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Wind and rain tempers the receding snows...

Ice and frigid chills abate, revealing tufts of sleeping grass.

The early frosted Spring awaits, giving hope to rebirth and coming of warmer climes.

Days lengthen and the rising sun gathers with excitement in the early eastern sky, only to wane with us a bit longer still.

Rise up and signal with beating heart and depth of breath, yet do not mourn for Winter's impending demise.

She only sleeps to give way to her fragrant and vibrant sister. Nourished by the melting snows and destined to revive the spirit.

Come yet, Spring, the hearts and flowers grow.

Bad Cop, No Donut - 11 Mar 2014: Cops on Steroids

Former Manatee deputy arrested in steroids probe

By Elizabeth Johnson

MANATEE COUNTY - A former sheriff's deputy who played a significant role as a confidential informant in an undercover steroids investigation has been arrested.
Enlarge |

James "Jac" Choate, 40, was arrested Thursday on three counts of possessing steroids with intent to distribute. Choate acted as a confidential informant in the undercover steroids investigation that netted nine other people, including sheriff's deputies and firefighters. Photo provided by the Manatee County Sheriff's Office
Photo provided by the Manatee County Sheriff's Office

James “Jac” Choate, 40, faces three state-level charges of possessing steroids with intent to distribute.

Choate acted as a confidential informant in the multi-agency investigation, which has led to the arrests of two firefighters, three Manatee County sheriff's deputies, a personal trainer and three others. The investigation also led to the termination of a fourth deputy who spoke with Choate about buying steroids but never purchased the illegal items.

Choate, arrested Feb. 27, is one of three people to face state charges. The other two, former deputies Tom Frank and Chris Tucker, who opted to enter pre-trial intervention programs to avoid trial and becoming convicted felons. Frank and Tucker were charged with possession of steroids.

Choate is the only person facing distribution allegations to not face federal charges.

Former deputy Tom Peel; Wayne Faulkner, of West Manatee Fire and Rescue; James Sevier, whose employer is not listed on his arrest report; Aaron Larkin, whose employer is not listed; Andrew Cleveland, a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness on University Parkway; Gregory Waldo, of Parrish Fire District, and his wife, Stephanie Waldo have entered guilty pleas to federal charges.


I've been looking for an indication that cops are so violent today because many of them are on steroids... Here we go!

Inez Foxx - Let Me Down Easy

Hope You Feel Better Love - The Isley Brothers

Happy Monday, Everybody!

Apparently, Rich People Have ALWAYS Been Weird: Photos from a 1972 Rothschild illuminati Party

On 12/12/72 Marie-Hélène de Rothschild, member of the most powerful elite family in the world, held a Surrealist Ball at Château de Ferrières, one of the family’s gigantic mansions.
While these events are usually extremely secretive, photographs of this particular Ball surfaced on the web. In short, it is a mix of an “Eyes Wide Shut”-style masked ball mixed with a Lady Gaga-style pop video. I’m not even kidding.

Indeed, behind the fun and games, these pics reveal the underlying ideology and the mind state of the occult elite – which is apparently also used in the countless MK/Illuminati theme music videos discussed on this site.


"What are you going to do with that?"

"Gee, I dunno."

"This feels… weird."

"Hmmm… Nice and weird."

"Oh, yeah. I'm your puppy now."

He came from the distant future to tell us that we're fucking up...

This Week in Killer Robot Tech:


Yep, he's… Uh, pure… bread.

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