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Hopefully, those aren't going to be Sharknados...


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Oscar makes a reappearance...

For whom SYG were written and for whom they were written against...

Yes, I'm Mad. Why Are You Being An Asshole?

BTW, I'm not your "Bro."

Depending on who you are in America, the same action can create different thought processes...


This will be my last post on DU...

Until I write the next one.

Texas Cop Who Assaulted and Arrested Innocent Woman Has Been Charged With Assault and Arrested

Mike Riggs|Jul. 16, 2013 10:06 pm

Just when you think the law enforcement industry has few-to-no internal checks and/or balances, a department up and surprises you by arresting one of its own for breaking the law. That's the case in San Marcos, Texas, anyway, where a patrolman was arrested today for assaulting a pedestrian.

According to KVUE, Cpl. James Palermo of the San Marcos PD was conducting a traffic stop around 1 a.m. on May 29 when a pedestrian happened to walk by his patrol car and the car of the driver Palermo had pulled over (for driving the wrong way down a one-way street). What happened next isn't all that uncommon in the annals of Cops Who Like to Throw Their Weight Around:

A pedestrian walking by was called over by Palermo and asked why she was walking by his traffic stop. He then asked for the woman’s identification.

When the woman insisted she had done nothing wrong Palermo slammed her against the Prius; then onto the concrete driveway near his patrol car.

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