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Meet The PACs Exploiting Conservative Rage For Fun And Profit

Rick Santorum’s Patriot Voices PAC claims donations will go to elect “true conservatives.”


Faced with the horrors of Obamacare, the impending threat of a $10 minimum wage, and the chance to take back the Senate from Democrats, conservative donors may be feeling especially generous this election season. And, thanks to the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling, they have an abundance of options of how to best funnel money to their preferred candidates. With eight months to go til Election Day, 942 super PACs have already popped up, raising more than $140 million thus far.
But as these political groups solicit millions of dollars from donors big and small, not all of them are using their donations for their purported purpose.

A ThinkProgress review of Federal Election Commission PAC data found that several large political action committees and super PACs are spending most of their donations on “overhead” expenditures, with miniscule percentages going to actual political candidates.

Scam PACs

In 2009, Iraq War veteran and unsuccessful Congressional candidate Kieran Michael Lalor (R) registered a political action committee called Iraq Veterans for Congress. Its stated aim: to “Recruit, Fund and Elect to Congress conservative Republican Iraq Veterans.” But while the committee raised and spent more than $800,000 before the 2010 elections, just $48,000 (less than 6 percent) of its most went to donations to candidates, as most of its funds went to outside fundraisers and printing shops. Now called the Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC, the committee continues to be a prime example of a breed of PACs that spend a huge amount on political consultants and little on actually political action.

Though its website has been defunct since late last year, Afghanistan & Iraq Veterans for Congress PAC reported $469,967.46 in 2013 expenses — just $9,000 of that (under 2 percent) on candidate contributions. While it is not unusual for political committees to make more of their campaign expenditures in even-numbered years, when most elections take place, the committee’s -$14,359.04 cash-on-hand total would hardly indicate the committee is saving up its funds. Asked last year by the Poughkeepsie Journal about his PAC’s high overhead and low political activity, Lalor — now a New York State Assemblyman — said only that, “It’s expensive to raise money, but it’s more expensive not to.”


This Week in Delusional Conservatism Part 2: The Food Stamp Diet

The Minority Outreach forum at CPAC was standing room only...

To be followed by walking out of the door only:


Crickets chirp as tumbleweeds roll through — and somewhere, the long, lonesome howl of a wolf is heard. That is one ghost town of a panel.

“CPAC organized a panel on minority outreach – an ongoing problem for the Republican Party and its base – and few thought the subject was worth their time,” explains Steve Benen. “…This is no way for a movement or a party to deal with a demographic problem that’s only going to get worse for the right.”

That picture is a Kirlian photo of the racist soul of the GOP. No one showed up, because no one cares. And no one cares because they’re all certain that minorities are mostly welfare queens and food stamp shoppers, Mitt Romney’s 47% makers-not-takers, and the fewer there are at the polls, the better. If there was a panel on voter ID (and there might be, I didn’t check) it’d be busting at the seams.

The base isn’t interested in voter outreach, because they want to keep minorities away from the polls. And if that means the impending demographic doom of the Republican Party, then no one deserves that doom more. If they only want white voters, then they’re only going to get white voters.

That’s not going to work out well for them.

It works well...

This Week in Delusional Conservatism: Con writer upset ’12 Years A Slave’ slaves not happy

Conservative writer upset ’12 Years A Slave’ doesn’t show happy slaves
March 5, 2014

By Anomaly

A Conservative writer is upset that the Oscar-winning movie 12 Years a Slave displays a negative light on slavery, instead of the happy times. Apparently the author of the article believes that being enslaved is a happy time for those who are taken from their country in chains, their families ripped apart, beaten into submission and forced to work grueling hours in the sun for nothing.

Politix reports, “But that negativity is merely anti-slavery “propaganda,” according to James Bowman in conservative magazine The American Spectator.”

Via American Spectator:

If ever in slavery’s 250-year history in North America there were a kind master or a contented slave, as in the nature of things there must have been, here and there, we may be sure that Mr McQueen does not want us to hear about it. This, in turn, surely means that his view of the history of the American South is as partial and one-sided as that of the hated Gone With the Wind.

…Yes, there was much cruelty and hardship in the slave-owning South, as there has been in most of the rest of the world most of the time, and Mr. McQueen’s camera is all over that. But it strains ordinary credulity to suppose that there was nothing else.

Mary Noble from Politix asks, “We are wondering, was Bowman equally aggrieved by the lack of happy Jews in Schindler’s List?”


The Rest: http://freakoutnation.com/2014/03/05/conservative-writer-upset-12-years-a-slave-doesnt-show-happy-slaves/

Name three things, built by man, which will probably be around 5,000 years from now

My List:

The Pyramids

The Great Wall of China


My Third Anniversary Show at InvaderFM!



Squirrel is Love...

Wear a helmet. It's better than the alternative...



I do not know the individual involved in this, but, as an EMT, I feel compelled to post things like this. Wear a damn helmet, guys. I know you may think you look awesome and all the ladies will love how reckless you are, but you’re honestly just demonstrating just how little you value your own life. I know this horse has been absolutely beaten to death over the years, and I’m sure that my words won’t change some of your minds, but just look at the damage sustained by that helmet. Now imagine if your face was put through the same situation. While the helmet merely had part of it ground away by the sheer friction involved, your skull would be pudding. End of story.

TLDR Version: Wear a freaking helmet.
Wear. A. Fucking. Helmet. There’s a reason people in healthcare call them ‘donorcycles’.

What do you call a woman who flies a plane?

A "pilot," you sexist bastards.

Passenger tells female airline captain: Bible says cockpit is ‘no place for a woman’
By David Edwards

Wednesday, March 5, 2014 12:46 EST

A Canadian airline pilot said that she was shocked after receiving a recent note that cited the Bible as a reason flying airplanes were “no place for a woman.”

WestJet pilot Carey Steacy told CTV that crews were cleaning the aircraft after a flight from Calgary to Victoria on Sunday, and they found the note from a passenger named “David” written on a napkin.

“The cockpit of an airliner is no place for a woman,” the note said. “A woman being a mother is the most honour, not as ‘captain.’”

“PS I wish Westjet could tell me a fair lady is at the helm so I can book another flight,” he continued, observing that his views were “not PC.”

“It made me feel sad. It was just surprising,” Steacy recalled. “I can’t believe that there’s people that still think that way.”

In a post on Facebook, Steacy wrote that the passenger had been “welcome to deplane when you heard I was a ‘fair lady.’ You have that right. Funny, we all, us humans, have the same rights in this great free country of ours. ”

The WestJet passenger’s note also pointed to a Bible verse, Proverbs 31, which many Christians believe defines the “perfect” woman as a wife who works in the home.

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