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Sydney University bell tower plays Game of Thrones theme

"Can I help you?"

About that life #2

I have no idea...

"Hello! Is anyone home?"

David Lynch & Lykke Li - I'm Waiting Here

"This is a symbol of how giants fall." - Grace Lee Boggs

We're a Multiracial Cheerios Family

Edit: Changed the vid because it was posted earlier.

The Redskins Owner Paying Frank Luntz to Spin His Team's Name Can't End Well


Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder refused to give up his beloved team's name despite a lawsuit and letters from 10 members of Congress. But now it appears he's bringing in the "pollster"/spin-doctor/Republican Batman Frank Luntz to examine what, exactly, everyone thinks about what everyone else thinks is most racist name in football.

Think Progress reports Luntz is bringing his — shall we say, "special" — media-relations touch to the ongoing debate over whether the Redskins should change their — shall we say, "outdated" — name. Luntz is the man behind "climate change" instead of global warming and "death tax" instead of estate tax. When health care was cast as "a government takeover," that was Luntz, too.

His company, Luntz Global, is conducting a focus group on June 13 in Alexandria, Virginia, offering $100 for people's enlightened opinion on this racially sensitive issue. TP's Travis Waldron stumbled upon a preliminary email survey that featured these questions about the Redskins debate (in the middle of some general NFL stuff):

Five questions in the survey ask directly about the Redskins. “Which of the following best reflects your opinion of the NFL team name ‘Washington Redskins’?” the 20th question asks, offering “I find the name offensive and they should change it” or “I don’t find the name offensive and they should keep it as is” as the possible answers. The next question asks respondents, “In a word or phrase, please describe the ownership of the Redskins.”


This capitalist, Daniel Snyder, is so invested in his team's racist name that he has to hire Luntz, a paid right wing propagandist.

There you go, everybody. Everything that you need to know about the right.

Best Buddies part 2...

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