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Member since: 2002
Number of posts: 60,521

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If there is one thing that I hate...

Then it stands a good chance that there is other stuff that I hate too.

You Are Important.


We just beat Orange!

You remember that acid tab you lost?

I think I know who found it.

Can't Touch This…

It's 8:40 PM in Hamtramck, MI, time once again for another round of ASK MrSCORPIO

Your rigorous interrogations, satiated.

Your perturbing inquiries, untangled.

Your mysteries of mysteries, revealed.

For a limited time, you will have at your disposal my keen intellect and charming wit to assist you in turning the living hell that you call human existence into a more reasonable being.

Avail yourself this rare opportunity.

Call upon your inner bravery, ask your questions and gird your loins for the answers you need.

You may never know if you never ask.

As ALWAYS, the standard caveat applies: You may or may not like the answers that I will give you. However, those answers will be honest and forthright.

Mayberry Values…

Well, they are FREE!

What you Didn't know about NYPD's Stop & Frisk program!

Is Your Team's Owner a Major League Asshole?

n early February, a US Patent and Trademark Office court in Washington, DC, confirmed what baseball fans had suspected for more than a century: The New York Yankees are evil. After an internet startup, Evil Empire Inc., had attempted to trademark the phrase "Baseball's Evil Empire," the Yankees filed an injunction, and the panel of judges agreed. As the court put it, "The record shows that there is only one Evil Empire in baseball and it is the New York Yankees." If only it were true. The ranks of Major League Baseball owners include some of the richest men—and they are almost exclusively white males—in the country, as likely to open their wallets for a super-PAC as they are a top-shelf free agent. Viewed in the context of the competition, with its anti-discrimination settlements and SEC investigations, the Yankees are, like their Opening Day roster, fairly pedestrian.

So where does your team's ownership rank? We took a stab at it, analyzing each franchise by its level of political activity (based on campaign donations and office-seeking) and relative degree of evil—copyrighted or not. Read below the matrix for the full breakdown.

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