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Well, sometimes you just gotta shank a creep...

My Name Is Bond...

Meow Bond.

That Life...

I wonder who Snowden went to with this information first... Was it Greenwald or another?

And how eventually was Greenwald chosen to eventually write the copy.

Was there someone that Snowden approached to tell his story prior to Greenwald, and if so, why didn't that person tell it?

And how did he and Greenwald eventually cross paths?

Was there an intermediary?

If this information is so important, why won't Greenwald publish it?

What did Snowden devise as an endgame, subsequent to his exposure? Was he under the impression that traveling overseas to conduct the interview would eventually protect him from prosecution somehow?

If he was so upset about what he was doing, why didn't he just resign? Was the money too good?

I just may come up with more questions later. I'm a little too tired right now to think of any.

Couple on a subway. Photo by Stanley Kubrick, 1946

Short is killing it right now.

"The Church Doesn't Like the People to Grow Up."~ Bishop John Shelby Spong

HADE + DWFL - The Healthiest Man In Chicago

Make it Rain!

Maybe it's because I've held a Top Secret security clearance once...

And I've spent quite a bit of time in DC before that, making frequent trips to Ft. Meade MD, and I've even dealt with Korean linguists while I was in Korea.

I don't see the reason to panic.

It's not like any of this stuff is new news to me.

Plus, in this world where people are Instagramming their lunches, Facebooking their relationships and Tweeting from their toilets millions of times a day, who the hell can even say that we have an expectation of privacy with a straight face?

Now, I'm not saying that all of this government monitoring is a good thing. Far from it. It's totally excessive. But then, as I've said before, it just isn't the government, it's private enterprise on top of it... Both through government contracts AND their own commercially driven, profit motivated purposes. The latter is something that ISN'T covered under the Fourth Amendment, it's covered under Interstate Commerce.

So, people are just now realizing that this shit is out of control. ANYONE living inside of the Beltway for the last twenty years could have told you that.

Now, two things. Snowden, from what i can tell, the man's an idiot. Pure and simple. However, the mere fact that he received a security clearance and a job at a big time contractor is highly problematic, in that it's a clear demonstration that the system is so hopelessly bloated that just about any idiot can become part of it. There are just too many people with security clearances out there.

These things have become meaningless.

When I retired from the Air Force with my TS/SCI, I entertained the idea of joining some contractor like Booz, despite the fact that I was just a paper pusher and not an IT or SIGINT guy. But, I thought, why the hell should I put myself through this kind of aggravation? I didn't want to have to move back to DC while I was owning a house in Southern VA, commuting and shit, having to worry about the expense and the possibility that I could lose my job at anytime and fuck everything up.

It just wasn't worth it. For what? To be a cog in the wheel? Fuck it. I don't have to deal with that world anymore.

However, any fool with a clearance and the knowledge of how the system works shouldn't be shocked at the extent of which it actually exists. That's a fact. If this doofus didn't understand what he was getting into before he got into it, to me, that's a serious indication that this dumbass would have been shocked by anything.

Which brings us to the second part... Glenn Greenwald.

Here's a man who took a doofus who was shocked about common knowledge in the field of which he was supposed to be working and sen-sen-sation-sationalized (echo) it, because sensationalizing things is his stock and trade. Especially, if it's anything to make the present administration look bad.

If Greenwald's been covering the National Security State for all of these years, he must have known that Snowden was only telling him shit that he already knew. After all, everyone is busy rehashing crap that came out six freaking years ago. But Greenwald's a blatant opportunist, pity that poor sucker, Snowden... Greenwald played the fool like a fiddle just to get copy. If Snowden finds himself in serious legal trouble... Scratch that - WHEN he finds himself in serious legal trouble, I'll will bet you Kroners to Krispy Kremes the Greenwald will do everything within his vast powers of self-promotion to turn this fool into a martyr, personally persecuted by the Evil Obama Administration.

Now about the National Security State, there's nothing to defend there. It's bloated and out of control, I'll be the first to tell you that. However, it was allowed to get that way because no one was paying attention to it. It's simply one more facet of how things are fucked up in DC. This shit happens when people don't pay attention to it.

I'm glad that people ARE paying attention to it now. Unfortunately, the crying and drama queening about it is just getting way out of hand. Yes, yes, yes... Our Constitutional rights are important. The issue, unfortunately, is that a lot of people are using 18th Century standards to a problem that's as old as the 20th Century. Your rights were destroyed even before most of us were born. This is an extension of the 1947 National Security Act and has been tweaked and bloated ever since.

It's not like it's something that would ever go away with the stroke of a pen. There are just too many livelihoods and political careers at stake. There's the bogey man that every single American has had drilled into his or her head that rationalizes the existence of this massive internal and external security infrastructure in one way or the other. You won't find one rational person who'll say to you that we should shit can the whole kit-and-kaboodle. Everyone will say that we need to have it (perhaps in a more limited fashion). BUT that's all the keepers of the key will need to keep their foot in the door so that it would never go away.

The entire global telecommunications infrastructure will have to collapse before we see the removal of this surveillance apparatus. And even if we ever have to go back to communicating with each other by using two tin cans and string, you best believe that there will always be someone with an extra string and tin can listening in on it.

So, what do you do need to do?

First thing, calm the fuck down. There's nothing wrong with wanting the National Security State to shrink, or about being concerned about abuses of the system. The problem is that it's a guarantee that the system is being abused. Everything in this country is being abused in one form or fashion. That's because every single institution in this country, both public and/or private, is utterly and irreparably corrupt.

Don't be fucking naive.

Corruption is an inherent part of the any system. That's basic human nature and it shouldn't be such a shocking secret to any of us.

Next, what you need to do is focus on one thing. That thing should be an effective way of reducing the size and scope of the security state. I suggest that everyone focuses like a laser beam on repealing that god-damned PATRIOT Act. The only people for whom that thing is doing any good are the contractors, who are cashing in big time because of it and the politicians, whose careers depend upon getting the American people to cheer them on while they slip the contractors a nice, friendly hand-job under the table when they're having their lobster bisque and arugula.

Here are my thoughts about it from before: http://www.democraticunderground.com/10022965384

This problem is not the utterly Orwellian nightmare that people are making it out to be. It's worse, because it's real. And that means that you can't approach it as if it's something straight out of a dystopic high school reading assignment. You have to come up with real solutions for a real problem and hyperbolic drama queening will get you nowhere.

BUT... If I were going to go the way of a metaphor about the metadata situation, I've leave you with this.

Let's say that there exists a crystal ball which will allow the owner the power to observe anything about us that's out there in the realm of crystal ball communications. Now, knowing this, any rational person would stipulate that NO ONE should be entrusted with that kind of power. And that's abundantly true. However, we are given the choice of deciding who should be allowed to have custody of the crystal ball. That's our most important responsibility. Again, the crystal ball exists, there's nothing that we can do about that, one way or the other. But we can decide who should have it, who shouldn't have it and the limits of what can be done with it by the person that does have it.

So, tearing your hair out because of panic about the mere existence of this crystal ball will simply distract you from understanding and engaging in your most basic responsibility... Keeping the crystal ball out of the hands of the idiots and ensuring that responsible people have custody over it and use it responsibly. Like our country and the National Security Network, it has existed for so long and will most certainly endure for quite awhile.

Better yet, stop listening to the fools in the media who should know better than to sacrifice a rube or two in order to try getting everyone to go straight into panic mode. If it bleeds, it leads, Baby. Even if they have make shit up, sensationalize common knowledge and use it to troll whomever mercilessly, you need to fucking chill.

You have to have a good head on your shoulders in order to fix this problem.

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