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Michigan Cops Attack Mentally Ill Man in Disturbing Dash Cam Video

By Carlos Miller

A disturbing dash cam video shows a group of Michigan police officers pouncing on a mentally ill man who was doing nothing more than standing on a residential street trying to fix his bicycle chain.

The first Dearborn cop pulls up, steps out of the car and begins donning gloves – a usual indicator he is about to get physical.

And sure enough he does, insisting on patting Ali Baydoun down for weapons, even though he was not doing anything that would have given the cop a reasonable suspicion that he had or was about to commit a crime.

If anything, the cop should have had a reasonable suspicion that Baydoum was mentally ill and was possibly not understanding the situation.

But recognizing and working with mentally ill citizens has never been a priority for police departments in this country where the general attitude is escalate the aggression until the mentally ill man is either dead or incarcerated.

In this case, Baydoun was transported to a hospital for injuries sustained during the beat down but was never taken to jail or charged with a crime.

And, of course, the officers were never charged with a crime either, which is why his family is filing a lawsuit today over the incident that took place in December.


Is this the droid you're looking for?

Today's Equality Trifecta!

Damn, I miss Albert Heijn…

Not Your Daddy's Flintstones...


Hans Pieter Von Wahnsin performing the 1st ever equestrian clean-&-jerk during the Olympic trials

Looks like he's the one to beat… Going for the gelding.

You personally have my permission to knuckle-dust any fool who wears one of these atrocities...

“Black racism is a myth…"

“Black racism is a myth created by whites to ease their guilt feelings. As long as whites can be assured that blacks are racists, they can find reasons to justify their own oppression of’ black people.”

— James H. Cone Black Theology and Black Power

If you dropped a cooked turkey onto the floor, right out of the oven, would you still serve it?

Obviously after cleaning it is some way and maybe even cooking it some more. But the question is, would you serve it or would you toss it?

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