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NYC Woman Destroys Building While Trying to Bug Bomb Salon

The owner of a Chinatown hair salon now has a much bigger problem than the pests she was trying to rid her business of. During her attempt to bug bomb her establishment, she wound up actually bombing the entire building; it would eventually collapse and injure twelve people.

According to authorities, the combination of 20 or so Decon bug bombs and Raid fumigating foggers were not used correctly. A possible leak of natural gas certainly didn't help, either. According to the Associated Press, the woman used an additional two dozen canisters on Thursday, but forgot to turn a pilot light off.

Three people were taken to the hospital in serious condition, and four firefighters were among the others who suffered injuries including burns. One man, who had lost conciousness, had to be rescued from a window on the third floor.


I tell ya, these Z defenders had lost their damn minds

Must be all of that time under the Florida sun.

Every Iris is like a Snowflake

Tarantino Remixes The Classics

Helena and Dominic as Liz and Dick

I wanna see!


"You know, Honey... I was meaning to talk to you about the kids."

Say "Goodbye" to L.A....

It's crazy watching all of this concern about the Z verdict

I get the feeling that the only setting for most of these fine, upstanding biz-ness folks and non-diverse citizen types is scared shitless.

No one wants to be violent... And I seriously doubt that anything like that would ever happen, even if Z skates.

Their concern exists in that echo chamber that they live in that doesn't include voices of color.



Who was Pope when you were born?

Did your family even care?

I know that my own didn't...

Pope Johnny the Twenty-Third, in my case.
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