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Did you hear the name he gave to his little Warren?

It's not what you think.


Gamera is a friend to all children...

And the best damn giant monster gymnast you ever saw!


Jerry writes to John...

The very last thing on this planet that I'd ever want to be described as is a "Florida Man…"

Florida Man Claims Constitution ‘Gives Me The Right To Shoot Every One Of You’ (VIDEO)

A Florida man, Jose Antonio Fernandez, who is facing the foreclosure of the house he is living in decided on threatening the Miami-Dade county commissioners on Tuesday, claiming that the Constitution allowed him to murder them.

He already has lost his nursery after failing to pay $316,000 in fines for polluting the watershed which is shared with his neighbors as well as the nearby wetlands. The house in which he lives is being foreclosed upon. Mr. Fernandez’s name is not on the mortgage nor title for the property.

Now he is facing 13 felony charges of threatening to harm a public servant — one for each of the 12 commissioners present and for Mayor Carlos Gimenez, and is being held on a $97,500 bond.

This should be a shock, but instead it is becoming normal to witness people flatly threatening their elected officials with bodily harm and even death. They demand a dictatorship, with them as the dictator. Forget paying for your mortgage, or in being a good steward of shared property. Take take take, that is all they are doing. And anyone who dares tell them that taking from others is wrong, they are to be put to death.


Now I'm not saying that you won't find these whack jobs in any other place in this country, I'm sure that whack jobbery is a universally American constant. However, there's a special connotation involved whenever the words "Florida man" are invoked to describe some incident, which precludes that you're about to get a humdinger of a story.

Playing your car stereo ridiculously loud...

Drop that bass.

Everyone LOVES bankers...

V for Vendetta Valerie's Letter (shortened)

Sad news announcement...

This day and night, the seventeenth of July 2014 is about to end in the Eastern Daylight Time zone.

Those of us who will remember all of the good and bad that this day has given us, will mourn its departure, as it becomes lost in the constant shifting sands of time.

What will we tell our young loved ones about this day? Will we remember it in the many more days to come? Will we mark this day on future calendars?

There will never be another day exactly like today, we will see after its passing, nary another one quite like it.

Once gone, it will never return. All hopes of making something more out of it, lost.

So farewell, sweet 17th of July 2014, you were both the best and the worst and we will miss you as a dear friend.

Time to welcome a new day, full of fresh opportunities and disasters.

Hello, 18th of July 2014. We await your blessings and curses.
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