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Member since: 2002
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I'm a favorite uncle to several nephews, of whom I have manhandled quite easily

Just a little guy horse-play, of course, with most of them in their late teens and even early twenties.

I'm a grown ass man and these kids are skinny ass teens... And let me tell you, there is no way that any of them could best me in horseplay, even if they tried.

It's about upper body strength as any grown man knows... A teenager can't compete in that area with a grown up.

They can outrun me, they might even outlast me in the stamina department, but you can best damn sure believe that I'd make them submit to my initial strength and adult authority before it ever got to that point.

Which, for me, seems like a bunch of complete horseshit when Z. said that Martin was beating the crap out of him to the point where his life was in danger and he had to shoot.

What kind of grown man, in his thirties mind you, would say that a skinny kid had beat the shit out of him to the point where his life was in danger?

A man who wants people to believe his bullshit excuse for shooting and killing that kid of course.

Alright, you beat me. I give up, no more fighting about it from me anymore...

That's right, you win.


What is it that am I supposed to be agreeing with you about again?

I forgot.

Good Morning, Vietnam!

Good Morning from Castle Anthrax!

I forgot to wish all of you a Seasonings Coatings

BUt today's the day after America's Birthday, that's like Wrestling Day, right?

Fucking Congressional Republicans


The American Justice System

Deep Thoughts

"Shoot! A fella could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

Nessie and Satch says hi!

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