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This is Monika Kichau, one of two owners of a coffee shop in Umeå, Sweden.

On the 14th of March, after a long day of work and dressed in a grey hoodie, she was locking up her business when a woman approached her and asked her what she was doing, and told her that she’d phoned the police. Minutes later the police arrived and accused her of trying to break into the coffee shop, and despite the fact that she could prove that she owned the place, that she knew everything worth knowing about it in terms of employee records and the like, the police officers still demanded to see her ID, a demand reminiscent of those made by police officers at the tram stations in Stockholm who are dead set on tracking down and catching illegal immigrants by targeting people who don’t look what’s considered “ethnically Swedish”.

Welcome to Sweden. We don’t have a problem with racism, or so the news.


C'mon, all the cool kids are doing it…


I believe we all were…

Research Reveals Almost All Climate Science Denial Books Linked To Conservative Think Tanks

IF you haven't seen them on the television or come across their interviews on the radio or in newspapers and magazines, then you've almost certainly seen their work as your eyes scan the climate change section in your local book store or library.

They are the authors of books claiming to reveal the "real truth" about global warming and climate change - that it's either all a hoax, that it's overblown bad science from green ideologues or an elaborate illusion and wrongheaded nonsense.

You might have been intrigued by titles like "An Appeal To Reason: A Cool Look At Global Warming", "The Climate Caper" or the subtle sledgehammer that was "Global Warming and Other Bollocks".

But new research into the origins and authors of more than 100 of these climate science denial books finds almost all of them - about four out of five - are largely the products of conservative-leaning think tanks.

The research finds the books avoid traditional academic peer-review and are often written by non-experts. Dr Riley Dunlap, of Oklahoma State University, and Peter Jacques, of the University of Central Florida, have published their research - Climate Change Denial Books and Conservative Think Tanks: Exploring the Connection - in the journal American Behavioural Scientist.

Sponsoring books "espousing climate change denial" has been a key tool for conservative think tanks to get the climate science denial message out to corporations, politicians and media leaders.


Well, I guess that I'm NOT a "Real American"

I answered no to all of them…

Time Magazine, that would be a "BINGO!"

And THAT, my friends, is how it's done…



Henry Speaks…

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