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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 66,971

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No surprise to me...


"You're paying for my years of therapy, Denice."

Just over 270 or way over 300...

Place your bets for the number of Electoral College votes that Hill will win

Go McMullin in Utah

The chances of Hill taking Utah are pretty slim... It's not like a Democrat is going to win that state. But instead of having those electoral votes go to Trump, wouldn't be great if McMullin takes them away from him? It's a three way statistical tie as it is, but Trump still has the advantage.

I'm figuring that his Utah voters will just stay home... And they should.

I would love to see Trump's deficit get bigger by six votes either way.

Go Mcmullen, GO!

Rudy Ghouliani is living up to his name

Trump: Always the victim

Rodney Dangerfield did it much better.

But at least Rodney wasn't mean and petty to others.

Never saw Rodney peddling conspiracies either.

Looks like he lost the crowd.

Trump obviously has no idea what the Nuclear Umbrella is

And the fact that it's a key component of the American led multinational military and political alliance. The Nuclear Unbrella, along with the UN and our economic might and stability are what makes The US THE superpower on this planet.

He clearly has no idea what he's talking about, since he's talking about dismantling our influence in the world through the treaties, trade agreements and military alliances that we help to uphold.

He's talking about making the world more chaotic, more uncertain and the US less influential on the world stage with his isolationist proposals.

Basically, he potentially wants to hand the world to China and Russia on a platter.

And it's all wrapped up in the deceptive language of "America first" and "Make America great again."

He told us all of this first hand. Listen to him.

Undecideds at this point: low-grade, wishy-washy morons, liars and drama royals

Pick a fucking candidate already. Nothing is going to change on the ballot by Election Day, right?

If you don't know who candidates are and what they stand for by now, then you haven't been paying attention in the first gawd damn place.

For someone who supposedly "tells it like it is..."

Trump needs an army of surrogates to translate his statements. Probably because he's utterly incapable of answering direct questions with direct answers and he obfuscates the actual meaning of his statements to the point where one has to call into question his very sincerity every time he opens his puckered pie hole.

Should we point out, that despite the fact he always moves the goalposts whenever he's pinned down on the things that he says and does, he's pretty much on record of on all sides of every issue?

And why is his very irrationality and constant abusiveness, his unfitness for office, out of consideration?
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