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Let's Boogie!

The Last Word

Just got a call from my MI State Rep, a GOPer, of course.

She left a message on my voice mail to tell me that she's having a cyber town meeting with the State AG at the local library. And you know what the important topic is going to be?


OK, I'll tell you… This highly important topic is, "Keeping our kids safe on the internet."

Of course, she wants to talk about internet porn and child molesters, but I wonder what she'd say to a parent whose child was being bullied because they're gay. Or perhaps to the parent of a child who's being harassed by his or her peers because they're standing up for labor rights or against the law which prohibits same sex marriages in this state. Or maybe harassment by fans of our Nerd Governor and all of the right wing psychos who are running amok in Lansing.

"Internet safety," my ass.

The Fucking Michigan Republican party has just destroyed democracy in this state.

What's to keep us safe from THEM?

Burt Bacharach - South American Getaway


Whew… I'm glad that I'm safe. I just had some.

I don't have an answer…

Here's your goal…

Holy Depends!

Every 28 Hours an African American is Extrajudicially Executed in the U.S.

by Rania Khalek on April 15, 2013
Updated at the end of the post.

Every 28 hours a black woman, man or child in the United States is executed by a person employed or protected by the US government according to a year-long investigation by the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM), which has thus far been virtually ignored by the news media, progressive outlets included.

Following the murder of Trayvon Martin, the MXGM embarked on a year-long study to determine the prevalence of extrajudicial killings of black Americans. The organization initially recorded around 120 killings in the first half of 2012, which came out to one black person murdered every 36 hours. That number climbed to 313 by the end of last year, forcing the MXGM to update its findings to every 28 hours in their latest report, titled “Operation Ghetto Storm“. That’s almost one black American killed every day by law enforcement, security guards and/or vigilantes, which the MXGM believes is more accurate since their numbers reflect only those killings that are reported by police departments and the news media. As the organization points out in the report, there exists no national tracking of police-involved shootings, so it’s impossible to know the full extent of the crisis.

The Numbers

The largest portion of those killed in 2012 (40 percent) were between the ages of 22 to 31, followed by 18 to 21 year olds at 18 percent. Children made up 8 percent of extrajudicially executed black Americans.


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