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A toast…

I've met Lou Ferigno before, he's a dynamite guy, this right here just confirms it

It's Bob Marley and Ronald Reagan's birthday…

Does vodka really kill bees and wasps?

Tell the Romulans to wait until I've had my coffee

Cook that Mother Clucker

The Dude breaks it on down

We've had liberal Democratic presidents prosecuting American wars since the early 20th century

Now this isn't a solitary indictment on the Democrats, because the Republican presidents we've had have been very trigger happy too.

Not just major wars, but all kinds of military engagements, both direct and by proxy, throughout much of what we call "The Third World."

Your military (If you pay taxes, you own it) is a tool of the elites who run this country, in spite of what party inhabits the White House.

It's always been that way and will always continue to be that way until either America ceases being a global, hegemonic power, or all Americans demand that our War Machine is dismantled.

This is an American problem and no party has a monopoly on it.

Do you know how to stop this Drone problem?

Stop war.

If it wasn't drones killing the innocent, it was EVERY SINGLE WEAPON EVER MADE IN THE HISTORY OF WARFARE before them.

It's an empty argument to single one weapon system out for the way it's being used, it's the warfare that's the reason why it's happening.

Stop the war machine and START PEACE!

Sometimes I feel as if we're all living in a precursor-Soylent Green world

Either you haven't yet seen the movie and seeing it will register an instant recognition onto the path of our current direction as a society, or you've seen it before and you'll experience a heavy dose of deja-vu.

However, in spite of the fact that I thought the entire movie's premise was far fetched the very first the I saw it, I've come to realize in my later years how prescient that movie can be.

From the rampant global warming, to the pervasive homelessness and overpopulation and fascistic police state tactics, to the wildly disproportionate upward distribution of wealth, the way that wealth and power undemocratically influences the political system, the restriction of vital information, the loss of habitat, diminishing natural food supply and its replacement with factory produced artificial food substitutes, the general violence, exploitation and cheapness of human life, Soylent Green is a movie that predicts an all too possible future for our descendants.

If you're into dystopic movies from the 1970's, movies that rely more on plot, character development and deep questions about the state of humanity, I can't recommend a movie much better than Soylent Green.

It just so happens that you can watch it for free online, enjoy.

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