to accommodate me.

Life is genuinely not fair. Ask Mr. Davis or a million others.

William_C_Diaz Duke Woolworth • 15 hours ago

Lol, no one gets better service than a black or hispanic in a nice store in Texas, lol. As soon as you walk in, a salespe4rson will come right up to you and ask 'Can I help you?' in the most condescending way possible and oftentimes stand so close to you that it invades your personal space.

In Texas, I had to send my wife (who is white) to rent apartments, because they wouldn't rent to me otherwise, but since she worked at the same Med school I attended, they let the surname slide if she did the paperwork.

Have a great day!

Duke Woolworth William_C_Diaz • 10 hours ago

I remember seeing two black shoppers looking at clothing in an otherwise all white ethnic mall in the 90's. Attached to them by an invisible 6' rope was a pair of suburban city (not mall) cops. Welcome to you suburbia, boys!

In the early 60's, I did private checks for the student housing bureau at a large northern state university. If a minority was turned down for an apartment, I'd go to see if the listing was still available to me, a white student. Quite a few landlords got delisted before the word got around. The civil rights bill was passed soon after.

William_C_Diaz Duke Woolworth • 7 hours ago

I have a great deal of respect and gratitude for all the people of good conscience who push the rock of equality up the hill on intolerance, thank you.

Have a great day!


If I've said it once, I've said it 1,000 times: "The greatest gift that White Privilege gives to its beneficiaries...

Is the self-imposed right (for some) to the delusion that it doesn't really exist."

Like most things in life, self-awareness can show to us what the world is really like.

Texas police defend DUI arrest of black man who blew 0.00 on Breathalyzer

Police in Texas are standing by their drunken driving arrest of a man whose Breathalyzer and blood tests showed no evidence of intoxication.

Larry Davis was arrested Jan. 13, 2013, by Austin police after he ran a stop sign and, according to arresting officers, appeared to be intoxicated during a field sobriety test.

Davis insisted he’d had only one drink and volunteered to provide a blood sample after testing 0.00 on a Breathalyzer – the lowest recordable blood-alcohol content level – and spent a day in jail, reported the Austin Statesman.

Months later, those results also came back negative, and Davis is now trying to have his arrest record cleared, which could take several more months.

But the arresting officer’s supervisor said he still supports the decision to arrest Davis.

“If there is someone who is possibly impaired, we don’t want them driving,” said Cmdr. David Mahoney, of Austin police. “We need to get them off the road, so that was probably (the officer’s) mindset.”


Fuck the police… Seriously, fuck them.

"When pigs fly drones amid a buy, and the rage" - Generate your own fake headline

Citi shareholders topple the former chief has fallen faster in it

Global warming if their improved quality of time for products immune

At the catastrophic floods in two JP Morgan Stanley bond markets

Austerity is it up its future Edward Snowden and China

It’s not completely bought the Snowden of expiration


His Freudian Slip was showing...


It's Boogie Down Wednesday!

Watch How Fox News Really Talks About Black America

By Sanders Deionne February 24, 2014

Fox News celebrated Black History Month with five-second clips highlighting the achievements of African-Americans. However, as Media Matters excellently points out, "Let's take a look at how at how Fox News covers issues that affect African-Americans throughout the rest of the year."

The video shows the network typically frames discussions about African-Americans and blackness around criminality, cultural degeneracy and racial inferiority, painting a very broad, disrespectful and stereotypical image of a diverse group that has made great contributions to American society.

On one hand, it might be easy to dismiss Fox News which has a stellar reputation for race-baiting and offensive rhetoric about race and supporting an anti-multicultural agenda. On the other hand, one cannot ignore the possible influence of the most watched cable news network among 25-54 year olds (although viewership is steadily declining). This is particularly true because racial perceptions have very real consequences on fairness and how individuals are treated.

Just take a look at this social experiment conducted by Jason Roberts that recently went viral.

See link: http://www.policymic.com/articles/80797/watch-how-fox-news-talks-about-black-america-and-tell-me-we-don-t-have-a-problem?utm_source=policymicTBLR&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Feb

How Fox News Talks About African-Americans When It's Not Black History Month


Instead of wasting time there, they could've been at the donut shop

EDEKA Supergeil (feat. Friedrich Liechtenstein) Supermarket ad...Wahnsinn, baby!!

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