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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 60,725

Journal Archives

If House Pets Were Libertarians…

This man used a cake to resign from his job at an airport so he could focus on making cakes.


Parenting. They're doing it right.

Kabul sends Boston some love…


The Republican Party's simple answer for all of life's problems…

The Plague. It went places.


In respect for the bomb victims today, I'm not posting any jokes today nt

What the fuck is wrong with this country?

Hopefully they'll catch this murderous fuck job bomber like yesterday

A simple reminder…

Travon Martin did nothing that warranted him getting gunned down by George Zimmerman.

An armed society is HARDLY always a polite one.

Do you wanna know a surefire way to get some gun laws passed in Congress?

Bring these guys back to exercise THEIR Second Amendment Rights…

You'll get some serious gun safety laws passed in a heartbeat.



Right ON!
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