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I forgot to wish all of you a Seasonings Coatings

BUt today's the day after America's Birthday, that's like Wrestling Day, right?

Fucking Congressional Republicans


The American Justice System

Deep Thoughts

"Shoot! A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

Nessie and Satch says hi!

There's a reason why I haven't said anything about the Evo Morales incident...

I simply don't have enough information to make a judgment one way or the other.

The same goes for judgment about Morales himself one way or the other.

I'm not prone to make flying leaps at conspiracies one way or the other, or even ruminate over those who would or wouldn't make them.

All I have to say is... Let's wait and see, shall we?

I'll never forget the look in their eyes, they were terrified of me...

This happened to me many years ago and I'll never forget it... And it explains to me why some are prone to believe Z's story that he was attacked by Trayvon Martin and not the other way around.

Let me start at the beginning: When I was around 18 years old, not much older than Trayvon himself, I used ride my bike to and from Downtown Detroit on the weekends to visit the Ethnic Festivals of the time. My route consisted of riding towards Downtown on Gratiot Ave and returning home on Jefferson Ave. Those of you who understand the layout of the city will understand why this is important.

Well, one day after spending my time at the festival, I took off on my return trip, heading east on Jefferson as I usually did. At some point I was passed on my left by a car, which pulled over to the side and stopped. Just as I was about to pass that stopped car to my right, the driver opened his door right in front of me. I quickly avoided the door for the most part, but clipped the edge with my right pedal. Now, my first reaction wasn't anger that this person almost took me out with his car door... I mean, here I am.. I'm alright and I hadn't bothered to look down at my pedal, which I discovered later was smashed. I was a bit in shock at this, the first thing out of my mouth was, "Are you alright?"

Well, the person who opened his car door in front of me was this older white man and in the passenger seat of the car was his older white wife. Now as I stood there, not angry mind you... not even being loud, without one word to me, he got out of his car and walked over to the newspaper stand that he parked next to, bought a paper and still without saying one word to me, he got back into his car and sped off... Heading east on Jefferson, ostensibly to the safe, White People confines of one the Grosse Pointes or whatever.

Once he did that, I took a moment to reflect on what just happened. Living in Detroit most of my life, I hadn't had much experience in dealing with strange White suburbanites... But to me, this was really telling.

That man and his wife were scared shitless that I was about to do something to them... Harm them in some way. I saw it in their EYES, which spoke to me louder than any words. Committing an act of violence was the furthest thing from my mind, as I said my first reaction was to express concern about them. I was raised to respect my elders and all that and I wasn't harmed. I would have at least liked an apology for almost side-swiping me... But I didn't even get a whoop tie-doo out of these people.

I thought, "How rude," as I saw them drive off.

But not just how rude they were, but genuinely frightened that I would harm them. Perhaps they were feeling guilty for being in the wrong for almost side-swiping me... But, then I thought, if they felt that way one of them would at least had bothered to tell me that they were sorry for doing that. Again, their EYES and their SILENCE spoke volumes.

Living out there in The Pointes, I would hazard a guess that any time they went into the city, their first concern would be to be on the look out for any darkies who would accost them out of the blue. Now just to let you know, I'd known plenty of Whites who lived IN the City and never once had any of these people ever imparted to me that they were scared to walk around Detroit while White. This was the early Eighties and crossing the suburban borders was then a tricky exercise.

But here I was, looking at a couple of scared White Suburbanites leave me flabbergasted in their exhaust.

The thing is that struck me later, in thought, is that I realized that, in the isolation of their bleached Suburban lifestyle, they hadn't had the opportunity to interact with the dazzling array of young Black males of Detroit , such as myself at the time. Instead they were conditioned to fear us and to be scared shitless of us instead of showing us the common fucking courtesy of even talking to us or offering us an apology for almost wiping us out on our bikes while they stopped for a copy of the local paper.

Perhaps, they were under the belief that we young Black males are predisposed to committing acts of violence upon their frail White bodies at the drop of the hat? That fear, of course, impelled them to be the silent assholes that they were.

Which brings us to today.

Earlier today, as I said, I had the misfortune of reading and even writing back and forth with the Z defenders in some of the news sites covering the trial.

And one theme seemed to run through most of their justifications of Z gunning down Martin. In their minds, they are convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Martin attacked Z without provocation. You couldn't convince these people otherwise. They are rock-solidly certain that Martin was a violent perp who got what he deserved when Z shot him down.

After all, aren't ALL young Black males just itching to attack any unsuspecting White citizen at the drop of a hat? It happens all of the time, they say. We Black males are dangerous, even more so when in the presence of White people... Z was all too fortunate that he was armed for his own safety, that dark and rainy night.

Now, I have my own theory about Z, which I will leave for another time. This bit of writing is about his defenders and exchanges like the one I had on HuffPo with them:

Commented 3 hours ago in Black Voices (I have a distinct impression that this person is anything other than the owner of a Black Voice)

“If the recorded shouting was not "get off me cracker" then it was not the angel TM.”
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Mr Scorpio
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3 hours ago ( 1:27 PM)
You know, if folks like yourself enjoyed the fact that Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin to death, it would really be nice for all of you to just come out and say it.

That would be a lot more honest than the poorly attempted tries at sarcasm, such as your own.

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2 hours ago ( 2:15 PM)
It's quite sad Trayvon died, and I very much wish he hadn't chosen to beat Zimmerman up and it wouldn't have resulted

Mr Scorpio
135 Fans

1 hour ago ( 2:56 PM)
Apparently, you're taking Z's side in this argument. Do you also feel that he was justified in leaving his vehicle to follow Martin with a loaded weapon?

I'm still waiting for his answer, by the way.

But anyway, if anything is clear, it's that fear blinds people to a lot of things around them.

Just wasted my time wading through the morass of garbage that passes for comments about the Z. trial

On different news sites.

Just once, I'd like the Z. defenders to just admit that they've enjoyed the fact that he shot Trayvon Martin to death... And they'd probably love to see more of the same.

At least THAT would be a hellavah lot more honest than all of the crappy sarcasm, offhanded racist cracks at Trayvon's family and friends, racist cracks about the President... Shoot, racist cracks at Black people in general, encoded and otherwise.

It's no secret that these people are pretty damned racist and loving it... Even if the worst thing in the world for them is to point that very fact out to their faces.


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