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Some destinations and how to get there…

It's not right, somehow…

Unrepentant to the very end…

Uh… Three?

Don't love it when Mom is there for the bad dreams?

A least Dad looks like he's having a great time…

Stop corn subsidies NOW!

Quit making HFCS so cheap that they can put it in EVERYTHING, especially JUNK FOOD, making UNHEALTHY FOOD cheaper than healthy food.

Subsidize better foods instead. How about making organic fruits and vegetables cheaper instead?

I'd love to buy organics, but they're too expensive AND that's only because there's not enough of it on the market to lower the price.

And put healthy veggie fats BACK into our food supply too.

They wouldn't need all of that salt and HFCS in our processed foods for TASTE if the veggie fats were kept in.

It's not fat that makes you fat anyway, it's the inability to burn off all the freaking CARBS!

No wonder diabetes is at epidemic proportions.


Ten years later and it's still really fucked up

The American Retirement Plan, by way of Connect the Dots…

Just Plain Evil: NRA Mocks Congresswoman Whose Husband Was Shot And Killed

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — An NRA panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past weekend mocked a congresswoman whose husband was murdered in a 1993 mass-shooting, claiming she has “no idea what talking about” when it comes to gun control laws.

Twenty years ago, McCarthy’s husband Dennis was one of the six people who died in a shooting rampage on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train. The shooter, Colin Ferguson, targeted people at random, carrying a handgun and high-capacity magazines. McCarthy’s son Kevin was also shot and severely injured in the spree. The tragedy prompted McCarthy to become an outspoken advocate for stronger gun laws and eventually win a seat in Congress three years later.

Yet McCarthy’s personal experience with the horrors of gun violence did not stop the NRA from disparaging her understanding of the issues surrounding firearms. NRA Organizer Colton Kerrigan played a video of the New York congresswoman and made fun of her for not knowing what a barrel shroud is, using the episode to dismiss her entire push for stronger gun laws. She has “no idea what writing, never shot a gun before, and yet going to tell you what you should and should not own to make everybody else safer.”

KERRIGAN: These lawmakers who write these laws have no idea what they’re talking about. They’ve never shot a firearm before, they couldn’t tell you what a barrel shroud is. They couldn’t tell you what a mount is for a bayonet. They probably couldn’t tell you what a flash suppressor is. Yet these are the people who are writing the laws saying we need to ban these certain types of firearms. The underlying theme of all of this is, at the end of the day, the lawmakers have no idea what they’re writing, never shot a gun before, and yet they’re going to tell you what you should and should not own to make everybody else safer, yet they couldn’t tell you the difference between the butt or the barrel of a gun.

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