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Pvt Manning's revelation as a transgender military person should start a conversation...

Although I doubt that the military command wants ANY conversation about transgender troops in the ranks.

It should come to no surprise that there are, as we speak, military personnel who are pre-transitioned transgender. There have been several cases where members, once leaving the ranks, sought transition. Many vets, of which performed in the most dangerous and hazardous duties and served honorably and with distinction.

That he-man super-soldier that you know... That person COULD be transgender while in uniform and is pretty much forbidden to reveal that fact. If their true status were to be revealed, it would irreparably destroy their lives and careers under the current policies, in spite of the end of DADT.

It should be of no surprise that Pvt. Manning revealed her own status as a transgender person after being convicted to 35 years in Federal Prison. Shoot, what ELSE can the military do to her?

Anyway, here's a vid that talks about the issue. Enjoy.


A thousand years from now, I fear that the planet will be a vast, almost unlivable wasteland

Clear air and fresh water will be rare commodities, and wild animal and plant life devastated.

Humans are destroying the planet.

And for what... Money?

Money that's not even real anyway?

We have no shame as a species... Human beings are the worst thing that's ever happened to the Earth.

When Right-Wing Republicans say stupid things... And they do tend to say a lot of stupid things...

Always look for the walk back, if any, when it finally strikes them that what they've said was truly idiotic.

It's always entertaining to see.

Now, they don't always do the walk back, sometimes they do the double, triple and even the much vaunted quadruple-down.

But what's interesting is the complete inability to understand why they should have never said any kind of idiotic statement in the first place. Whether it's something that's said out of bad sarcasm, pure spite, a lack of proper education, sheer hatred and bigotry, undying misogyny and homophobia or lazy neurons, most wingers will say something stupid at any given time. Extra credit when they suffer for their follies.

The problem, I think, is that they actually BELIEVE the stupid shit that they say. They don't have to have empirical facts to back it all up. It's all about belief, no matter how utterly inane, ignorant, bigoted or fact-less their statements are, what they're really looking for is positive feedback from OTHER utterly inane, ignorant, bigoted or fact-less people.

That creates their consensus, and thus, their basis in belief.

Consequently, that reliance on faulty beliefs allows then to exclude facts and even common human decency, and people who tell the truth and those who are decent. Basically, they don't respect people who aren't assholes that go about sanctifying their own bullshit. It's pure Dunning-Kruger, of course. But I don't have tot tell you that.

These are people who believe that they have a God-given right to be complete idiots. If you're on the left, you'd have to fight the urge to redeem them. Personally, I rather have then did deeper holes for themselves. Let them wallow and suffer in their own stupidity if they refuse to listen to reason. Doubling and tripling-down on their own BS is a sure fire clue that they're asking for complete failure.

Stupidity isn't worth saving or making functional. It's dysfunctional by its very nature.

It might be cruel to say to, but we should LET them fail if we can't stop it from happening.

"The honor is all yours"

High Street Hijinks!

Moloko - Should've Been Could've Been

I suspect that Dr. Vogel has been "The Brain Surgeon" from the beginning

I think that she's also going to reveal to Dexter that everything in his life is based on is a lie.

I figure that Hannah is going to buy it sometime soon and by the end of the series, Deb might as well.

I think that that last scene of the series will be Dexter running off the Argentina, alone and without his son, after his life has been destroyed.

How about you guys, what are your predictions?

No spoilers here, because nothing's yet been spoiled.

Girl, you'll be a woman soon...

Always Be Batman...

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