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Hello??? Anyone there?

Bad Cop No Donut, 28 Mar 2014: U.Va. student sues state, ABC agents for $40 million

Richmond Times-Dispatch

A University of Virginia student charged last year with assaulting ABC agents attempting to stop her for underage possession beer that turned out to be sparkling water has filed a $40 million lawsuit against the state and seven agents.

Instead of beer, a friend of Elizabeth K. Daly, now 21, had purchased a case of canned water from a Charlottesville grocery. Daly said she was terrified when plainclothes agents surrounded her car and banged on the windows ordering her to roll them down.

After one agent drew a gun and another jumped on the car hood, she said she panicked, unsure they were really agents, and fled the scene in her car, grazing two of the agents. The charges were later dropped, and her record was expunged.

Among other things, her 47-page suit, filed Tuesday in Richmond Circuit Court, alleges malicious prosecution, failure to train ABC agents appropriately, and six counts of assault and battery.


Physics Student Owns Cop In Math

And they give these idiots guns and let them run around in public.

Autopsy Confirms Texas Cop Literally Killed Student for Being Sarcastic

A Texas college student died from a gunshot wound to his back after making a sarcastic remark to the campus police officer who killed him.

23-year-old Cameron Redus was shot five times at close range by Cpl. Christopher Carter, a University of Incarnate Word police officer, during a traffic stop in the early hours of December 6th 2013, near the San Antonio campus.

KENS-TV report that the autopsy performed the following day showed Redus, a student at the private Catholic university, was shot in the back, left eye, upper chest, left elbow, and right hip.

According to the medical examiner, the bullet that was ďthe most immediately lethalĒ entered the studentís back, severed his spinal cord, hit a major blood vessel in his chest, and became lodged in the sac surrounding his heart. The autopsy also found that the gunshot wound to his eye could also have been fatal.

The autopsy noted a number of wounds around the studentís neck, but found such contusions could have occurred when Redus was thrown to the ground or by a nearby gunshot wound.

A toxicology report found that Redusí blood-alcohol content was 0.155, nearly twice the legal limit for driving in Texas, and a separate test conducted using vitreous fluid from the studentís eye showed a higher 0.186 level.

Redus also tested positive for trace amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol, the active component in marijuana.

The San Antonio Express-News reports that the Police say Carter spotted Redus driving erratically at around 2 in the morning, and followed the studentís pickup outside his jurisdiction, but the officer was authorized to arrest suspected drunken drivers anywhere in the state.


No Moral Ground...

Yeah... But what if Fox News told you to go straight to hell, would you go?

I'm guessing that the answer would be a resounding "YES!"


That answer COULD be sarcasm, but you can never really tell for sure in this day and age.

If you could live like a French Impressionist, would you give up your current life to make art?

When you're young, all of life is an adventure...

Bye, Y'all!

Now You're free!

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